Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The long weekend (part 3/3)

After the Indian guy departed, I kind of just floated around until I got a message from The Syrian - "can you come now" he asks.  By this time it's far too late for lunch, and waaaay too early for dinner, so I'm guessing he's got fun-dinner-fun on his mind, and I'm good with that, so off I head.

Turns out it's not too late for lunch at all, and as soon as I arrive I'm kissed and told to sit at the table, whereupon a variety of wonderful smelling local dishes appear from his tiny kitchen, and we eat together.  On occasion I'm spoon fed which is rather more awkward than romantic, but he's giggling at it all and I'm content.  After the meal (which was delicious), we sprawl together on his newly acquired rug and floor cushion arrangement, idly talking and smoking as we sip tea and nibble at dessert.  It's all very nice, and my decline of a third cup of tea suggests to him it's action time, so he clears everything away and returns to kiss me as he runs his hands through my hair.  Winter has struck in my part of the world, and although it's incredibly mild compared to some, I'm freezing and I tell him so.  His reply is to suggest we get under the covers together, and I leap to my feet and run to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind.  He follows me, laughing and whooping as he strips off as well and we dive, more-or-less together, naked onto the bed.

All he wants is for me to be warm, so he devotes much time to rubbing my feet and hands, and an awful lot of time kissing me under the covers.  Gradually I lose the chill, and assume a more active role, reciprocating his actions.  Conscious that at our last few encounters I've been quite passive, I ensure he gets a thorough blow job, working his cock head with my tongue and his balls with my fingertips - he's twitching and shuddering at this, and finally he drags me up to kiss, his saliva drenched cock sliding and butting against my stomach.  He flips me over and starts to rim me, his moustache dragging both at my hole and against my butt cheeks, then he slowly kisses his way up my back, coming to rest with his cock in my slot.  He starts to grind a little, and he's trying to get inside, but I roll back and point to the nightstand.  Once he's suited up, he flips me back and douses my ass in lube, and resumes his dry fuck, then he slides his arms around my chest and starts to enter me.  This really isn't my favourite position with bigger guys, but he enjoys it, so I endure the discomfort for a while, whimpering slightly each time he bottoms out in me, until I can stand it no more.

I flip him off me and onto his back, whereupon I climb aboard and guide his cock back inside me.  It's actually not that much more comfortable, and he sits upright, still inside me, and lowers me to my back, somehow turning us around so that I'm jammed against the headboard, which is doing me no favours.  I wriggle him around a bit more, and end up 'cross-style', draped over his hips at 90degrees, and he's bucking into me for all he's worth, panting and moaning, and occasionally letting rip with more animalistic noises.  Finally, he withdraws and raises my legs into the air and comes back in from between my legs.  He's going strongly, but I'm oddly unaroused.  Despite much stimulation with his hands and mouth, the best I can manage is semi-hard, so I relax and tell him to just enjoy himself, which is all he needs to hear.

Me on my back, him holding my ankles out, he's fucking me harder than he's ever done, shuddering and twitching and he thrusts and withdraws, before releasing his grip, ripping off the condom and dumping a good sized load on me.  Resting his hands on my knees, he seems to be a broken man - panting for air, body slumped, he's shaking his head slowly, as if trying to clear some sort of fog.  "Junun", he keeps saying over and over again.  "Junun, junun..."Then he smiles.  "It means madness", he says, "when I am with you I am crazy..."

We lie together for a time, nestled in each others arms, then revert to our familiar ritual. Shower, tea, cigarettes.  We watch some godawful action film together, then at around midnight I leave...

The long weekend (part 2)

Finally, the Indian guy and I have a match with our diaries, and he passes by my place mid-afternoon.  We sit and catch up for a bit, have a few drinks and cigarettes, then as he reaches for yet another smoke I lean over and take it from his hand and stand, cocking my head towards the bedroom.  In we go, kissing briefly before disrobing, and we're just stretched out together on the bed, kissing and rolling about, our hands running up and down each others body, just reveling in the sensations of physical contact and being together.  He tells me he's had quite a dry spell, to the extent he's not even certain when his last encounter was (since he was with me anyway).  It seems his relationship with his FB has become a platonic one, and whilst not wanting for company, his actual sex life has kind of disappeared.

After a lot of kissing and some mutual sucking, we get to the stage where it's fuck time, and he's not that keen to be penetrated, so I'm to be the bottom this time.  On our last meet we flipped, but not today.  He duly suits up, but as we wriggle into position he begins to deflate a little, and despite our best efforts, nothing is happening for him.  He sighs and removes the condom, still sitting astride me, and he takes both our cocks into one hand and begins to slowly and gently jerk us together.  This is a great feeling, and his slightly scratchy balls moving against mine only add to the sensations, and as I arch my back and begin to spasm, he lets go of my dick and lets me focus on my own pleasure as he does the same.  Too soon I shoot a modest load, and moments later he lets out a cry and begins to spurt shot after shot onto me, the first hitting the pillow beside my head, the rest trailing down my body.

He rests back on my drawn knees for a bit, then we kiss and cuddle some more, before it's time to clean up and he exits after another drink and I ready myself for dinner with the Syrian.

Monday, 12 December 2016

The long weekend (part 1)

So I'm casually minding my business at home, idly contemplating the upcoming long weekend, when Scruff beeps at me.  A very (like stupidly) cute face is looking at me, and the details are, frankly, a little incredible.  6'3", 180lbs, versatile and 24.  It seems the younger guys are really onto my case lately, and, tbh, I'm not really complaining.  As an aside, you'll have to forgive the shitty photo arrangements - I really am a neophyte at this (if anyone can advise, I'd be grateful).

Artists impression...
... this,

attached to this...

...and this.

So, I'm supposed to hook up with the Falcon, but history tells me that he's going to flake, so I tell the guy to head over.  He's mentioned in our chat that he's into all sorts of stuff (mostly vanilla), ... "and threesomes".  He's on the road, and the Persian comes through, looking for action also.  I'd told him earlier that he was too rough for my taste, and he's full of apologies, thinking it was what I'd wanted.  I take the initiative to hit the young guy back up, asking if 'a mate' can join us, and after some pics are sent, he's keen, as is the Persian.  So it appears I'm to host my first threesome!

They arrive within minutes of each other, and the young guy is incredible.  Even more handsome than his pics, built magnificently, and, despite his local heritage, a slow American drawl.  Let's call him Bro.  I'm actually flustered by his appearance and demeanour, and the Persian goes all gruff and butch (I suspect to conceal the same).  We're quickly into the bedroom, exchanging kisses as we undress, the Persian guy trying very hard to be in charge, the young guy indifferent to this and I'm so fucking nervous I don't know what to do.  The young guy and I begin to kiss (I'm on my toes), and we gently fall to the bed where the Persian is already sprawled, dragging each of us by the hair to his chest whereupon we set to work on a nipple each.  Chewing on these and having our heads dragged up to kiss or down to suck, we both set about pleasuring the guy, but his porn talk is both corny and offputting, so I move in to kiss him further (and shut him up) as the young guy goes to work on his cock.  The Persian is squirming and wriggling, and asks if the young guy wants to be fucked, which he does, but only if he can fuck me as it's being done to him.  After some maneuvering, we're kind of in position, but at the first thrust from the Persian the young guy shouts out and immediately loses his hard-on.  I'm then pushed slightly to the side as the Persian brutally fucks him, holding him by the hair as he delivers it doggy style, my legs intertwined between theirs as I lay there and watch, the young guy crying out in both pleasure and pain.  Suddenly, that smell hits, and the Persian immediately withdraws to check what's going on, but we can find no evidence of anything.  They both go to the bathroom to clean up anyway, and as he returns the Persian tells me the smell is a deal breaker and he's leaving as soon as he fucks me and has a 'proper' shower.  Re-suiting, he climbs onto the bed and draws my hips onto him, impaling me on that fat cock of his, and it's pretty uncomfortable - the young guy is kissing me and telling me to relax, and with his hard-on back in action, I suck him as the Persian fucks me.  Too soon he withdraws, swearing, tells me the condom has broken, and shaking his head he returns to the bathroom.  The smell, btw, has gone.

As the Persian bathes, the young guy crawls into my arms and tells me that one-on-one is really more his scene, but he was keen to experiment.  The Persian exits and dresses, shakes his head at the two of us and makes for the door.  I grab a towel around my waist and see him out, returning to the youngster sprawled in my bed.  We make out for quite some time, kissing, frotting and mutual 69ing, and he offers to fuck me, and I accept.  He suits up and flips me to my stomach, and with his arms wrapped around my chest he bucks into me, his cock finding the mark and entering smoothly.  We continue like this for a bit, then he withdraws and flips me to my back, planting my feet on his chest as he looms above me, running his hands up and down my thighs and telling me how sexy I am (?!?), before he leans down to kiss me and re-enter, bottoming out inside me and holding position as we kiss some more.  But my legs are wrapped around my head by now and I have to straighten, so I widen my knees and get my legs out beside him, knees around his hips as he continues to fuck.  He asks where I want him to cum, and I tell him wherever he wants, and he smiles and says "you gotta watch me cum", ripping off the condom and starting to jerk off.  Holy hell.  As he arches his back, the ropes start flying past my head, the fourth or fifth on my face, and subsequent down my torso.  He smiles and says "I was holding back too - my best is 2 yards"...  He leans down and scoops up some of his load and begins to jerk me off, his patience breaking into a smile as a stripe of my own cum splats up my body.

