Sunday, 1 November 2015

Always read the fine print...

It's a quiet afternoon, and I'm horny as hell for some reason.  Constantly checking the apps, prowling around the house waiting for answerbacks, and so on.  I'd spent the prior weekend in Cairo, and totally failed to score - all money boys or big, big bears.  Not for me, and now I'm desperate to bust a nut.  Having said that, one of my 'new' colleagues in Egypt (who has my gaydar going),  did invite me for a bbq "so I can try his meat"...

A guy hits me up "wanna fool around..", closely followed by some pretty tidy pics.  Anglo-indian, 32, 6' and around 80kgs, with a nice fat uncircumcised cock.  He's 10 minutes away, so game on.

I get there, and he opens the door, exactly as his pics, but with an extraordinarily high pitched voice, but who cares.  He leads me to the bedroom, and begins to strip off - I ask him for some water first, and he trots outside to get it.  He comes back in and shucks off his pants, then walks over to me and starts kissing me.  He's working my shirt off, and has his hands down my pants with such speed I ask if he's on a time limit, but he replies in the negative so we slow down a bit.  Falling onto the bed in our briefs, we make out for a while, then wriggle our way into nakedness, when he straddles my chest and starts to feed his cock into my mouth.  It's nice - uncut, juicy and fat, and I'm happy to suck and slurp for a bit, then I push him back and position us for a 69, but he'd rather eat my ass while I suck him some more.  I'm not complaining.  As he sucks my ass, I work a couple of fingers into him, feeling his meat stiffen in my mouth as I do so, and I begin to wonder which way this is going.  Why send me a cock shot if you're not a top?

So I turn him over and flick his legs over his head, diving down to eat him out.  He's tossing his head around like someone in a porno, so I get him on his stomach and begin to lick his hole from that angle, lifting and parting his globes as I kneel on the floor. This reduces him to shivers, so I climb back onto the bed and run my tongue up his back as my cock works its way into his crack, nudging against his hole.  I really wanted to get fucked today, but if this is the way it's playing out, no biggie.  I climb off him to grab some condoms, and he looks up all startled - "no fucking" he says.  "I asked you over to fool around".  Aaah - so like naughty teens we're just going to make out it would appear....

I really, really just want to shoot, so I slap his rump and tell him to clench his thighs, then I spit on his slot and slip my cock into the gap, coating it with saliva, then driving it between his legs.  I feel his balls against my tip as my hips connect with his ass, then I start to kiss the back of his neck as I pump.  It feels good, and him squirming beneath me gets some extra feel happening as well, and I begin to moan, my hips slapping into him as I feel my ass and nuts tighten, then I flood his space with cum.  I rest, wrecked, atop him for a bit, his fingers twirled back in my mouth as my head rests on his, then I roll off.

He too rolls over, his glistening shaft standing tall, and he begins to jerk off, breath ragged as he issues instructions - "bite me", "kiss", and finally "I'm cumming - lick my balls".  Happy to oblige on all counts, and as I run my tongue over his shrinking sack, he lets rip with a spray that covers his chest and stomach as he bucks up and down on the mattress.

As soon as he's done, he leaps off the bed, revealing the extent of my own load.  Awesome.  He returns with a hot towel for me to clean myself up (thoughtful!!), then as he perches on the end of the bed, curled up like a cat and smoking a cigarette, it's clear that, once clean, I should depart.  So I do.

"fool around"  ffs!

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