Thursday, 24 March 2016

The jig is up...

Out of nowhere, the Civil Servant hits me up - he wants to pass by for a drink and a chat, and we exchange a few messages "hopefully my wife will go to bed", "maybe we can make out if she does" kind of thing, and he duly arrives around 10pm.  My wife is unhappy that a relative stranger (to her anyway) is passing by so late, and does in fact go to bed in a huff.

We really do just drink and chat outside in the garden, but exchange a lengthy kiss when he departs around 3am.  As I'm clearing up, my wife comes downstairs in a fury, demanding to know why so late, who the hell is he and so on.  I tell her of our chat (life in NYC, his recent experiments with drug therapy and so on), and we go to bed.

I am ignored in the morning, and oversleep.  When I do get to the office, I call her to see if she's ok, and all hell breaks loose.

She was so angry that she opened my phone, and read my messages with the guy.  In my drunken state, I'd forgotten to wipe them.  Fuck...

I'm going home tonight to an awkward and perhaps long overdue conversation.


  1. Damn. Not sure what to say. Hope the discussion went as well as it could go...

  2. Wow! Best of luck to you mate.

  3. If you can, we'd love to have an update on this. Hope all is well.