From here, he rearranges himself into the lotus position, my legs still around his hips, and we talk.  And we talk.  A college guy, he's a full-on bro, but openly gay, and I get the usual college talk, interspersed by an occasional lean down to kiss my thighs and now sleeping dick.  As he talks, his hands roaming up and down my legs and idly playing with my balls, he tells me he has no problem showing affection, but finds it very difficult to receive.  Again, his father is of a race that is very stern and I'm the faux-daddy it seems.  He's also rabidly anti-materialism, and determined to lead life "alone with porn and his left hand", which kind of begs why he's with me atm.  Eventually he lays himself atop me and we kiss under the covers for a little while, but it's time he left.  After a wash-up he dresses and asks when we can re-meet alone, then leaves.  The following day I get a very 'bro-ful' message reinforcing his desire for a rematch.

Never heard from the Falcon...

Monday, 5 December 2016

Back to back fun

So it's been a long week, and no chance to meet anyone.  Finally the weekend rolls around, and I'm coerced into returning to the beach house, and with the thought of the Driver in my head, I do.  However, a busy day following means I have to return late at night, and despite some encouraging signals from the Euro guy (who has also returned), I leave around midnight.  The Driver is smiling and waiting, but informs me as we arrive back at mine that he has some errands to run and won't be coming back upstairs with me.  Damn.

The next day I'm poleaxed, and cancel all my engagements.  I chat briefly with the Indian guy, but he's indisposed, and so I return to bed.  The Syrian messages me at lunchtime, having unexpectedly returned, and I tell him I am still in bed, and extend an invite for him to join me.

He's with me within the hour, and upon entering he smiles at me and tells me to go back to bed as he busies himself in my kitchen.  He soon enters the bedroom, wearing only his briefs and carrying tea and snacks which he places beside the bed before climbing in, and we spend an hour or so just talking and cuddling before hands begin to stray, and we're soon naked and kissing.  We spend a gentle hour or two having sex, him taking me in a variety of positions before he slides under me and enters me from below, but once more his primary focus is my pleasure.  The guy really is a fucking treasure, and why I don't devote myself to him, I don't know.  Ultimately, I am on my back, being jerked off as he fucks me, before he withdraws and shoots on my chest as well.  We clean up, then return to cuddling, enjoying our extended time together and with me as the 'big spoon', we sleep for the remainder of the afternoon.  Never got to the snacks...

It's dark when we awake, and he leaps out of bed in a hurry, showers and leaves.  I check my phone and see a number of offers on the apps, including the Persian, who's keen to 'come and rape me', and another guy I've been chatting to off and on for a few weeks.  I find the Persian too rough, and I'm not keen for a rematch with him, but the other guy seems of interest, so we agree for him to pass by just before dinner.

I'm unnaturally keen to back myself onto this cock, and he arrives at precisely the agreed time.  He's straight into it, taking my head into his hands as soon as the door is closed behind us, his soft and willing mouth complemented by a remarkably unscratchy full beard, and our heights are perfect.  Soon he leads me to the bedroom, and we quickly get naked and begin full body contact kissing, his cock grinding against my stomach, and my own working its way up and down his slot, when he suddenly drops his head and commences a spectacular blow job, pausing only to resume kissing and frotting.  Eventually I get him on his back, and begin to work my mouth along his jaw and down his throat and chest, working my tongue into his navel and then swirling it down to lick his balls.  He's squirming quite dramatically by now, and I reach up to take his pulsating cock in my hand and lick it slowly.  Suddenly, he arches his back and begins to spurt, generating a huge amount of cum that is both in my hair and all over his rather flat stomach, so I lick up what I can and snowball it into his mouth. His vigour as he sucked it out of my mouth was only tempered by my inadvertent brushing of his still sensitive cock-head, which saw him roll dramatically away from me.  He then asked me to straddle his torso and shoot my own load on his face, which given the session I had had with the Syrian just hours before seemed unlikely.  However, I did my best and surprised us both with a reasonable gush onto his beard.  At this, he leapt of the bed and headed for the bathroom, then dressing and leaving almost immediately.  I reckon he was with me for under 30 minutes, but Fast would have been proud!

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Driver - an update

I was negligent to mention that, a few days after my encounter with him, the Driver called me.  I asked if he interested to pass by again, and he replied in the affirmative, but this time with his girlfriend.

He wanted me to fuck them both, and for us to both fuck her.  Sadly, female visitors are forbidden in my hotel apartment, so I had to decline...

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Driver

This is such bad form I can't believe I did it.  A friend invites me to his beach house for the weekend, but it's a hike, they go pretty hard with the party there and I'm really just too tired, so I decline.  He's persistent, and I finally admit I'm just too tired to make the drive, to which he replies he'll send his guy up to collect me.  Within the hour my concierge advises that a car has arrived, so I grab my bag and head down.  The friend is a pretty wealthy man, so I'm unsurprised to see a late model S class Merc waiting for me, but I am surprised by the driver.  A shockingly handsome, tall and well built Sri Lankan guy is smiling at me as he takes my bag - I smile back, but as I know it'll be a late night I elect to ride in the back seat and sleep for the journey.  We duly arrive, and I'm gently woken and find this smiling man leaning over me.  He takes my hand and helps me out of the car, but I see him no more.  I join the party, and amongst the crowd is a very handsome European guy who keeps smiling at me but we chat infrequently.  We drink too much, usual party stuff, then it's bedtime.  I go up to my room, and my bag has been unpacked etc., and in my stupor I fire up Grindr.  The Euro guy is "10m away", but other than a knowing smile from him at breakfast, nothing further happens.

We spend the next day continuing to drink and eat, and I finally tell my host it's time to leave, so I'll call a car.  He's horrified - "I bought you here, I'll take you back" he says.  Picking up a walkie talkie, he instructs that my bags are to be packed and ready for departure in one hour.  More drinks, then I finally leave, the Sri Lankan smiling as he holds open the back door.  Now he's pretty damn cute, and I've had a few drinks, so I elect to sit in the front this time.  He flirts outrageously with me all the way home, telling me how he enjoyed watching me sleep on the downward journey, that as he'd unpacked my bag he thought I had "very nice clothes and underwear" all accompanied by many smiles and a lot of eyelash batting.  We get back to my place, and I thank him and make to go upstairs, but he holds on to my bag and insists on bringing it up for me.

So we talk some more in the elevator and it's clear that he's keen.  We get to the door and he still won't surrender the bag, insisting to bring it all the way.  As we then stand inside, I tell him how fortunate he is to have such a good boss, but he smiles again and says "I am lucky that I get to drive handsome men like you around sir" as he slides his hand inside his shirt to rub his chest.

I don't care that he's 'staff' and all the usual hands-off rules that apply, I simply step forward and kiss him.  It's the only trigger he needs, and we're suddenly locked in an embrace, kissing and shuffling towards the bedroom.  We get naked, and he's got the most fantastic body, although quite a small cock.  Defined, a little hairy and an excellent kisser, we indulge in that for a while, then an all-too-brief 69, before he has me on my back as he straddles me, sliding his ass up and down my now rigid cock.  I raise an eyebrow at him "You want?", and he smiles and nods.  So I suit up, still lying on my back, and he slowly lowers himself onto me with a shudder and a smile.  He begins to ride me, but I'm not really feeling it, so I push him off and turn him to his stomach, my knees at his hips and I begin to fuck him again.  He's squirming and wriggling a bit, but it seems in pleasure, so I continue until I edge.  Withdrawing, I remove the condom and shoot my load over his back, panting and grunting as I do. 

I grab some tissues and clean him up, and we go back to kissing for a while, then I offer my own ass in return.  He's shocked (?!?!?) and declines, climbing off the bed and dressing before asking for water on his way out.

So yeah.  Fucking the staff.  My bad...

The Persian

It's been a while - usual bs with computer and internet, but hopefully back on track now.  Although the Syrian is away (again!!), as is The Engineer.  I've dropped Adonis and the Falcon, but I'm still trying to reconnect with the Indian guy (we chat often), but damn the diaries have been difficult...

This happened about 3 weeks ago - this guy has been messaging me regularly, sending some pretty hot pics of a huge dick attached to a solid and hairy body.  We've chatted a bit, and he's keen on nipple play and fucking, but not, it appears, very much else.  I'm bored, alone and horny, so I drop him a line.  He's about, and quite close it seems, and we agree to meet at a coffee shop which happens to be ~300m from my flat.  He's on time, he doesn't have that glint of crazy in his eyes, and the coffee shop is closed, so I shrug and tell him I live a few doors away so lets head there.

He's well over 6' tall, very solidly built, and quite handsome in that far mid east/subcontinental way, and he can also hold a conversation, which is quite rare here.  We get inside, and I ask if he wants coffee or water or whatever, but he just points at the TV and asks if I have porn.  As a matter of fact I do, and after a few false starts we settle on one he likes.  As we watch, he's stroking himself through his pants, then leans forward and peels off his shirt.  He's a big guy, covered in hair (almost possibly too much), and as a guy on the screen leans in to bite the chest of his partner, my guy moans 'oooh yeah', and reaches over to drag my face to his chest, saying 'do that to me' as he positions himself so that I can.  Over the next ten minutes I'm encouraged to bite and suck as hard as I can, one of his hands holding the back of my head to his body, the other down his pants as he strokes himself.

