Monday, 1 February 2016

Away game...

On short notice I have to return to Sin City, where I know very few apps will function.  Brave trouper that I am, I try them all and actually find that Scruff works just fine.  Many chats are commenced pending meetings and wifi availability, but one by one they slowly drop off with the exception of a guy who's (whose?) profile reads 'local, 38, 180cm, 73kgs, vers".  After a time we get to face pics, and he's damn handsome, although one of the pics is very 'corporate'.  We arrange a 21:00 meet after my work obligations are done.  Of course I'm sceptical - 'locals' in my part of the world are notoriously flaky, but at 20:59 he tells me he's in the hotel carpark, and sends a description of his outfit.  Moments later, he enters, headdress sexily tied in the turban style and contrasting dishdash.  Our eyes meet, he breaks into a smile and walks straight over - pleasantries are exchanged and we head for the elevator.

He inspects the room, then walks across and draws me into his arms, and we begin to kiss.  He's good, gentle and thoughtful, yet clearly in charge, and I lean back to undo his turban, unraveling it around his head with one hand as I rest my other on his stomach.  He's happy with the attention, stroking my chest and running his fingers through my hair, but once I get the headdress off, I smile - he's got a chronic case of 'turban hair', and it won't brush away.  He steps back and flips his dishdash over his head, revealing his undergarment.  I'd forgotten his people just wear a skirt, pestemal style, under the gown with an elaborate knot system that ensures a smooth profile.  He shucks this to the ground, then steps forward to remove my own clothes.  He's got a nice, normal body - good shoulders, nice arms and pecs, flat stomach and good legs below a cute butt.  Naked together, we come in to kiss, and I take his now rigid cock in my hand, along with my own, and I see that we're identical in size.  It's called average for a reason I suppose...   He smiles at this, then with a deft shove he has me on the bed.  With some wriggling and shuffling, we're under the covers together, him stretched out atop me, our noses touching.  It's nice, and somehow very personal, and we make out for a while.  I work my way down his body, lapping at his balls and briefly taking his cock into my mouth, but he'd rather kiss and cuddle, so I am dragged back up to his face to resume.

We continue like this for a while, kissing and cuddling as we grind against one another, then he rolls back and asks if he can fuck me.  I point at the nightstand, where condoms and lube await, and he smiles and suits up.

With me on my back, he wraps his arms around me and uses his own legs to part mine.  With my knees drawn, we fit together well, and he begins to nudge my hole with his cock, slowly finding his mark and entering at a steady pace as he kisses my ears and neck.  It feels good, wrapped in his arms and being kissed as he slowly and gently fucks me, and I relax back and sigh with delight.  He's very pleased by this, and intensifies his efforts, all to soon withdrawing to unload on my stomach.

We lie together for a while, then he announces it's shower time, and drags me from the bed to the stall.  It's a posh hotel, and the walk-in shower is a huge rainfall style one, and after slowly and gently cleaning each other up we simply resuming kissing and making out in the warm downfall.  He then begins a form of soap massage, very calming, very 'chakra' oriented, and afterwards asks me to reciprocate.  Of course I am delighted to do so, and I enjoy holding his naked body in my arms and feeling his stillness as I do.

We eventually exit, and it's my turn to pamper him, carefully drying his body, and each of us finding a child-like delight in me toweling his hair.  I watch him dress, and I'm curious about certain aspects of his outfit.  He's happy to answer and eager to demonstrate, but all too soon it's time for him to leave.  He gives me his full name as he leaves, and a google search reveals he's actually the chairman of one of my largest counterparties.  The 'corporate' image was straight off their website!

As I am preparing to leave for the airport the next morning, he begins to message me afresh.  He tells me our time was 'fun and intimate', and that he would like to meet again when I am next in town.  As we chat, I lose track of time, and must shower and pack in a rush.  As I dry myself, I see my always carried but rarely worn cockring in the toiletries bag, and unthinkingly reach over and wriggle it on just for the hell of it.  An action with unforeseen consequences...

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  1. Ah ha! The story that comes with the picture... How easily we get distracted when a hot guy is messaging us... :-)
    Seems pretty bold of him to send his corporate pic but then he probably feels safe with a traveler.