Sunday, 29 November 2015


Quietly minding my own business at home, when my phone bings.  Out of nowhere, it's Ducati, wanting to reconnect after almost, what, 9 months?  "Been busy babe - missing you though" he says "when can we catch up...".  Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I agree it's been too long, and ask what he has in mind - "Netflix and chill" he replies, followed by a wink.  Why not - I agree to pass by later that night, and duly armed with a bottle of wine (a rare treat here), I arrive at the appointed time.

Upstairs to his rooftop flat, and as soon as the door is closed, he comes in to kiss me.  His compact frame has been transformed since I last saw him - after returning from 'the fighting', he has been reaccepted into the police force and hit the gym.  Damn he's hot - not an ounce of fat on him, but happily there are no veins showing either - he's built like a boxer now, and keen to display his physique.  We open the wine and he cocks an eyebrow - "I haven't drunk in a very long time" he says, before skolling his glass and reaching for another, commenting favourably on my selection.

We're barefoot on the couch, and I tell him my feet are cold - his reply is to stand up and suggest we get into bed as he knows a way to warm me up.  This we do, and as soon as we reach his bedroom he's tearing at our clothes, biting and kissing me wherever he sees bare flesh, then he leaps onto the bed and draws the duvet up.  I lose my clothes and follow, and a lazy makeout session ensues - he's a great kisser, eager to explore my body with his hands, and not shy about sucking my cock either.  I push him around until we are diagonal on the bed, and begin to suck his dick, and as I work my way up and down his shaft he starts to explore my hole, alternating between his tongue and fingers, nipping and biting at my butt cheeks and inner thighs as he does.  We continually break for more kissing, then I return to his cock, my hands stretched out along his legs, and his own holding my knees apart from below as we each eat one another.

Finally he comes around to my mouth again, and smiling at me he asks if I'm ready.  I smile back and lean up to kiss him again, but he's already climbed off me to grab protection.  Donning it, he returns to my arms, and with a shuffle and a flick of his hips, he enters me smoothly from above, my legs wrapped around his waist as we kiss some more.

He's not that big, and I'm having no problem taking his size, but he's a bit like a puppy, banging away as we kiss, until he tilts me to my side and comes in from that angle, one of my legs stretched between his, the other over his opposite shoulder, but he's cricking my neck so I wriggle out and flip to my stomach.  He claps his hands in delight, then squirms and wriggles his way up my back, biting and kissing me until he's aligned, then firmly loops his arms under my shoulders and enters me, hanging on as he bites my neck, his hips slamming into my ass until he suddenly stops.  "I'm dead" he announces, rolling off me.  I look down and see the loaded condom sagging off his cock, but he doesn't want to move at all, so we lie together in silence for a bit as he pants and slowly regains his breath.

After cleanup, we return to the living room and finish the wine while watching some rather funny TV and chatting quietly.  It's only as I'm leaving it dawns on me that I didn't shoot.

The next day I get an unusually long message from him about how much he enjoyed our time together, and the apparently sincere hope it won't be so long before our next encounter...

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  1. It's pretty nice to enjoy a guy without keeping score on who cums...