As I bite and suck, he's now wriggling his hands down my pants and squeezing my butt quite hard, using his heft to lift me and force my face further into his chest.  Eventually he's shuffled his own pants down, his cock resting against my stomach as I bite him until my head is directed south to suck him.

It's a good sized cock, although not quite what I'd seen in the pics, but I'm not going to complain.  However.  As I begin to lick it, moving my tongue around the tip, and down to tease his balls, I feel it thicken even further and I swear it grew another two inches.  Now, it's seriously impressive, and I'm beginning to fear for my ass.  Eventually we retire to the bed, and he's happy to roll about kissing and reciprocating the biting, and wanting his cock sucked more, until he asks for a condom.

I find them, and he suits up, this monster jutting up between his legs as he stands and takes my shoulders.  I'm flipped to my stomach and pushed down, and he mounts me.  Jesus.  On the first thrust I thought I was going to split in half, but he sensed my discomfort and both backed off and slowed down, moving into a gentle rhythm that's only moderately uncomfortable, then he lets his whole weight rest on me, pinning me to the mattress, and whispers in my ear "now you're gonna get it", which is not really something I (or anyone) would be pleased to hear in those circumstances.  He's probably got 3" and 40 pounds on me, and so I'm pretty nervous, but when he began to jack rabbit fuck me the pain subsumed all that.  I'm literally begging him to stop, and trying very hard to get away from him, but his weight and his grip are holding me tight.

Suddenly he realizes this isn't role play for me, and immediately stops.  Thanks god.  Apologizing, he asks me to find a more comfortable position, so with him standing beside the bed and me lying on my back, I'm drawn back onto his cock and we let the bedframe act as a 'buffer' to ease things a little.

Pretty soon he's grabbing my hands to his chest and demanding I pinch and squeeze his nipples as hard as I can while he fucks me, then, with a final few thrusts he shudders, straightens and then slumps, before withdrawing a loaded and drooping condom and asking for a shower.  The possibility of me shooting had long disappeared with the pain, and my own dick is forlornly lying asleep on my stomach.

After the shower he finishes his juice and leaves, sending me a message afterwards that he'll be back, but next time I should have a friend for him as well...  With that cock and that aggressive fucking, I immediately think of the Moro,but he's in his homeland until mid-December.  So there might be another tale to tell with this guy!

Monday, 7 November 2016


So the agreed Tuesday has arrived, and the Syrian is down the line early in the morning - "waiting you tonight habibi" he says, and I reply in the affirmative.

I get to his at the appointed time, and he opens the door to a room much more dimly lit than usual.  I see that he has placed candles on almost every available surface, and a beautifully laid table, set for two, stands to one side.  Local custom is to light most rooms to the max (think a supermarket), but he's broken with this and he shyly takes my hand and asks if I'm hungry.  We're meeting for dinner, so yes, I have my appetite with me, and he claps his hands in delight and disappears into the kitchen.

First trip, he returns with a bottle of wine he has somehow sourced, glasses and an opener.  He pours for us and giggles like a little girl as we clink glasses, then he disappears again, returning with salad. We sit to eat, and the conversation is strangely awkward, but gradually warms up.  After the salad, he clears and returns with not one, but 3 x dishes.  I'm a bit surprised, but he tells me he wasn't sure what I'd feel like, so he prepared 'a variety'.  I'm now feeling obliged to put in a good effort on each dish (all of which were local specialities and delicious btw), as we talk some more and finish the wine.

He clears again, then returns with a selection of deserts, taking my hand and leading me across the room to the couch where tea awaits along with the candied fruits, chocolates and pastries.

We sprawl, chat and consume more, until I am finally fit to burst.  Patting my belly, I tell him so and he smiles.  "I know", he smiles, taking my hand again and leading me to the bedroom.  I don't know about you dear reader, but sex on a full stomach?  Hmmm.

It seems he is aware of this, and we begin with a very different routine.  Merely kissing and stroking one another, he is in no hurry to get horizontal, but wants to kiss and kiss more as we stand together fully clothed.  Oddly, there is some form of digestif effect as my stomach soon begins to calm and shrink.  His hands on my body have already told him this, and he begins to remove my clothes, dropping to suck my stirring cock into hardness, before lowering us onto the bed and we begin a more active form of make out.  But again, it's different.  He's entirely focused on my pleasure, intentionally positioning his body away from me so that I cannot suck him in return or finger his hole.  So intent is he that I start to feel like a bad fuck - I'm not reciprocating at all, other than to moan a bit, and in time I grab his head off my dick and up so that I can at least kiss him.  He's happy with this, but happier still to return to pleasuring me, and I decide this is a conscious move on his part and that I should simply accept and enjoy.

Eventually I get his cock in my mouth, but he's quickly gasping and pulls it away, only to lean back for lube and condoms.  Once prepared, he comes at me from the side, sliding himself up and down my slot before working himself in, and gently beginning to fuck me.  This is good, and we're both enjoying, but he decides to withdraw and simply lie beside me to kiss some more before he turns me a little and enters me from another angle.  I am on my back, my legs wrapped around his waist, and we kiss as we fuck, then again, he withdraws and comes back down just to kiss and cuddle.  We repeat this scenario across a few different positions, but finally he is on his back, and I am impaled on him as he jerks me to a conclusion before withdrawing and spraying his load over his torso as well.

He smears the cum into his fur, then draws me down atop him.  Nestled together we sigh contentedly and I actually drift off in his arms, before he wakes me a little after 11:30 to see if I'd like to sleep over.  It's a school night, so I can't, and he shrugs with resignation.  "That's ok habibi", he smiles at me "It is enough for me to know that we made love tonight, not just sex"...

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

the Wrestler

So this guy hits me up a few months back.  A local guy with a winning smile, early 30's, 6'4", probably 100kgs and built like, you guessed it, a wrestler.  We chat for a bit, establishing that we are strangers, all the usual small town precautions, and he wants to meet for a coffee.  That's fine, and he's already close to my office, so we arrange for post-work that day.  As we talk, some of his ambitions and aspirations come out and we get more specific in career talk.  I'm a relatively senior guy in my field, and am quite accustomed to ambitious young people approaching me as a form of mentor - this also acts as a useful cover when I'm out and about with my wife and someone cruises me.  All good.

I don't hear from him for a while, but he woofs me on Growlr last week, then follows up with a call 10 minutes later.  He wants to tell me of his recent O/S trip and when can we meet again?  We arrange for last night, and he duly arrives to my apartment at the appointed time.

He's got some pretty specific questions for me - I'm happy to oblige, answering and debating various potential outcomes, and his earnestness is such that I've come to the view that this is another mentor session, and that his recent silence was to do more with lack of attraction than distance.  Again, all good.

We seem to have exhausted the topic at hand, and so I put down my drink and say "Anything else you'd like to ask me?", to which he replies "Yes.  Are you horny?"

I laugh out loud and tell him 'always', which is the only incentive he needs to stand and peel off his shirt.  Bloody hell.  Massive, massive shoulders, a barrel chest tapering down to a solid waistline, a pair of well-filled athletic shorts and tree trunk legs are before me.  He leans across the coffee table and takes my hand, smiling as he leads me to the bedroom.  He quickly removes the remainder of his clothes, and 8" of thick dark cock is bobbing between his legs as he approaches me and leans in for a lengthy kiss.  As we do so, he's removing my clothes, and now our cocks are rubbing together as we continue to kiss, and he gently lowers us, as one, onto the bed.

We roll around together for a bit, me running my hands over that monster body of his, him just holding my butt as I do so, then he wants to swing around and 69, so we do.  As he sucks me, I can't quite get the angle right, and I'm struggling to get him into my mouth, so I content myself with licking his balls and caressing his thighs.

He wants to change position, so, conscious that I've barely sucked him, I wriggle back on the bed and drop my head over the side, freeing my throat to take his length.  This delights him, and he squats above my face and drop dicks himself into my mouth repeatedly, but complaining on occasion of my teeth (first time anyone has tbh).  He then withdraws and turns himself around 180 degrees, his cock now in my mouth the other way, and his torso leaning down mine so we can continue to pleasure each other.

As we frot and suck, in between mouthfuls he tells me his bf left him in February, and he hasn't been with anyone since.  For various other reasons he hasn't even been jerking off (the mentioned trip was his hajj), so I ask if there's really 8 months worth of load bottled inside, but he says no, he has regular wet dreams. 

Suddenly he straightens up, withdraws his cock and drops his balls into my mouth.  With my hands on his hips from below, I feel his stomach muscles tense and tighten, as do his balls.  He then lets rip with an almighty moan, and I feel the spattering of cum on my chest and stomach as he unleashes his load.  He looms above me still, shuddering and spasming, then disengages and grabs the tissues.

