Monday, 16 November 2015


The Syrian messages me that he is back from his 'visit', and wants to see me.   I, of course, want to see him as well.  Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder, and we arrange a time.

As I arrive, he merely smiles at me and takes my hand.  Without letting it go, he gently closes the door behind me and takes my other hand, and stands there smiling at me, and I him.  He's lost some weight (living in a war zone will do that), and thank god he's shaved off the beard he's been forced to wear these past, what, months?

He shakes his head and smiles again, and it's like a dam has burst.  We're madly kissing and hugging each other, when he gets all host-like and asks if I want tea.  Fuck that I tell him - later we have tea, and he correctly reads my signal and drags me to the bedroom.

As I peel off my shirt, he gasps with delight and lunges forward to kiss my stomach and lick my chest, pausing only to suck my nipples as his hands work my pants off.  He's then straight on to his knees, swallowing my cock and pinching my nips as he sucks.  All I can do is run my hands through his now shoulder length hair and tickle his ears as he bobs up and down on my shaft and gently scratches my balls.

I drag him to his feet and push him back onto the bed, letting my weight fall onto him as we resume kissing, his cock and mine both hard and tangled up together between us.  He rolls us over, and I am on my back, but his damn hair is falling all over my face, so I push him back a little, but he keeps moving and resumes the world class blowjob until I start to edge a little, so I wiggle away and drag his ass onto my face.  As he rises to his knees, I'm holding his hips and letting my head travel up as well, constantly probing him with my tongue and dragging my 3 day growth across his hole and taint, before he lets out a roar and falls forward, his own head now buried between my legs as he starts to work my own hole.  We stay like this for a while, eating each other out, sometimes kissing, and then I get my mouth around his cock.  I'm taking my time, and deliberately teasing him, but he pushes me around onto my stomach and straddles me from behind.  He starts to nudge at me with his pole, but I clench my legs and tell him 'suit and lube', which makes his face fall a little.  He obliges, and starts to kiss the back of my neck as he enters me, but damn he's big, and I'm struggling to take it.  Regular readers will know I'm kinda out of practice lately, but he perseveres, and I feel him bottom out inside me.  From here, he begins to sort of undulate, fucking me gently, but with his whole body, and it feels great, but I want to kiss him.  Squeezing him out, I roll to my back and drag him to my arms.  As we kiss, I wrap my legs around his waist and he re-enters me smoothly and starts to pump.

I'm gasping at this, and I know I can't last long, so he withdraws and pours like a bucket of lube onto us "to reduce the feel", and starts again to long dick me, but it's no good.  He has one arm outstretched for balance, and he grabs my shaft with his other hand and starts to stroke me in time with the thrusts, and I simply lose it.  Cum spurts out of me like I was 20 again, and he starts to laugh, then exits me and jerks himself off, falling forward onto me.  We lie together for a while, then he showers and brings tea back to the bed, where we sip contentedly.  He will not discuss his time in the caliphate, other then to say he eventually used the cover of a nearby airstrike to drive in darkness through the stony desert and evade capture.  I then shower and we take a lingering kiss at the door before I depart...


  1. Sometimes I'm amazed by the touches of intimacy my buddies share with me. That alternating shadows and light of another form isn't near the type he shared with you. I can't even fathom the depths of his experience that he only let partially show to you.

  2. Sadly, neither his story nor his experiences are uncommon here...