Sunday, 7 February 2016

An enjoyable evening...

Since his return from 'the front', the Syrian and I have been getting together quite regularly.  The Engineer is still, alas, on his travels, and it's been too busy to actively seek new mates.  An ongoing chat with a young guy who is cute, funny & smart, but as yet we've no chance (or place) to meet.

I passed by The Syrian earlier this week, and it was fantastic, if not routine (in a good way).  I enter, we kiss, we sit, he makes tea, we get halfway through the tea and start to make out, we go to the bedroom and fuck.  We shower, we dress, more tea, we chat, I leave.  Nice.

Skip to the chase, and we're in his room.  He's dragging my clothes off me, his own cock straining against the fabric of his running shorts, and once I'm shirtless he pushes me onto the bed and starts to wriggle my jeans off me.  Climbing naked atop me, we make out for ages, ending up in a 69.  He's fully swallowed me, and clambers up to get even more down his throat, shaking his head to assist in the swallow.  This both drags his cock out of my mouth and frees up his ass, so I spit up at his hole and work one, then another finger in, finding his spot and massaging it as he grinds his cock against my chest, my own piece still in his mouth.  He's huffing and groaning as my index fingers do their work, when he lets go of my dick and sits upright, forcing my fingers even further into him (and nearly breaking my wrist as his weight changed), before lifting off me and spinning around to resume kissing.  He dives down again, this time to rim me, and again I'm presented with his bud, which I begin to nip and lick at.  This really sets him off, and he ends up stretched out on top of me, holding my ankles as he slides his cock up and down my torso.  After a time, he flips me over and starts to dry hump me, his tip insistent against my hole, but I point at the nightstand and he leans over to grab the condoms and the lube.  Liberally applying the lube, he works his piece all over my groin, rubbing it against my balls, my cock and my thighs, before coming in to kiss as he enters me.  It's an odd angle, and it hurts, but with some muttered apologies and a shift of his hips he goes again, and we're good.  Very good in fact - I can feel him sliding in and out of me as we kiss, his hands holding my head as mine run up and down his body, cupping his butt and dragging him further inside.  As with the Engineer, this isn't really just a fuck.  We're done with the ragged, animalistic foreplay and have moved on to something else.  Two bodies working as one, each selfishly seeking some pleasure but selflessly seeking to please the other.  He keeps pausing when inside me, and drawing his head back in order to look me in the eye and smile, simultaneously shaking his head as if in some form of disbelief.

We are in no hurry, and he's happy to change tempo and position, so we do, but continually we return to me on my back and him between my legs, smiling at each other as we ride waves of pleasure.

Eventually, he can take no more, and begins to thrust quite madly, reaching down and using my shaft as a pommel to steady himself, when suddenly I begin to spurt, and he gasps and withdraws, not quite catching himself before the condom fills.  He is panting, and ties the end before tossing it and falling down both onto me and into my arms, where we lie together laughing.

Shower, dress, chat, tea, depart.  Nice...

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  1. Funny how laughing is generally not a good sign at the beginning of play but means a whole lotta good when it happens at the end.