Cleaning me up, he apologizes for the quickness of his release, but I tell him not to worry.  From here, he launches into a detailed explanation of how he identifies as bi 'but never met the right girl', he's never sucked a dick before but felt he owed me after all my help, yada yada yada.  I've marked him as a conflicted straight guy, and slap his rump, telling him to go shower.  From there he makes an embarrassed exit, presumably never to return.

But the very next day he messages, asking if maybe we can catch up again soon...

Monday, 31 October 2016

Bitten and brutalized...

I've had a quiet Saturday at home, some awkwardly timed chores getting in the way of any hookups, when the Falcon pings me.  He's "right around the corner", and wants to pass by in an hour or so.  We've been trying for over a week to get together, but with no success.  I'm tiring of his flaky behavior and constantly broken promises, but Grindr tells me he's 350m away, so we'll see.  Lo and behold, his profile slips further and further down my screen, so I message and ask what's going on.  He has 'an urgency' on the other side of town, and will catch me another time.  That's 3 strikes buddy - I don't think so...

Not half an hour later my phone beeps, and it's the harus.  Since I blew him a few weeks ago, I've not heard a word, and thus drew the conclusion he wasn't interested in resuming (or furthering) our activities together.  Wrong.  He's dead keen, and already heading in my direction.

He arrives, and we sit, a little awkwardly, on the couch watching TV.  He reaches over and taps my shoulder, pointing to his bulging jeans and says 'please...', so I stand and gesture to the bedroom.  In we head, and he begins to slowly remove his clothes, encouraging me to do so also, then asking that I turn so he can observe me from behind.  He slowly caresses me, letting his rough hands wander over my butt, lifting and patting it before he slaps it quite hard.  Asking for a condom, he leans back on the bed and signals me to climb on, but as our faces touch he pulls away and pushes me to the side, grabbing my hips and lifting me onto all fours, positioning himself between my legs from behind.

A quick squirt of lube and he shoves his 10" cock straight in, causing me to cry out and lunge forward, but he grabs me and drags me back, again a full open-handed butt slap and then sinking his teeth into the cheek.  It bloody hurts, but not as much as when he straightened up and rammed himself back inside me, fucking me quite viciously as he pants "5 minutes 5 minutes" like a mantra, before he pulls out and falls back onto the pillow.  He removes the condom and signals for me to get rid of it, then once I return he grabs my head and forces it onto his cock.  As I suck, he wants me to jerk off, but I'm struggling owing to the angle, so he pushes me away and stands up.

Me sitting on the bed, his body right in front of me, he once more grabs my ears and shoves his pole into my mouth - I grab his hips for balance, but he pushes my hand away and towards my own dick so I can jerk as he thrusts, but too quickly he pants "cumming" and without warning he floods my mouth, holding my head and forcing me to swallow.  I suck him dry, then he withdraws and slaps my face before cleaning up and dressing.  Once done he says goodbye and leaves without further comment.

I reckon from the moment he walked in, to the moment he left was less than 30 minutes, but 2 days later I still have his teethmarks on my rump...


Almost romantic...

The Syrian has been down the line more or less constantly, asking when we can meet.  Between outright exhaustion and regular travel (possibly related), I am finally able to nominate a night.  Duly it comes, and I head down to his place - my frequent visitors have aroused the suspicion of the Super, and I'm now subject to disapproving looks as I enter and exit the building.  Like I care.

Anyway.  I get to his place, and instead of dinner he tells me he "ate at 4pm", so he really just wants to go to bed and fuck.  I'm quickly plunging into 'need a cookie' mode, so I insist we get something to eat, so we go out and dine together before heading back to his place.  I've kind of implied I'll be staying over, but now I don't want to and I'm trying to work out how to break this to him without upsetting him too much.

We get back to the flat, and as soon as the door is closed he has me in his arms, kissing me and licking my throat as he drags me into the bedroom, where he removes my clothes and starts to blow me.  Again I watch myself in the mirror, and it's pretty cool.  Eventually we get horizontal, and after much kissing and an extensive rim job from him, he rolls me to my side and enters me from behind, just as the Engineer always does.  He is gently fucking me, his body undulating, but he wants to get a little more aggressive and he gradually works me onto my stomach and begins to fuck me from above, but his length is problematic and it hurts.  I roll to my back and move to throw a leg over his shoulder, but he ducks this as he falls sideways, now lying at a 90deg angle to me, my legs draped over his torso.  From this angle he comes at me again, easily sliding his length in, pistoning and bucking quite hard at me, providing me with new sensations.  It's actually a pretty comfortable fuck, and he goes at it for some time before exiting me and sitting upright.

He rights himself and comes in between my legs, grabbing my cock as he slides his own back inside me, and he begins to jerk me as he fucks, occasionally leaning down to kiss me.  He's done this before, and regular readers will know it's only moments before I shoot my load.  He milks me dry as he continues to fuck me, then withdraws and removes the condom, grunting and panting as he too shoots all over me.

From here we retire to the couch and sprawl about eating sweets, drinking tea, smoking and chatting.  I'd not noticed earlier, but he's decorated the flat with candles and whatnot, so it's slightly embarrassing when I break it to him that I must depart.  He's clearly disappointed by this, but I tell him my wife is facetiming me in the morning and she will see the different background.  I am then made to promise and commit to a return date (next Tuesday if anyone's interested), before I make my exit.

It is very late, and the motorway is largely deserted.  I am minding my own business, toodling along at around 125kmh in the middle lane, when there is a sudden flash of light behind me.  Out of nowhere, a pair of Bentley GT's roar past me on either side, moving as if I were standing still.

Some km or so down the road the motorway ends, and I see both cars stopped at the lights.  I pull up and look across, to see that each is driven by a girl perhaps in her early '20's, just out having a race it seems.  Only in the Sandlands.....

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Hmmm.  I've been seeing a bit of the Civil Servant over the past week or so.  We spend more time talking than we do fucking, but the sex has been satisfying (if fast), and the conversations stimulating.

As part of this, he's recounted a few tales along the way - it seems he's normally quite the dom, and enjoys having his cock sucked as he sits with a cigar, alternately pissing and cumming in the guys mouth, and he also finds fisting to be "a remarkably intimate connection between two men".  The conversation moves on, and after some snuggling in front of the TV, it is time for us to head for the bedroom.  We make out for an hour or so, teasing one another, licking, biting and sucking, then he positions me on my back and heads south, sucking my dick and letting his hands roam over my body, with particular attention paid to my balls as he sucks.  In time, he reaches for the lube and begins to stroke my hole, working a finger or two in and out as he sucks, commenting "how good it is to feel me from inside", and I duly arch my back to make it easier for him (on both counts).  He slides a pillow beneath my ass, and continues to suck me, and he's doing damn well at it, but I can feel a growing pressure in my ass as he does.  It's a little uncomfortable, so I squirm to reposition, but the pressure won't go away.  In time I get used to it, and I simply lie back and enjoy the blowjob, which is going on much longer than I had expected from the self-confessed dom, although that pressure is still present.  Eventually, he breaks from the blowjob and works his mouth up to mine, his hands still between my legs, and whispers to me "congratulations, you're being fisted"...  It turns out the pressure was all five of his digits, worked into me up to his knuckles.  Clearly I was complicit in this, even though I was still a little surprised by the information.  With his hand still largely inside me, he then spat on my cock and jerked me off, which took a surprisingly long time but was incredibly intense when it did happen.

After an extended cuddle and murmured conversation, he is still hard, so he gently rolled me to my stomach, suited up and spent his usual 3 minutes fucking me before he shot his own load.  Afterwards we had drinks and cigarettes and he departed.

He followed up with a call the next day, asking how I was, how I felt, and what I felt about it.  As I told him, my ass was damned sore but I wasn't sure how I felt otherwise.  It's kind of the ultimate sub act in my view (no judgment though), and I don't see myself on that part of the dancefloor.  Am I a fistee?  No.  Would I let him do it again?  Perhaps...

An interesting boundary to cross.  More thought required.


Monday, 24 October 2016

Eye candy (sort of...)

Life in my part of the world is not without its dramas, and thus security is a simple and ongoing fact of life.  My employer has a large number of guards - these are regularly rotated around the premises and senior personnel.  Generally Egyptian, they range from the devilishly charming to the dour, and from the fit to the fat.  Over time I have come to know most of them and they all know me.

However, I was recently assigned a new chap, one I've not seen before.  Short, painfully thin, with a sharp little face and over-gelled hair, he's "no oil painting" as Mere Liggett is wont to say.

It seems he also wears boxers, as his slightly too tight pants reveal something that looks like a RedBull can running down his inner thigh.

All I can say is that it's utterly distracting...

Nice and normal, routine and boring...

There's not been a lot to report.  I've been seeing Adonis, the Syrian and the Engineer on rotation basically every other night, and we've just got a nice rhythm going.  The sex is neither groundbreaking nor dull, but it's nothing I haven't written about here before.  Adonis is proving to be a very young pup - he still won't suck my dick, and after extensive kissing he wants to fuck me from a variety of angles until he cums, then it's shower and go.  I'm thinking to start easing back on him - despite his fucking gorgeous body, and excellent kissing skills, the boy really is dumb as a post, and any conversation attempts are met with a giggle and 'my English...'.  This is in stark contrast to the other two, for whom the post-sex chat and sprawl is as much a part of our time together as the act itself.  Plus the Falcon has returned, and I'm deciding whether or not to do a bit more with him.  After the departure of my family, he has decided "we should be a couple", but he's more than a little unreliable, so we'll see...


