Monday, 9 November 2015

Kids these days...

There's a guy regularly online near me, both at home and at work.  His pic is awesome, a fit and muscular tattooed torso stretched out, displaying muscular arms and a stupidly flat stomach.  He's also 23 and 5'4".  Out of nowhere he growls me, and we start to chat a bit.  He's keen to meet, and assures me he can host, so once roles etc are sorted, we exchange location and pics.  He's 2 streets away, and damn handsome, so I head over.

He meets me in the street, outside a house that's large even by local standards, with an array of luxury cars parked in the drive.  His is (of course), the red Hummer (as opposed to the grey Bentley, the yellow BM, the black Porsche or the silver G-wagen), and he leads me inside and to the elevator.  It's clearly a family home, but he's seemingly unconcerned about encountering family members or maids, and up we go to the top floor.  His apartment is large, but full of juvenilia.  Disney stuff, fancy dress costumes, shoes and furs.  Furs?  Yes, he's a fashion blogger, and "likes to wear them when it's cold..."

We sit on his terrace, sharing a joint and some juice, when I ask him to take me on a tour, which leads of course, directly to the bedroom.  We lie about together for a bit, discussing AHS, Empire and various other shows we're both watching, then he slides down and takes my head in his hands to kiss me.  We send some fully clothed time making out (he's an excellent kisser), but gradually get down to business, and naked.  His pic seems to be an old one - he's carrying quite a spare tyre around his waist, but the tatts are the same, so it's clearly him.  We exchange blowjobs for a bit, then he gets to business.  Suiting up, he flips my legs over my head and begins to work his shaved and normal sized cock into me.  Maybe it's an angle thing (or maybe I'm still sore from last night), but we're struggling, so he goes all porno and raises himself up into a crouch, and pushes my legs so far back my spine is bent and my ass pointing skywards, and begins to drop fuck me, his full weight hammering his cock into me as I grunt beneath him.  He really starts to pound, then stops and begins to slow fuck me, his shoulders pinning my legs against the wall as he trembles and falls still.

He dismounts (I can't think of another, or better, word), then silently goes to the bathroom.  Water runs and he returns, still hard but condom free.  He lies next to me and we start to make out some more, all the time jerking himself off, then he pushes my head down to his dick and works it into my mouth.  Bucking against the mattress he face fucks me, then, as I feel his nuts tighten in my hand, he pulls my head away, but not quickly enough for the first shot not to hit me on the chin.  Subsequent spurts come, but there's not a lot of volume, which surprised me until he broke his ongoing silence to say 'the second load is always smaller'.  The guy has shot once into the condom, then again 15 minutes later?  Oh to be that age once more!!!

More alarmingly, as he climbs off the bed, he addresses me by my real name and asks about a project my company is involved in.  The little shit won't disclose how he knows me, or the project, and his smugness is such I want to slap him.  God I hate small towns!

It's definitely time for me to clean up, and when I exit the bathroom he's wearing briefs and a Maleficient headpiece, engrossed in a video game.  He barely glances at me as he thanks me for passing by, so I see myself out and leave...

I usually avoid younger guys - I don't need to be courted or any of that shit, but I do like to 'make love' as opposed to just fuck, and I enjoy some interaction beyond 'where do you want it'.  When I think about the passion and tenderness I experience with the Engineer and the Syrian, as opposed to the mechanical, porn-learned fucking of this guy, I am reminded why I usually have an age filter on my apps....

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  1. The conversation seems good. I kinda have a hit or miss with the youngins... The bottoms love how tactile I am and how much of a fuller experience it is. But they do seem to disassociate with sex and it is the hard and quick porn sex sometimes but every now and then I'm surprised.