Monday, 9 November 2015

Back to back (as it were...)

My Chinese mate pings me, very keen to catch up.  I have some errands in his neighborhood, so off I go.

I enter the apartment, and he begins to chide me for 'so long' since we last met.  I shrug - I've been very clear that my professional and family life is my priority, and any fun that comes along is opportunistic and incidental, and he stands there in silence.  "But I miss you too much" he says, before lunging across the brief gap between us to kiss me.  I actually do have errands to run, so I tell him I'm short on time and we quickly move to the bedroom and get naked.

We're rolling about on the bed, kissing and letting our hands roam over one another, when he works his kisses down my torso and starts to suck my dick.  He's good, keen and energetic, to the point where I have to drag his head off my cock to slow myself down.  I roll him to his back and climb astride him, my hands caressing his massive pecs as I feel his cock nudging in my crack as we kiss and kiss some more.  He rolls me to my back and starts to rim me, then flips me again and works his way up my back with his tongue, his cock nestled in my slot as he kisses the back of my neck, our hands intertwined as he stretches my arms out to the side.  He climbs off me and forages for condoms, then resumes his position atop me, when he lets out a groan and slumps down, his full weight almost crushing me.  He then sits up and points to his soft and shrunken cock "again" he cries, "why does this keep happening".  After my experience earlier in the week with the Saudi, I'm also wondering the same thing - perhaps I'm exuding some deflationary pheromone?

I tell him not to worry, and we make out for a bit (mostly from sympathy on my part), and I decide to cut loose and make tracks, so I do.

I enter the elevator and fire up Grindr, only to receive an immediate ping from a guy less than 100m away.  We chat online for a few minutes and I decide I have nothing to lose and accept his offer.  He's literally next door, so within minutes I am with him.  English, 6', maybe 80kgs and pretty darn handsome in a Hugh Lawrie kind of way.  We start to make out in quick order, gradually removing our clothes and falling on the bed.  The guy is a top, but happy to reciprocate oral, and we engage in a most satisfying 69.  I would have to say his cock is possibly the most perfect one I have ever seen - I never really think about such things (unless they're really bad or weirdly shaped), but this one was so perfectly proportioned I didn't even register the size of it until I tried to get it in my mouth.  Barely 75% in and I start to gag, my hand barely wrapped around it as well,  I'm guessing 9", but maybe more.  Anyway, he's expecting a delivery, and I still haven't run my errands, so we'd established during our chat it was going to be 'fuck and go', so he pushes me onto my back and lifts my legs over his shoulders.  He's rock hard and suited up, but there's no way he can get it in without me grimacing and panting, so he kindly offers to lie on his back and let me cowboy him.  We change around, and the position is better, but I really just feel like there's a baseball bat inside me, and it's all I can do to keep my breathing straight.  He senses this, and begins to gently move beneath me, kind of undulating his hips in an attempt to satisfy us both, and I begin to relax.

We're only at it for a few minutes when he changes his undulations to thrusts, and at the same time starts to jerk me off as I ride him.  It takes less than a minute and my dick explodes over his stomach, but I'm determined not to cheat him so I keep riding, but my gasping gives me away and he lifts me off him.  "There are other ways" he says, exiting to the bathroom to clean up.  When he returns, his dick is still rock hard, and without any ado, he crosses the room and slams it into my mouth.  Happily, I suck and slurp a much as I can, working his balls with my tongue as well, and he gradually lowers himself onto the bed and draws my mouth to his nips as he strokes himself.  I reach down to massage his balls as I bite the nipples and he jerks his cock, and with a stiffening of his spine he shoots a pretty impressive load over himself.  As we're both on a timetable, I clean up, dress and leave.

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