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Quick follow up and wtf?

Don't recall if I mentioned this here, or in a comment on another blog.  When I visited my homeland earlier this year, I was dining with a childhood friend and his wife, who subsequently went to bed and left us to drink and chat in the garden.  After a few glasses, my friend leaned across, grabbed my shirtfront and told me how he'd only ever wanted me, not his wife or any of the many girlfriends along the way, and that it was the great 'heartbreak' of his life that we weren't together.  Awkward, as I don't find him at all attractive despite our obvious sympatico.  On my more recent visit, both he and she were keen to have dinner again, but I can't help but suspect she suspects something.  We had what could be described as a 'polite' meal, but he kept staring at me and nudging my leg under the table, and finally the wife called time at an unreasonably early hour and we were done.

However.  I attended another meal with a similar group of longstanding friends, which went on for far too long (8 hour lunch anyone?), and the concurrent amount of booze and sly joints outside with the smokers.  I needed to move on to another party, and one of our number asked to accompany me.  He's basically family, so of course he could.  Now, I am, and have always been, a sincere capitalist and subscriber to the Protestant work ethic, and he is the polar opposite.  Madly left-wing, pro-communist, and a firm believer in the obligation of the state to care for its citizens, he and I have shared many debates over the years regarding our differing viewpoints, although always with laughter and respect.  He too is married, but has no children.  Over lunch he tells me he has written me many letters over the past few years, but is saddened I haven't acknowledged them or replied, before showing me an address that hasn't been valid for half a decade.

So.  We're in the cab, and he turns to me.  "Y'know", he says, "one of the most frustrating things about you is that you are utterly unaware of your looks, your charm and your intelligence" (I can be a glass half empty guy sometimes).  Now he's always been into alternative therapies and similar pursuits, so I'm bracing myself for some kind of pep talk about self-actualization or whatever, but he reaches across the backseat and takes my face in his hands and kisses me deeply and longingly.  Finally breaking away, he smiles and says he's wanted to do that for decades, and that deep inside he believes that I am the love of his life and that 'society' has kept us apart.  I do not know how to respond to this at all.  I'm kinda sweet on him too, but in a fraternal way.  I do love him, but have no desire for a relationship beyond the brotherly one we have now.

Our cab arrives at the destination - a heaving and trendy pub - and my other friends are waiting on the terrace, gesturing at their watches to remind me how late I am.  In the arrival melee of hellos, kisses and gentle upbraiding for keeping them waiting, I am separated from my companion, only to receive a text later hoping I'd had a good time and that he meant everything he said and did.  Ay carumba!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Busy, not busy...

It's been a while, and I've been traveling, but there's been a bit going on.

With my family now departed, I'm free to entertain.  Although it hasn't always worked out as I'd hope.  DJ has been regularly down the line, offering up a tasty selection of subs, but our diaries just haven't gelled, so nothing to report on that front.  Plus I'm tired, and roleplay is just exhausting.

Adonis however, has been a regular visitor.  It's interesting - as a younger guy, he seems genuinely starved for affection, and really just wants to kiss a lot and lie in my arms under the covers.  As he lies there, he keeps muttering "oh my god, oh my god", as if physical contact is something unusual for him.  He still won't blow me (which is getting tiresome), and after much kissing and me rimming him, he will shyly ask if we can "get started".  He seems to view the actual fuck only as a means to cum, as if the soft sex were the main attraction so to speak.  He mentioned the nationality of his father (a very stern and unaffectionate people), so I suspect I really am 'the daddy' here...

The Syrian remains on his travels, and the Indian guy also, but the Engineer did pass by last night.  We had a great session, loads of kissing and 69, and it was one of those fucks were, as so often with him, the mood, the angle and the timing was perfect.  He had me ride him as we kissed to begin, but he kept stuffing up his thrusts and slipping out, so he rolled me to my side and came in from that angle.  After a few hits with the amyl, I was so relaxed he couldn't fuck me hard enough, to the extent he pushed me to my stomach and just belted me from above.  Damn it felt great, and in one of his usual conjuring tricks he managed to start panting and keening, flip me onto my back, and spray a weeks worth of cum onto me.  He wiped his hand over my face, forcing some of his load into my mouth, then using the remainder to jerk me off as he worked his other fingers in and out of my ass as I shot my own load.

We spent a full 10 minutes tangled in each other, laughing and gasping, before he announced (to my surprise), that he hates the smell of his own cum and was heading to the shower.

I was drenched to the extent that, when I went to lift my head, I found my ear was stuck to the pillow - now that's what I call a load!!!


Monday, 19 September 2016

Treat yo'self!

As mentioned, a young guy has hit me up.  At 22, he's much younger than I would usually consider, and I've told him so, but his pics are awesome and I've drawn blanks all round elsewhere.

I decide that to fool around for a bit with a young pup might be "good for the soul" as they say, so I treat myself and tell him to come over.

He's beside himself with excitement, thanking me for 'breaking my rule', and promising 'great sex - you won't be sorry'.  As an aside, and you'd never know it walking around this city, but it seems the men here are quite short - at least 90% of the guys on the apps are 170cm or less, which I find odd.  He hasn't indicated his height, and I forgot to ask, but he arrives within 30 minutes, and messages me to say so.  I walk out front, to see a Range Rover in my drive, and with a wave he climbs out.  He's got to be 188cm tall, with a wide rangy body that sits somewhere beyond swimmer but not quite muscle guy, dressed in a tight T and baggy sweats, a headful of lush curly hair framing a face that would make a statue melt.  In short, he's a bona fide Adonis, and I'm gobsmacked.

He smiles and walks over, shaking my hand and as we head indoors I tell him the maid is about and we need to be discreet.  She's not, but it's always good to have a stranger think that we're not alone in the house.

Tiptoeing upstairs, we go to the bedroom and close the door - he suddenly goes all shy, and stands there smiling at me, so I ask him how often he goes to the gym "Not too much" he stammers, so I tell him to shuck the T and how me the results.  This, it seems, is the icebreaker - he grins broadly and tells me that we will each remove the same item of clothing simultaneously, so we do.  We're down to our briefs, and I shake my head, approaching him for a kiss - he's good, but 3" taller than me and I'm on my toes to reach his mouth.  I solve this by pushing him onto the bed, and crawling up his body kissing as I go.  He's quite ticklish, so this has him in fits of hysterics, and we simply roll around in each others arms French kissing and more until I work my way back down his body to where his straining cock is making quite a wet spot on his trunks.  I peel them off, and am confronted with a truly perfect cock, which, mindful of his ticklishness, I gently lick before diving in to suck.  He's almost hairless, and I run my hands over his chest, tweaking his nipples and licking his pits as I go about my work.  He slowly draws me back up his body to kiss some more, and we alternate body kisses and ball licking.  He won't suck my cock, but he's happy to offer up butterfly kisses to it and my balls, which is pretty good.

After a lot more kissing, I push him to his side and then position him doggy style.  He's nervous about what might be coming, but I gently bend his cock backwards and run my tongue from its tip, along the underside of the shaft, the balls and the perineum before tickling his bud and gently rimming him.  He shudders with delight and slumps forward, further exposing his hole to my attention, which I happily provide.  My right hand is between his legs for balance, and I can feel something on it - a quick check confirms the pre-cum is quite literally dripping out of him, so my tongue reluctantly leaves his ass and makes the return journey, lapping at the remarkably sweet juice when I get back to his tip.  Using the residual spit, I begin to work a finger into him as I suck, which, after initial resistance he eagerly takes, going so far as to push back on it as I tease him with my mouth.

Once I've sucked him dry, I work my tongue back to his hole, now using my hands to flatten his body as my tongue rolls up his spine, finally kissing the back of his neck as my cock works into his slot.  His ass is two perfect globes, and his shoulders and upper arms are perfectly formed granite.  Fucking awesome...

He's fearful I'm going to fuck him, so he rolls out from under me and comes atop for another series of lengthy kisses, which we continue for some time.  Eventually, he has my left leg drawn against my ass as he strokes my right, staring into my eyes and murmuring all sorts of things in Arabic, our cocks rubbing together.  That I understand a good deal of what he says shocks him, and we converse briefly before he flops backwards, thus enabling me to climb on top of him, and slowly grind my pelvis against his while leaning down to kiss.  Grabbing my ass, he flips us over, and from above smiles down at me, and says 'waqi' (Arabic for condom).  Once donned, he climbs back onto the bed and raises me by my back to my knees, his arms wrapped around my chest, then, us both in this kneeling position, he enters me from behind.  Damn it was good.  He's slow but persistent, undulating his hips to accomplish his thrusts, kissing my ears and neck as he does, and I'm moaning.  And moaning loudly.  He's worried we'll be heard, so he withdraws and lies me on my back, straddling my right leg, and casually lifting my left over his opposing shoulder so that I'm semi-twisted beneath him, then he enters again.  The Syrian has fucked me in this position a few times, and I really enjoy it.  So much so that as he thrusts, his back arched, I can feel myself begin to edge.  My ragged breathing gives me away, and he smiles at me as he grabs my cock and starts to jerk me in time with the thrusts.  OMG...   As I tremble, he continues to look me in the eye, smiling the whole time, and withdraws.  Using his free hand he removes the condom and starts to jerk himself, and as my legs clench his thigh I erupt, first spurt not much, second spurt on my chest, the rest just normal.  Then his eyes roll back and he lets loose, the first shot landing with a satisfying splat on the pillow next to my ear, the second on my chin and the subsequent ones leaving a trail down my torso.  Amazing...

