Thursday, 3 March 2016

So call me Travolta...

The massage/spa thing is pretty big in my part of the world, mostly staffed by Pinoy guys who are keen to offer 'additional' services.  They usually tease you during the massage, then give you a happy ending.  To have an Arab working in such a place is unusual, and if/when you can find one, the language barrier is pretty high, or they're working in grubby places.

However, a mate recommends somewhere, and I check it out.  It's clean, and the tall slim Egyptian guy offering services is well built, handsome and 25y.o., so we agree to proceed.  To make my intentions clear, I went so far as to use google translate and say "I like it rough", but he feigned ignorance of my meaning, replying in English he "didn't get it"...

He conducts the massage fully clothed (jeans!!), but I am of course naked.  It's pretty standard, with a few fluttering fingers around my ass and groin, but there's zero vibe or 'accidental touching' to test the water, so I don't respond in any way.

We finish that, then repair to the steamroom where I am to be scrubbed and washed.  Typical procedure is to sit in there for 5-10 minutes to soften the skin, then to be liberally applied with a thick, paste like soap, which in turn is removed with a coarse glove.  So I'm lying there soaking up the steam, and the guy joins me.  Now in shorts and a wife-beater, he indicates I should lie on my stomach.  I position myself accordingly, when he slaps me on the ass.  As I turn to look, I see that he's removed his clothes and is also naked, gesturing at himself and smiling at me, saying 'same same' with a broad grin.  Hmmm...

He's not afraid of physical contact, clambering over me to wash the far side of my body, his cock and balls dragging over me as he does so.  But he won't touch my package, although as I lay there and he scrubs my shoulders, his own is bobbing about, just inches from my face.  I'm half-hard, he's not at all, so I suspect he's just indulging me.  He's got a pretty impressive cock, and a pair of large and low hanging balls, but they're not stirring at all.

He completes the scrub etc., then indicates I should sit on the edge of the bench, tapping my knees apart.  He steps between my legs, my semi now poking his softie, and as he begins to wash and scrub my face, I compliment him on the size of his member.  He smiles, and tells me it 'gets very tall too', so I decide to take the leap and go for an encounter.  Resting my hand on his chest - purely for balance of course - I smile at him, but he shakes his head and says 'I only like girls sir'.  I laugh and tell him I like both, then instruct him to revolve around so I can see his ass.  It's perfect - two beautiful globes beneath a natural v-shaped back, tapering down to swimmers legs.  Yum, but I'm crossing into Travolta territory here...

He steps back to me, his cock now a little more upright than it was a moment ago, and I ask to touch - he grins and says sure, so I gently fondle his nuts, watching his member stiffen and grow dramatically, and I ask if he wants a blowjob.  He's pleased with this proposal, but tells me to rinse and dry, as it will be better back in the massage room.

As soon as the door is closed behind us, he stretches out against the wall and I fall to my knees, but by now he's fully erect and it's massive - can't tell you the size, but it went past his navel, and I'm struggling to swallow it.

He turns my head and guides me to the massage bed, where he stretches out and I leap between his legs attempting again to swallow him, and giving his nuts a good licking as well.  He's stroking my back and running his hands through my hair, and every now and then I feel his legs tremble and his ass lift, so I figure I'm doing the right thing.  Every now and then I manage to get the whole thing down my throat, but I'm choking when I do and he's quick to withdraw as 'people might be listening', so the best I can manage is to hold those perfect cheeks and feed his cock into my gob as he thrusts away.

Suddenly, there's a tap at the door, and the reception wants to know if everything is ok, so he quickly pushes me away and indicates for me to answer, then starts to jerk himself off furiously.

Before I can even get my mouth around it again, he's arched his back and let fly with 2-3 ropes, each reaching his shoulders and running down his chest, then he jumps up, grabs a towel and cleans himself off, indicating I should get dressed.  He donned his clothes and left the room, and I followed shortly after.

As I passed through reception, I gave him a tip, to which he winked and said "next time soon sir..."


  1. Man, I love a shooter. And why is it so much more exciting to get some when the possibility was iffy?