Sunday, 8 May 2016

Attempted domination...

So this guy on Scruff keeps woofing me, then he starts sending through some pics.  He's pretty confident, displaying full face on his profile, and in the pics, a lengthy and uncut cock attached to a fairly solid body.  He's also less than 500m away.  I've a few hours to kill before meeting friends for drinks, so I eventually reply, and then get caught in an endless to and fro.  By now I'm almost out of time, so I decide to push for a meet, when the guy turns all butch on me.  "You wanna come and ride my cock bitch" is his reply, and I'm about to just give up, buuut I'm horny so I say yes.

He's a 10 minute walk away, but I find the joint easily enough.  He opens the door in his robe, and the house is a pigsty - party debris everywhere.  He shrugs and says "big night", in the highest and campest voice I've heard in a long time, somewhat disjointed with the attitude online.  There is literally nowhere for me to put my stuff, so I kick off my shoes and put the specs etc. inside before moving to the bedroom.

He's a hefty guy, half Pacific Islander, half Indian, probably 5'11", maybe 90kgs, and with the mentioned lengthy uncut dick swinging between his legs.  We're onto the bed and kissing, and the dick starts to swell.  Or, more precisely, lengthen.  It's maybe 7-8" long, but thin.  Like a hot dog basically...  I'm attempting to get it down my throat, when he turns me around to kiss some more before pushing me off him and back down onto the cock as he swings my body around and starts to eat my ass.  And does he eat it...  Slapping my rump, he bites, licks, kisses and tongues my hole, telling me I've got the sweetest ass he's ever eaten, and he wants to be at it "all day".  I've got drinks in an hour, so that isn't happening, but I persevere with sucking him, noting with interest that the head beneath his foreskin is the smoothest and basically glossiest I've ever encountered.  I mean some guys have smooth dicks, but this was in a class of it's own.

He's content to keep eating me, and with no glasses on I can't quite read my watch, and I'm now at the point where I'll have to go from this directly to meet my friends, but hey.  We continue for a time, him occasionally uttering some foul oaths regarding my masculinity, the sweetness of my hole and how he can't wait to make me his bitch, but the timbre of his voice is such that I'm trying hard not to smile as he talks.

Finally, he wants me to turn around and ride him, but the dick is so long and thin it keeps bending, so he spins me around and onto all fours as he comes in behind me.

Head on my forearms, ass in the air, I wait for him to enter me, but the fucker grabs my hair and lifts my head, telling me "face the mirror so I can watch your face as I fuck you", and enter me he does.  I feel nothing.  Zero.  It really is a width game...  The guy is pounding me, all the while calling me his bitch, telling me how much I love cock, and forcing my body forward on the bed as his hips slam into my ass, but I. Felt. Nothing.   Finally dropping my head to both conceal my smile and try and get a little feel out of the guy, the angle changes and he starts to hit my button, and NOW we're talking.  I begin to edge, and tell him so, but he's not ready and keeps belting into me, telling me not to cum as he's just changed the sheets.  Fuck that.  I tell him I can't hold off any more, so he throws a Tshirt under me, and I shoot a surprising amount out handsfree.  He backs us up, then tries to force my face into the puddle like a naughty puppy, finally pushing me to the side and jerking off onto my chest.  And all the while with that voice...

It's clear we're done, and I ask for a shower, but he says only to wash as he wants to sleep.  So I clean myself up over the basin, then head off.

10 minutes later I'm standing on a terrace, overlooking the water, glass of champagne in hand.

And wondering if anyone else can smell what I can...

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  1. Ha! I've gone out a few times and smelled the musk of a guy on my face from eating someone out as an appetizer. Always makes my dick swell just a bit when that happens.