Gasping raggedly, he slumps down onto me to kiss, then climbs off and heads to the bathroom.  I can hear him washing, so I stick my head in and offer him a shower, which he takes.

Minutes later, the towel clad Adonis returns to the bedroom, and I can't help but run my hands over his chest as we kiss some more.  He then shyly dresses and motions to the doorway, asking if he should leave "in case the maid returns".  Still shattered, I agree to this and after a quick kiss by the door, he exits.

I have since been bombarded with text messages, telling me all sorts of things and asking when he can return.  It was fun, and I got the great sex he promised, but I can live without a love-struck puppy.  Maybe...

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Quiet, too quiet. But then...

As mentioned, almost every one of my regular & semi-regular fuck-buddies is out of town.  The Indian guy had a hiccup with his ticket and was delayed a few days, so we had a good get together but really just vanilla other than he informed me on arrival that he'd be sleeping over.  I didn't really care, and it was kinda nice to wake up with his smooth muscular form in my arms, quickly followed by a quick flip fuck.  I also had a long-anticipated encounter with a burly young Egyptian guy who was simply desperate for me to fuck him, so I duly obliged, but not until after he'd given me a fantastic blow job and an amazing tongue fuck.  But his puppy-like devotion afterwards has been a little off-putting...

I then had to spend a few days in Sin City, but, more-or-less confirming that Grindr doesn't work there (or at least pics won't download), so didn't really bother.  Relocating piece by piece from our villa to an apartment in light of my family's departure has also kept me occupied.

The apartment is located in the city, and opens up a whole set of fresh thumbnails on my screen.  I am quickly hit on by a young guy who sends through some remarkable pics, and a promise of "a very good time", but I politely defer.  I've always thought "half your age + 5 years" a reasonable rule of thumb for hook-ups, but this guy is more like 1/2 - 3.  Usually they're flakes or drama queens (or both), and I've learnt over time not to bother.  Like this time...  I reach out to the handsome guy mentioned in my last post, but dammit, he too is out of town and I am seemingly out of options.

Anyway, I spend a pleasurable afternoon alternating between porn and Narcos (fantastic btw), and I get a few hits on the apps, but really, they're all just timewasters of one sort or another, so I retire to bed alone and with increasingly blue balls.  But the young guy is persistent...

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Home alone. Literally.

So, with my daughter away at college and the rest of my family now resident in Sin City, I'm looking forward to some ongoing action and renewing hook-ups old and new.  Life, however, has other plans for me it seems.

Despite summer being officially "over", The Falcon, The Engineer, The Syrian, the Indian Guy and Ducati have all traveled, and the Jordanian doesn't want to see me.  There's one impossibly handsome and fit guy that I've been exchanging messages with for a while now, so maybe I'll hit him up, but there's something about him that's not quite right.  Everything checks out (his pics are consistent, his Truecaller is confirmed and under the name he gave me, he's all over the internet), but I'm just not sure for some reason...

Otherwise, it's back to the apps and see who/what is around.  But damn I hate that roundabout...

A new position and a fitting farewell...

The Syrian has had to delay his travels, for all the right reasons.  With the turmoil in his homeland, his family have escaped the caliphate and are now in the (relative) safety of the capital.  We've caught up once or twice over the past weeks, but now it is time for him to leave.  As they have escaped, he cheerfully removes his beard (which has been shredding my face), and passes by for a last visit.

Clean shaven once more, he's a delight to kiss, but that damn mustache is both irritating to my already abraded face yet utterly pleasing to my hole - one can't have it all.

He arrives, and with no time pressure on either of us we're able to talk and relax over drinks and cigarettes before he tells me he wants to go upstairs, so we do.  He comes to me for a lengthy kiss, pulling and dragging at my clothes as he sheds his own, and he stands before me, all tight chested and slim hipped in the tiniest black briefs imaginable, which only serve to accentuate the size of his bulge.  His cock forms a massive outline, I reach down and gently release it, feeling the heat through the fabric before it springs free.  He now has his hands inside my own shorts, gently massaging my balls as my own cock starts to grow, then he drops to his knees and begins to suck me.  It's good, and I stand contentedly, running my hands through his hair for a time before I draw him to his feet and push him onto the bed.

We roll around, kissing, stroking and rimming each other, finally ending in a 69 until I'm gagging on his length, so we return to kissing.

He gradually works me onto my stomach, and begins to kiss my back as he slides his meat between my thighs and up and down my slot, pleasuring me intensely with both the sensation and the anticipation, then he sits upright and reaches for the condoms.

Once done, he returns to humping me, his tip pressing against my hole before withdrawing and sliding some more, then as he snakes his arms around my chest he begins to enter me.  It's nice, but he's big and it's a little uncomfortable, but we find a position and a rhythm and all is good.  He starts to get a little carried away, slamming into me, and I start to yelp a little.  He pushes his fingers into my mouth, and I'm now fully grunting as I feel his length sliding in and out of me, his final thrusts going in just that little too far for comfort.

He's usually a gentle and thoughtful lover, and true to form, he lodges himself fully inside then, holding me tight, he flips us over as one.  I'm now on my back, atop his chest, his cock inside me from below.  Is this a reverse cowboy?  I think so. 

As I lie there, adjusting to the, quite frankly, amazing sensation, he begins to gently buck at me from below, using his upstroke to push me into a sitting position, my legs stretched forward between his.

I can honestly say I've rarely experienced anything like this.  All I can feel is the electricity running through my legs as his own pin them together, enhancing the thrust and withdraw of his cock, and I am so consumed by pleasure that I really don't know what's going on.  I could have been screaming, panting, singing like Madeline Kahn for all I know (ohhhh, sweet mystery of life...).

To top it he finds a free hand to squirt lube on me, then, as he thrusts, he starts to jerk me off.  Fuck.  All I know is that I can barely breathe, and my legs are trembling to the point of spasm.  Then, I release.  Judging by how increasingly slippery his grip on me is becoming, I can only assume my load won't stop, and he's roaring with laughter before sliding himself out of me and dragging me down to kiss my back.  Again, with a free hand he's slipped off the condom (I swear, the guy's like a fucking octopus), and he shoves his cock between my thighs and with a few thrusts from below, he shoots his own load all over my balls.

We're both wrecked by the sensations and novelty of the experience, and we just lie there in silence for a second or two.  Then we start laughing, gasping and heaving as we roll about looking for tissues to clean up.  After showers, a last drink and a cigarette, he kisses me farewell... 

The booty call...

So, the Harus has left and the Jordanian has turned me down, so I send a drunken "g'night" to the Syrian, who immediately responds with the same and "what are you up to".  I tell him I'm drinking and watching porn, and he asks to join.  Bingo.  He's with me in about 20 minutes, fully bearded and looking like a madman, but that's ok.

We kiss as he arrives, and the damn beard hurts, but I'm drunk and don't care.  We're quickly upstairs, tearing at one another's clothes and soon on the bed.  To my surprise, after a lengthy kiss and rim session, he flips me to my back, suits me up, climbs aboard and slides onto me.  This is (I think), the second time he's let me fuck him, but he's clearly not comfortable, and he holds himself still as we kiss, before rising off me and starting to slide and grind against me.  He soon enough lifts my legs into the air and starts to fuck me, slamming at me quite hard before ripping his condom off and squirting all over me.  Unusually, he's not that concerned about my own fun, merely climbing off the bed in search of a cigarette.  I must have drifted of in his absence, when he returns he tries to wake me, and all I see is his impressive silhouette as he gently tells me who he is (I must have been very incoherent), and he lifts me and places my head on the pillow before snuggling down beside me.

I wake the next morning with his arms wrapped around me, his night-time erection lodged in my crack, and we cuddle contentedly.  I slip out of bed and prepare coffee and fruit, which we eat in bed together before he removes the tray to the side table, coming back with a grin and saying "you haven't cum yet habibi" as he drops his head between my legs for a morning blow job.  Bliss.  He blows and jerks me to conclusion, laughing with delight as my shot lands on my chest, then he drags me to the shower and we wash each other.

He kisses me and departs, then I return to the bathroom, only to see that my face is covered with a world class beard rash.  I shrug and go back to bed, dreaming of his embrace...


Friday, 26 August 2016

The harus redux

With my new found freedom, I begin to reach out to guys I've hooked up with before, but for whom hosting is an issue.  Included in this is the Harus  with whom I've remained in platonic contact with over the years.  Of course I have a plan for our meeting, but he doesn't know this (yet).  He's delighted to hear from me, and keen to visit, so arrangements are made and he's on his way.  I quickly download some straight porn for us to watch (I already have an extensive collection of gay), hoping that this, in conjunction with a drink or two, will get him in the mood and happy to revisit our formerly physical encounters.

