Monday, 22 February 2016


It's been a long week, and a prior weekend packed with family obligations, and thus too many days "between drinks" as they say.  The Engineer has finally returned, but as usual he has no place, so I'm getting lots of "miss you, when can we meet" messages, but with little outcome.

The Syrian is about to also travel, and I know if I don't see him it'll be while.  I check the football schedule (Chelsea are playing, so tick), his availability (yes, double tick), then mention to my wife that he's asked me over to watch the game.  "Then you should go" she replies (triple tick and bingo).  So into the car and I'm away.

It's been over a week since I've seen him, and he's like an excited puppy when I arrive.  Jigging around, making tea, kissing me, staring into my eyes and so on.  Finally I calm him down, and we're on the couch with tea and cigarettes, but he wants to make out.  Before I can really even shift in my spot, he's got my belt undone, his hands down my pants, and his mouth glued to mine.  As we kiss, he wriggles my jeans down and my shirt up, my cock hard and red against my belly (which is soft and white).  He dives down to suck me, but it's too much, so I stand and take his hand.  Hitching my pants with the other, I lead him to the bedroom and we remove our clothes.  Sitting on the bed, I grab his ass and drag him towards me, his cock directly into my mouth after a preliminary lick of the shaft and balls.

He's moaning in a manner that's disproportionate to what's going on (I'm not that good at it), when he takes my head in his hands and shuffles us both further back on to the bed, him stretched out on top of me as we resume kissing.  He's going crazy tonight, running his mouth up and down me, biting me, nipping at my ass and coming back to kiss again and again, before we find ourselves semi-draped over one another, each licking sucking and biting the others nipples.  It's actually damn nice, and as I bite him, my hand drifts to his crotch where I can fondle his cock and sack while I myself get finger fucked as he bites me.

I'm still on my back, when he shifts position and my cock slides straight into his slot as he grinds his own against my stomach, and he's not shaved down there in a while, so it feels nice - the friction as he squirms and wriggles against my dick has me edging a little, so I roll him over and offer him the same treatment.  With his pole now sliding up and down my ass crack, I hold his head in my hands and begin to gently kiss his mouth, his throat, his ears and his jawline.  This sends him into a twitching frenzy, but then he falls still.  "You make me feel like I am drunk", he says, "my mind stops working when I am with you...".  I think this is a compliment, but before I can think any more, he's grabbed my head and begun to french kiss me with a passion.  I'm not complaining...

He wriggles out from under me, and flips me to my stomach.  Lifting my ass cheeks, he dives in to kiss and suck my hole, but his previously luxurious moustache has been trimmed somewhat and is now quite bristly.  He's already shredded my face - and now he's working on my hole it's even more uncomfortable.  I flip my legs over him, but he takes this as an access ploy and dives in even deeper, to the extent that I'm forced to push him down and go for his own bud.  As I eat him out, he's bucking his ass into my face and grinding his cock on my chest as he sucks me.  It's awesome, until he clenches his legs around my neck and starts to buck even harder, then I'm struggling for air and have to punch his ass to make him release me.

I'm again flipped to my stomach, and liberally coated in baby lotion before he suits up.  Slapping his cock on my ass, he starts to slide up and down my crack before resting his body on mine and grasping me from beneath.  With no warning he positions the tip, then with a single thrust he enters me.  I thought I would die.  I have no idea what has happened, or what he has done differently, but I cannot take it.  The pain was intense, as if he'd shoved a baseball bat into me, and I'm gasping in discomfort.  He's got me in a hold around the shoulders, his hips pistoning into my ass, and I am roaring in pain, so he stops, fully lodged inside me, to check if I'm ok.  Once he's still, the pain subsides a little, so I nod in the affirmative, which was like releasing a spring.  He starts to hammer me once more, to the extent I have to crawl forward to escape him, finally squeezing his cock out of me.  We both lie there panting, and he asks what the problem is.  I tell him I don't know, but I can't do it.  He smiles ruefully, then flops down beside me on the mattress, his cock jutting skywards.  I recall to ride him is more comfortable, so I clamber on and tell him to ease it back inside me, which he does with a delighted grin.

Thrusting at me from below, he's got one hand wrapped around my own dick, and he uses his other arm to drag me down to kiss as I ride him.  He's becoming more jagged in his breathing, and irregular in his movements, so I tell him to slow down as it's still incredibly painful.  "Ok habibi" he pants, then slows his movements a little, increasing however his manipulation of my dick, which suddenly begins to leak pre-cum, and then, in a strangely detached way, it begins to spurt.  No 'orgasm' as such, but a lot of semen.  He laughs as he watchs, then begins to re-thrust, using his movements to milk me of the last of my load.  Suddenly he bucks down violently, then in a flurry of movement gets the condom off and his cock beneath mine as he dumps a massive load onto his stomach, our seed mingling and trickling down his side to the sheets.  Smiling, I lean down to kiss him, then stretch myself on top of him, nestling contentedly in his arms.

It was after midnight when we woke, meaning my 'time out' had taken somewhat longer than a standard FA Cup game, but my wife made no comment when I returned home eventually...

The next day I was walking with the proverbial limp, my ass ragged, raw and sore.  Totally worth it.

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