Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The razor gang, or Geoducked...

Fast drops me a line, and asks if I'm free to pass by.  As it happens, I am nursing a hangover of epic proportions, and a massage and shower session with him would be a perfect remedy, so over I head.

Once I arrive, he's all business.  He's been 'practicing' his massage on me for a while now, and he announces he's going into business as the same.  In this part of the world, a bit more is expected (get your mind out of the gutter), and he now wants to practice something else.  Hair removal.  A fact that's perhaps not widely known is that many Arabic men routinely shave their groin (and their armpits), in respect to a dictat of 'cleanness' from the navel to the knees, however most just go within the line of their trunks.  He's been doing himself for a while, and would I consent to his first attempt on 'someone else'?

Now I'm as guilty as the next guy of some manscaping (but with something from Braun, not Gillette), however after a moments hesitation I consent.  He gives me the standard massage, then leads me to his vast shower, now somewhat cluttered with additional shelving and a stool.  I am scrubbed, washed and rubbed, then he lifts my arm over my head and soaps my armpit.  Producing a standard disposable razor, he begins to scrape away at the hair, taking far longer than I thought, but eventually moving to the other arm and completing that as well.

He then soaps up my cock and balls, and dropping to his knees he lifts my cock and begins to shave my balls, working the razor in and around my sack and behind, but not into my crack as such.  He's got the hot water on drip, so there's plenty of steam, and he works the razor onto my inner thigh and up towards my groin.  All good so far, and I'm now basically bald below the dick line.  Working me with a little more soap, he gently pushes me on to the stool and raises my cock again, beginning to shave underneath it, and working the razor up and over my broader pubic area, pausing every now and then to re-soap me.

Finishing that, he then takes my cock in a down thrust and starts to skim across the top of it, then stretches it out and in a terrifying move, starts gliding the razor up and down my shaft.  Fight or flight fails to kick in - instead, my cock starts to swell in his hand, and he nods approvingly as it thickens - "much easier" he murmurs as the hair disappears.  He finishes the job, with a few flourishes over my belly, then turns the hand hose onto me.  After the rinse, he squares me up on the stool, my dick now pointing skyward, and soaps me some more, slowly working the lather until I think I'm going to cum.  Then he straightens up and kisses me, simultaneously swinging a leg over and lowering his ass onto my pole.  I'm inside him before I know it, and it feels quite awesome, but I don't like BB, so I push him off me.  He's all downcast, but returns for another kiss and jerks me off as our tongues intertwine.

Afterwards, I really don't know what I look like.  An albino geoduck clam?  My heritage is exclusively northern, and as such I have extremely white skin - my freshly shaved parts look like something that belong in a novelty store (or on a deli counter).  Interesting that Fast himself has always been shaved, but with his darker skintone it doesn't look quite so ridiculous, nor does it on the Arab guys I've encountered over the years.

not to scale...
And the next day it itched like hell!!!


  1. And that's why I don't shave... Or even trim. Just the itch factor makes me say nah. Plus I generally like a guy natural too...

  2. Oh, I hear you! The Engineer likes me trimmed (so he doesn't get hair in his teeth), but as he's been traveling for ever, maybe I'll let it grow out naturally...