He arrives, and is happy to accept a drink, and we sit on the couch and chat.  I'm flicking the TV around, and ask if he maybe wants to watch some porn.  He gives a thumbs up in reply, and I ask 'gay or straight', and without hesitation he says 'gay', so I flick it on.  He's transfixed, and within minutes he reaches for a cushion to cover the growing bulge in his dishdash, but suddenly he gestures at the screen.  A white guy is blowing an Arab guy (I chose the film carefully), and he laughs - "You" he says, pointing at the white guy, "Me" he says, pointing at the Arab.  With this he stands up, removes his garment and pulls his massive cock out of his drawers.  "Yalla"*  he says, pointing the monster in my direction.

It couldn't have gone better if I tried.  Within seconds I'm choking on his cock, his hands holding my ears as he face fucks me, my hands reaching up to tweak his nipples and down to scratch his balls, and he asks if I'll swallow.  I don't normally, but I'm curious to experience his load, so I consent.  With a sudden groan he arches his back and forces his cock even further into my mouth, but it's only when I can feel his shaft pulsating on  my tongue do I realise that with his massive length he's pumping the load straight down my throat and I don't get to taste it at all.  Once he's done he pulls away and raises his drawers, then finishes dressing and reaches for his drink.  By now the guys on screen are fucking, and he nods approvingly.  "Next time for us" he says, before swilling his drink and leaving.  I note after he's left that more than half his beer remains in the bottle.  Perhaps he didn't need too much encouragement after all!

That was all over far too quickly and I'm still pretty horny, so I go online.  The Jordanian  is there, so I hit him up.  We've not met in a while, but occasionally exchange messages, so I'm kind of expecting a quick reply and a fun time, but I'm disappointed.  I got the quick reply, but a misunderstanding has developed between us - he's angry with me and firm in his decline.  I'm surprised and saddened by this - long-time readers will know he's one of the first guys I hooked up with here, and that over time he's transformed from a solidly built young man into an Adonis, and a great fuck to boot.

I end up making a booty call to the The Syrian - more on that next time...

* yalla = Arabic for 'let's go'

the younger guy...

I was hit up on one of the apps ages ago, by a tall, young (24) and very cute Indian guy, but we've never had the chance to meet.  Some time ago we met for coffee and exchanged phone numbers, and we've been chatting on Whatsapp since then.  General stuff - how's the day, what's news, so on and so forth.  He's also been very candid about his ongoing affair with his married boss, the pair of them stealing hours when they can, and occasionally taking short vacations together (lord knows what the wife makes of this), and he's been quite direct in stating his interest in older white guys.  He also tells me his boss has 'converted' him from being an aggressive top into a compliant bottom...

With the departure of my family, I'm now in a position to host, and I mention this to him.  He's very keen to meet, and we agree on that evening.  He arrives right on time, and we enjoy a few drinks, a chat and a few cigarettes in a relaxed fashion before it's naturally time to move upstairs.

He's grown a scruffy beard since we last met, but that doesn't get in the way of him being a great kisser, and he's got a cute and tiny bubble butt atop strong legs.  His dick is not especially fat, but quite long, although that may be a trick of proportion.   Naked, I push him onto the bed and climb atop him, cradling his head in my hands as we kiss and frot our bodies together - it is nice.  He keeps smiling and commenting on how long it's taken us to get to this point.  He wriggles out from under me and reaches for the lube and condoms, then suits me up and clambers aboard.  Easing himself onto me, he is moaning and twitching his head, saying repeatedly how good it feels and that my cock is 'the perfect size'.

Once he's bottomed out on me, he begins to clench and relax his butt, then begins pumping himself up and down on me, our arms outstretched and hands intertwined.  It's good (great in fact), and as I lie there and watch his dark and muscular young body riding me I begin to edge.  Sensing this, he begins to alternate tempo to buy time, then he suddenly slams down and his cock spurts all over me.  Shuddering as the orgasm takes over his body, I too lose it and fill the condom whilst inside him.  Gasping at this, he falls forward and we kiss, then it's shower time.

Afterwards we enjoy another drink before he leaves, live tweeting his journey home amongst repeated requests for a return encounter. 

Changing circumstances...

How quickly things change!  Out of nowhere, my son has been approached by a very prestigious school back in Sin City, and whilst down there on a famille my wife meets up for a drink with old colleagues.  Talk turns to 'the old days', and her former boss smiles and says "he wishes she were still with us".  My wife then advises the reason for her visit, and says that if it works out, she may well be available.  Within 24 hours they have offered her an incredible role, and this, in conjunction with the schooling opportunity, is enough for us to decide as a family that it is in our best interests for them to relocate.  Given the timing around the visit and the start of the school year, within 3 weeks they have left and I am officially a bachelor.  Interestingly, through all of our conversations about the various pros and cons of doing this, not once is my indiscretion of March mentioned.  Her only concern it seems is my diet and how much I might drink in her absence.

And thus it is done.  I am in the throes of shipping our belongings to Sin City, simultaneously keeping aside various things for my soon to be rented 'bachelor pad', and looking forward to relative freedom, notwithstanding the expectation I'll be a weekend commuter to their new home.

Freedom however, comes with a double edged sword - having fallen into a comfortable (if irregular) routine with the Syrian and The Engineer, and since the March 'incident', I've largely been offline, and happily so.  A reinstall of the apps once they had left quickly reminded me of the loopiness and frustration of that universe, so we'll take it easy and see what happens...  But to restrict activities to my regulars starts to cross the line from 'sex' to 'affair' or 'relationship', and I'm not sure about that...

Quickie... (and a chin shot)

Out of nowhere, the family have all traveled, leaving me (all too briefly) home alone.  The DJ has been down the line regularly, trying to set up another session (or three), but none of it's worked out.  My phone bings, and it's him again, asking if I'm keen to hook-up locally with a cute Leb guy, but the  profile says he's 5'5", and that's a bit short for my taste.  I take the bull by the horns and tell DJ to come to my place, with the caveat he must be gone by 10pm.  He's with me in about 15 minutes, and after pleasantries and a cigarette, we retire upstairs.  He's quick to peel his shirt off, coming in to fumble with my buttons as we kiss (he's even better at this than I recall), and we're soon naked and in an embrace as we continue kissing - he's also been to the gym, and his body has tightened up noticeably since we last met.  We're soon on the bed, and he kind of drags my head to his cock as he shifts his own weight, and we're in a 69.

His dick isn't quite as big as I recall, as I can easily swallow it, and we spend a few minutes contentedly sucking one another before breaking to resume our kisses.  It's fun, and he sort of spins us both around again and drops his head between my legs to eat me out, presenting his low hanging balls in my face, his own hole tantalizingly out of reach.  Grasping his butt, I drag him down and begin to lick and jab his pucker with my tongue, which causes him to arch and lift his back, before moving his mouth to my cock and expertly sucking me.  It's all good, and we lap, lick and slurp with only low murmurings breaking the silence.

He rolls us so that he's on his back, and to my surprise he wraps his legs around my waist and stares into my eyes as he wriggles his hole against my cock - I'm pretty happy with this turn of events, but break away in order to suit up.  Lifting his feet over my shoulders, I stretch down to kiss him as I begin to work my shaft into his hole, and he exhales and widens, allowing me easy access and I'm soon balls deep inside him.  Wriggling a little to get me even further in, he then starts to squeeze me out, then relaxes so I can re-enter him, and in this fashion we fuck as I rest my hands on his rock-hard pecs, conscious of his cock flopping about in time to our motion.  After a few minutes he grimaces and pulls away, and, as he sits up he pushes me on to my back, and begins to jerk our cocks together with each hand, somehow reading us and the rhythm perfectly and we cum simultaneously, my own load arcing out and landing on my chin, his spattering over me.  I haven't shot that far in a while, and he smiles and utters words of encouragement as he continues to milk us both, before collapsing on top of me and smearing our juice between our bodies.

After a shower we're pretty much at time, so he wanders off into the night in search of a taxi...

Sunday, 7 August 2016

made me smile...

The Syrian has reconfigured his bedroom, and on my last visit I was able to watch my dick get sucked in the full-length mirror.

As he sat on the edge of the bed, I stood, looking to my right at the newly positioned wardrobe as he worked my pole with his mouth.  I was frankly surprised at how long it looked (remember I tap out at around 6.5"), and the silhouette was positively porn worthy!

From there of course it was all good.  I reciprocated, advising him of the vantage point - he took this as licence to face fuck me with abandon, then we kissed a lot, then he pounded the stuffing out of me.

At first he wanted to do me doggie-style, but he's just too big for that and it damn well hurt.  So I stretched out and he gave it to me reverse missionary, but as I started to buck back into him and edge, he flipped me over and onto my back, then came in between my legs and continued.  However, he also thinks I'm 'seeing other people', and I shrugged and told him I liked to top occasionally as well.  At this, he promptly suited me up, and began a tortuous slide down my cock, pausing, panting, and grimacing before he finally bottomed out on me, shaking his head and muttering "too much, too much".  He held position, and I got a few thrusts in, but he climbed off and after apologizing, told me he'd like to do it again 'another time', and asked if that would 'keep me for him'...

