Sunday, 8 May 2016

Afternoon quickie

I'm chilling at home in the flat, idly scoping the apps before heading to an early dinner.  A few guys, but none terribly interesting, or on that cusp of close, but too far to walk, when the phone bings again.  It's the Mexican guy from last week, asking if I'm keen for a re-meet.  Sure.

He arrives not 10 minutes later (I'd barely had time to clean myself up), and after the previous ice-breaker, we're straight into it.

Naked and thrashing about on the bed, he's keen to kiss and grind against me, positioning my cock between his legs and humping away.  I roll him to his back and as we kiss I ask if he wants to be fucked.  His response is to merely lift his legs in the air and wriggle his hole against my dick.  So I suit up and start to finger him, working first one then two into him, then position my cock and begin to slide in.  He's arching and grimacing, squeezing me out to the extent I'm really struggling to find my mark, when I give up after a few minutes and flop to my back.  "Ride me" I instruct him as he eagerly clambers on to me, working my dick into his hole with remarkable dexterity, but we can't get a rhythm going - as I buck he lifts and so on, so we give up and return to kissing and 69.

He wants to suit up and fuck me, so we swap places and he replays our earlier encounter.  Me on my back, him kissing me as he enters then we fuck all too briefly and he suddenly loads his condom again.

With a laugh and a shrug he moves to withdraw, but I haven't shot yet, so I ask him to stay inside me and to jerk me off.  He smiles at this, and begins to tease my cock, scraping his fingers up the shaft, tickling my balls as he kisses me, then he grabs it and starts pump up and down.  I can still feel him inside me, and it doesn't take too long before I unload on myself and he withdraws.  Leaving the room to clean up, he returns and dresses in silence, saying only 'bye' as he exits...

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