Thursday, 3 December 2015

Scratch that itch...

I mention to the Syrian my encounter with Fast, my newly acquired baldness and the ongoing itchiness.  He responds with a gazillion 'lovestruck' emojis, and a fervent offer to kiss it better.  Of course I consent, and soon enough I'm on my way to his place.

I arrive, and he's smiling in anticipation.  No tea, no cigarette, I'm just dragged to the bedroom and he immediately starts to remove my shirt, and I lift my arms to assist.  The smile that breaks over his face as he looks at my 'pits is hilarious, and he dives in to kiss and lick them, first one, then the other.  I do manage to drag his face up so I can kiss him too, and his hands are roaming all over my body as we embrace.  He works his way down my bod, tugging at my jeans until they're around my knees, and with a roar of delight he begins to kiss and lick my freshly shaved junk.  Again, I have to drag him up to kiss as I wriggle and kick the last of my clothes off, slipping my hands inside his shorts and pushing them downwards as we shuffle towards the bed.  I push him onto the bed, stomach first, then drag his ass into the air and start to rim him.  He's sighing contentedly, and I drop my head a little to lick his balls then run my tongue up his taint and back to his hole, which has him crying out as he grinds his head into the mattress before he rolls over and onto his knees facing me as he reaches out and embraces me once more.

Falling down, we continue the embrace, naked, and kiss.  A lot.  He's eagerly working his tongue into my mouth, and I'm happy to reciprocate, him gripping my ass and me holding the back of his head as our mouths remain locked and our cocks grind against each other.

He soon rolls me to my back, and kisses his way down my body.  All he wants to do is suck me, snorting and snuffling as his mouth roams over my groin, lifting my ass so he can suck and bite my inner thigh with such ferocity I'm concerned about love bites, then it dawns on me that until my pubes grow back, my wife isn't going to be seeing anything.  So I let him go ahead, and he has me squirming with delight.  I reach around to pull his body upwards in order that I can get his cock into my mouth, but he's resistant.  However I am persistent, and as I drag his fat member to my lips I can taste and feel the pre-cum dripping off him, and manage to work this by gently massaging his balls as I suck.  He jerks his hips back, saying 'too close', then resumes sucking my cock until I am flipped to my stomach.  Straddling me, he douses me in baby lotion and dons a condom, then he stretches out atop me and begins to grind, his cock sliding up and down my crack as he kisses the back of my neck.  The grinding intensifies, and I realize he's trying to enter me, so I hunker down a little and spread my legs - he soon finds his mark, and begins to come inside me, but the angle isn't quite right and it's uncomfortable, so I wriggle a bit, and then feel every one on his 8+ inches enter me, bottoming out as his hips come to rest on my ass.  It hurts, and I'm clutching the edge of the mattress and breathing heavily, so he withdraws a little then re-enters, and I decide it's gonna be a painful one tonight and exhale deeply.  He takes this as a sign of satisfaction, and begins to fuck me slowly, but quickly building his tempo - but I just can't do it, and squeeze him out and push him across to the bedhead.  I sit him up, and he's not sure what's going on, but as I smile at him, I climb into his lap and kiss him as I reach behind and guide his cock back inside me.  He's delighted by this, and with our mouths together I begin to pump up and down atop him, which has him outright groaning with pleasure.  My cock is rock hard, and as I lean back onto his drawn knees he grabs it and holds it tightly.  As I ride up and down him, his grip means I'm pretty much fucking his fist, and I lose it.  Cum sprays out of me and all over his chest as I shudder to a stop, and he suddenly bucks his hips down and thus his cock out of me, and he removes the condom and uses my load to jerk himself off, my balls resting on his and my hands on his shoulders.  He cums so quickly the pair of us are panting in unison, him from his orgasm, me attempting to recover composure from my own, then he throws his head back and lets rip with a wolf-like howl before rolling me to the side and climbing onto me to kiss some more.

Shower, tea, cigarettes and some chat about his future plans as we sprawl together on the couch, then I must depart...

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