He however, has another of his mysterious trips looming (and the fresh beard to prove it), and I'm in and out of planes for the next few weeks, so lord knows when I'll see him again...

Thursday, 4 August 2016


I've only had a couple of hook-ups to report;  a standard, yet thoroughly satisfying, encounter with the Syrian (who, once again has returned to his homeland fully bearded), and an interim meet with the Engineer at his still empty home.  A few strangely muted weeks in Turkey have kept me offline as well.

However, now back in the Sandlands, and as I disembark the plane my phone pings and it's the Engineer (who's clearly remembered my dates), welcoming me home with an invite to meet ASAP.

I get to his place, and he's in full flight - strutting about in his dishdash, shouting instructions at a bevy of workmen (none remotely attractive), and then he sees me.  A smile breaks out on his face, and, like a goddamn sultan, he claps his hands and they all down tools, grab their stuff and depart.  Still smiling, he closes the door and steps forward to take me in his arms.  "Habibi", he laughs "I had to see you - I was in a meeting yesterday thinking of you, and I got hard.  I had to make my presentation sitting down".

He then takes me on another tour of the house - fine tuned furniture, things he's replaced and/or upgraded, then into the elevator and up to 'our' room.  I can only gasp - despite everything previously being brand new, he's refurbished it entirely - the four-poster suite has been replaced by a massive white leather king sized one, beautiful linens and - wait for it - a fucking marabou bedthrow.  None of this is quite to my taste, but his smile broadens, and he pushes me onto the bed, smothering me with kisses, before dragging me back to my feet and tugging our clothes off before falling back down.  The bedcover tickles, but it feels kinda sexy, and we thrash about for a bit before it finally slides off onto the floor and we are as always, mouths locked and hands roaming.  Soon enough, he wants to 69, so we do, but he's in a hurry it seems, and wants to fuck.  Handing me the poppers, he wraps his arms around me and begins to prod at me, again lube free, so he spits on his cock and works it in.  It's not too bad, but I'm gasping and tell him to go slow.  Working his full length into me, he starts a shallow stroke fuck, gradually warming me up, then he begins to pound at me, but I beg him to stop and push him onto his back.

Climbing astride him, I lean down to kiss him, my hand reaching behind to guide his cock back to my hole.  It goes right in, but he's so tall it's not gone far, so I break our kiss and lean back onto his drawn knees so that his full length goes inside me.  It feels amazing, and all I can do is luxuriate in the sensation, and begin to slowly grind against him as his rigid cock works its way in and out of my ass.  Fuck it's good, and I tell him so - he smiles up at me and says "enjoy baby" as he reaches forward and begins to jerk me off.  By now I'm bucking up and down on him, terrified he'll slip out of me before I cum, but he's got it all worked out.  With one hand wrapped around my dick and the other placed on my hip, as I rise he follows, then as he feels himself slipping out, the hand pushes me back down and impales me on his still rising hips.  It's a great rhythm, and I'm vocal in my pleasure, and he repeatedly exhorts me to enjoy myself (although in a possible Freudian slip, at one point he calls me "Papi").  With his monster dick inside me, and his hand working my own, I start to gasp and then leaning back onto his knees, again I slam myself down one last time as my cock erupts all over his hand and torso.  He won't stop working me, and his cock is still inside me, and I'm shuddering and gasping as he milks the last of my load out.  I finally fall forward onto him, but he deftly slides out and heads to the bathroom.  Returning after clean-up, he comments on the volume and thickness of what I had shot, then comes back to bed and kisses me.  We make out for a while, then he turns me to my side once more and works himself back into me, but I'm tight, so it takes a few goes to get right back to where he wants to be.  From here he pounds at me quite viciously, his arms wrapped around my chest as he slams into me, and all I can do is clench and bear down.  After a good solid pounding, he slides his arms out, rises to his knees and flattens me to my back before dumping what, even by his copious standards, is a monster load on my torso.  He gasps, pauses and laughs before letting loose with an ear-shattering 'woo-hoooo', then leads me to the shower.

After, we have tea and sweets before we must each depart.  But I did have the proverbial limp the next day...

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

the new house (part 2)

...clambering over the bed, he takes my head in his hands and kisses me.  He's hesitant at first, but soon we are as one, our mouths working against each other, hands caressing bodies.  He falls onto his back, and I climb atop him, stretching my relatively slender body out and across his mass as we continue to kiss.  He has a certain pose in bed - his right arm cocked behind his head, and his left wrapped around me - it is how I always think of him, and wish desperately I could capture it, but he has repeatedly denied me permission to photograph him in such an intimate pose.

We kiss, as always, for a long time - lazily exploring each other, refamiliarising ourselves with one another's bodies, until he wriggles out from beneath me and slides down the bed.  He takes my straining cock into his hand, then guides it to his mouth, using his tongue to tease me and then drawing away, only to return and lap at my balls.  I don't know how or what he does, but a ball tonguing from this guy is like no other, and I am twitching and moaning as he works my groin, able only to run my hands through his hair as he works his magic (the recollection, as I type this, is making me hard).  I tap his butt and ask him to swing his own body around so I can take him in my mouth as well, and we indulge in a lengthy and silent 69 until he climbs away and reaches for his dishdash.  Extracting some poppers from a pocket, he takes a lengthy pull and hands me the bottle.  One of our greatest pleasures is to kiss madly as the rush hits, and we are rolling all over the bed as we ride the high provided, then he repositions me and says "give me your back", which is his phrase for "time to fuck".  Of course, given the situation, we have no lube, so it's spit only.  Gulping a little water to generate more saliva, he coats himself and my hole then begins to enter as we both lie on our sides.   Goddamn it hurts, and I'm finding myself tense and pulling away, but he grabs my waist and draws me back onto him and he gently but firmly continues to enter me, using a minor push-pull to get my internal wetness spread, but it is still painful.  I have a minor flash of inspiration, and reach back to physically pull my ass cheeks apart - like a fucking twink - and lo, he glides right in.

Once in, the discomfort is gone, and he begins to pump at me as I lay there in a foetal position, moaning with pleasure, my arm now behind me and resting on his hip as he pistons in and out of me.  It's good, and I begin to clench and bear down on him, when he suddenly withdraws and rises to his knees.  With his cock pointed straight at me, he unleashes his usual massive load all over my torso, then, still panting, he grabs a handful of his cum and begins to stroke me, and I quickly shoot as well.

We lie together for a moment, then he leaps to his feet and, taking my hand, he assists me off the bed and we enter the bathroom.  He's still not sure how to drive the multi-head shower, and we get squirted at from all directions before sorting it out, freeing us to resume kissing under the warm water.  We exit and dry, then downstairs where we lie about on various couches as he quizzes me on my thoughts about his new home, but eventually I must depart, so I do.

I've been reflecting on "our" bedroom in his home, and I really have mixed thoughts.  Initially it was all incredibly romantic and whatnot, but now I'm feeling a little pressured, and moreso, curious as to how this is going to work in the longer term...  We'll see I guess.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

the new house (part 1)

So, what with the intense summer weather, the ongoing local holidays and observances, the lingering suspicions from my wife, AND computer issues, it's been pretty damn quiet.

However, the Engineer sends me a message - his new home is finally ready and furnished, but it will be some days before his family move in.  Would I like to visit?  Of course I would!!

He's in a suburb that's newly developed, and littered with both empty plots and partially built homes, and so new it doesn't feature on my GPS.  I drive around aimlessly for a while, when I realize that "over there" is a home lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree.  I head that way, and as I round the corner I see his car out front.  It's vast - by western standards it's a mansion - spread over 3 floors it's around 700sqm, and every light seems to be on.  I dial him just to make sure, and he opens the gate scowling - "get inside" he grunts, "the harus is around".  Now a harus is a combination security guard, watchman, driver and factotum, also notorious for their gossip.  A bit like "the concee-oyge" in the old days, but invariably male.

So we're inside, and I'm amazed.  Decorated in a combination of high French, high Saddam and contemporary, he's managed to combine the best and worst of almost everything, but he's so proud I can't help but share his enthusiasm as he takes me from room to room, explaining the provenance of certain pieces, the maker and/or label supporting other items and so on.  We get to the upper floor (via the elevator), and once he's shown me the gym (bikes, steam, sauna), the home cinema, and the servants quarters, he opens a final door with a flourish.  "This" he says, "is for us", and before me is a made-up, king sized, four poster bed with matching nightstands and an ensuite bathroom...  I blink, and he stands grinning - "you like" he asks hopefully as he takes me into his arms and kisses me.  "I made this for you" he says, and, quite frankly, I'm overwhelmed.  I've never had someone go to this level of effort, or experienced what is, in reality, an utterly romantic gesture.  "My wife thinks it is for guests, but I will never permit" he adds as he nuzzles my neck.

Breaking off, he mutters "towels", and instructs me to 'be ready' when he returns, and dashes into the hall.  I slowly strip, and am standing in my briefs when he returns minutes later, but he's unhappy.  "I wanted to come in and find you waiting for me in bed" he says, so I quickly oblige as he disrobes, and when he turns I am beneath the covers as expected.  "This is what I have wanted" he smiles as he climbs onto the mattress wearing only a grin...