Friday, 27 November 2015

Squeezed in...

It's been a long and shitty week, and all I really want to do is surrender to someone.  Anyone really.  I ping the Syrian - his recent absence seems to have intensified our intimacy, and, dammit, he's fun.

He's about, so I don't even remember the excuse I gave my wife, and leapt into the car.  Soaring down the motorway (we have very generous speed limits, and even more generous camera triggers), I am excited to be seeing him, and my dick starts to stir in anticipation of what's to come.  Arriving, I don't even make through his foyer before we're in one anothers arms, kissing, licking and biting each other as we shuffle to the bedroom.  All he wants to do is suck my dick as he runs his hands over my body, and I'm content for him to do this, when his phone goes off.  He leaps to his feet saying 'I must take this', and begins a protracted conversation in his native tongue - he looks quite comical, standing naked, cock upright, as he chats away on the phone.  I'm kinda at a loose end, so I drop to my knees and start to blow him as he talks, and he obligingly parts his legs so I can lick his balls as well.  His free hand is running through my hair, when he turns around and squats a little, enabling me to tongue fuck him as the conversation goes on.  And on.  Finally I'm bored, and following only little of what he's saying, so I throw myself down on the bed and draw up the covers.  Finally he is done, and very apologetic - it was a family member who he had been trying to track down all day.  All is of course forgiven - he pulls the covers away, exposing my stretched and naked body, and he falls down next to me and starts to kiss me.   Blissful.  We kiss and make out for a while, then he starts to work his tongue down my body, licking, lapping and kissing as he goes, and ends up gently licking my balls and one at a time taking them into his mouth.  Having teased me like this for a bit, he starts to suck me again, and I drag his body atop me so I can access his own cock, and we settle into a comfortable and silent 69.   I constantly marvel at the size of his dick, and more so it's fatness.  It's like a damn kransky - pliable yet firm, fat, long and heavy!  He's now wriggled away from my dick, and is aggressively sucking and eating my hole, which positions himself in a such a way that I can reciprocate, so our 69 turns into a mutual ass-eating festival.  Does that have a name?

He push/pulls me around, and draws my legs up and pushes them back towards my head, my ass pointing skywards, and he leans down and starts to lick and rim me from that angle, but I think my spine is going to snap, so I stretch my legs out and over his shoulders, only noticing then that at some point he'd donned a condom and lubed up.  He looks up and smiles at me, then gradually lowers my body down his torso, connecting my spit slicked hole with his cock, and without losing rhythm or motion, he enters me.  Once my full weight is resting in his lap, I think he's as far in as he can go, but no.  Just as my insides start to become accustomed to his mass within me, he shifts his legs a little and I feel another inch or so go in.  It's starting to get uncomfortable, and as he leans forward to kiss me, I tell him so.  "sorry habibi" his reply as he starts to manouver his hips a little, looking for the right angle to satisfy us both, and he finds it.  I am now content to work my ass against his hips, gripping his cock from within as I do so, but it is his turn to grimace "too much" he pants, "too  much", but which I figure he's edging a bit and wants to slow down.  I squeeze him out of me, and roll to my stomach, and he's quickly atop me, kissing and licking my spine as he uses his knees to force my legs apart.  As he kisses the back of my neck, I can feel his cock sliding up and down my slot, when, whammo, he enters me again.  One shot, one stroke, and he begins to pump, giving me a good old fashioned fucking, his hips ricocheting off my ass while he pounds me good and hard as I lay there spreadeagled on the bed.

His thrusts become erratic, and he suddenly flips me to my back and comes in to kiss me, his cock once more finding its mark, and his hands start to massage my body.

Slowing down a little, he sits upright, my legs around his waist as he wriggles and short thrusts into me, but my cock is in his hand and I start to clench and squeeze as my own orgasm builds.  He's fighting back against me, trying to keep his cock inside me, and I suddenly surrender and relax and let him slide back in.  His cocks gains back all lost ground, and the cum starts to flow and flow out of my cock.  No shot, but my body feels somehow as if it's floating while the cum keeps coming, and he starts to shallow breathe and withdraws from me, one hand working my cock as the other strips off the condom and he begins to shoot over my torso, grunting with each spurt.

We shower together, and relax on the couch with tea and cigarettes, some crappy film playing on the wall.  After too short a time together, I must take my leave and so I depart...

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