Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Cub

So I've been chatting on and off with a guy who can't host (nor can I usually).  He's a solid guy, claiming to be 30y.o., 5'10", & maybe 90kgs.  Out of nowhere he hits me up and tells me he has got a place, am I free.  For sure.  Details are exchanged and I head off.

He opens the door, and he's a perhaps little beefier than his pics suggest, but otherwise exactly as claimed and with ridiculously soft dreamy eyes that didn't carry across in the face pics.  Here's one of his Growlr shots...

Closing the door behind me, he draws me in for a welcome kiss, then gestures to the couch, where we sit and drink tea whilst exchanging pleasantries.  He stands and stretches, then motions towards the bedroom - I also stand and we walk together.  Once in, he peels off his shirt and comes in to kiss me again, working his hands into my shorts and squeezing my butt before we finally disrobe and fall onto the bed together.  He's a good kisser, and active, his hands roaming my body as we embrace, and he suddenly falls down to my midsection and swallows my cock in one go.  He's also a good sucker, but wants to slap my ass as he does so, then comes up to kiss again before swinging his whole body around and squatting on my face as he sucks my cock some more.  I'm happy to tongue fuck the guy, occasionally breaking away to lick his monstrous balls, when he leaps off the bed and leaves the room.  I'm thinking he's gone to get condoms, but he returns with a lit cigarette, and wants to blow smoke between our mouths as we kiss and lick one another, but happily that doesn't last too long and he stubs the damn thing out and returns to my dick, eventually working his mouth up my body and positioning his hole on my tip as we kiss again.  I'd previously told him I'd bottom and might top, and now it seems we're to do both.  He asks me for condoms - but I don't have any.  Now here's a bit of gay protocol I'm never sure about.  Who provides?  In his view, as I'd told him I'd bottom I was responsible for bringing them.  My view was if you wanted to shove your cock up my ass then you're responsible for covering it.  Anyway, we don't have, so no fucking tonight.  We continue with 69, ass licking, kissing, biting and general sucking, when he suddenly drags my face off his and pushes me down to his fat and now dripping cock.  I go for it, then start to lick his balls.  He arches his back and tells me to lick his hole again, so I slowly drag my tongue over his ring, then tentatively jab at it, when he suddenly opens and I can drive it in a lot further.  He's gasping and moaning, then he suddenly clenches my head between his thighs and begins to tremble.  I pull myself away just in time to hear him start whimpering and then see him, back still arched, start to jet cum everywhere.  Each shot went a bit further, until by the fourth and subsequent shots it was landing on his face, when he slumped back down on the bed laughing, telling me his friend calls him "the fountain".  Smiling at this, I drag my hand down his torso, collect his cum and use it to jerk off as I grind my balls against his.  Didn't take long and I produced a large but dribbling load which ran down my hands and my balls onto his.

At this he leapt off the bed and grabbed some tissues, then cleaned us both up.  After a quick wash up, he wants to return to bed and cuddle.  I gotta say, having this bigger young guy curled up in my arms, every now and then nuzzling in to kiss me, felt kind of nice!

Eventually we dress, and after a final cigarette and a little more tea, I depart.

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