Monday, 8 February 2016

Return bout?

So I'm wandering through the mall with the family, and I see a group of guys approaching.  All are clearly very fit, and one in particular is very attractive as well.  He's in a skintight long sleeved tee, and wearing a pair of tight/not tight crotch grabbing jeans, and he really resembles nothing so much as an walking sex doll, and I'm curious...  I squint a little to get a better look, and he raises his eyebrows and smiles at me.  I then realize it's the muscle guy from a few months back, so I return the smile but keep walking.   My wife of course enquires who it is, and I tell her someone from the office.  I live in a very small town, and it's a rare occasion that I'm not often greeted wherever we might be.  Not 5 minutes previously I'd been chatting with a former colleague, who we, by unspoken consent, had mutually ignored each other on Growlr, despite him using a face pic and being "0 km away"...

That night I fire up Grindr, and there are numerous messages from Muscles.  How nice it was to see me.  Do I miss him?  Can we get together again soon?  He's clearly forgotten how much he hated that I smelt of cigarettes (he made me Listerine - twice), but I reply with "sure", so maybe I'll get another playdate, maybe not.

But I kinda hope so....


  1. Holy crap! I've been with one muscle guy that rivals that and I gotta say, kinda hot when they whimper in need of a good drilling

    1. This guy's a top, but yes, so many muscle guys here identify themselves as bottoms...