Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Quickie with Fast

I'm horny as fuck, and hook-up after hook-up falls through.  The Syrian is still trapped in his homeland, the Engineer has travelled and everyone else flakes.

So I check Fast.  Bingo.  He's turned massage into a form of extended foreplay, which works for me just fine.  Today, however, I'm on the clock and tell him so.  "Too easy.." his reply, so I head on over.

A warm kiss greets me, and he asks how long we've got. I tell him an hour max, and he smiles and nods his head in the direction of the bedroom, so off we go.  He tells me he's going to 'relax' me, and starts to rub my back, alternating his touch with his lips and kissing me gently up and down my spine, then he moves on to a more physical approach, straddling my butt as he rubs my shoulders, his balls resting nicely in my crack, and his hard cock tickling my sacrum as he leans in and out, running his hands up my sides, then stretching my arms over my head and continuing his work up to my forearms, then back again.  Blissful.  Slowly he manages to work his way down my back, and climbs off me and turns his attention to my legs, using only his mouth to suck, bite and knead my muscles, which is amazingly erotic, and an occasional nip to my butt cheeks just 'to keep me awake'...

He flips me to my back, and with our cocks together, he massages my chest and shoulders, leaning down to kiss me repeatedly.  He intertwines our fingers, then stretches our arms outward, bringing his full weight to rest on me as we kiss, and begins to smoothly work his body over mine, my cock now at full attention as it feels the light scratch of his recently shaved pubes.  He leans in to lick and suck my armpits, and as he does this, I run my hands up and down his own body, cupping his tiny little bubble butt in my hands and using my grip on those globes to pull him back for more kisses.  I don't know what massage product he uses, but it doesn't taste like 'oil', so it's all good.

As we kiss, I draw my legs out from beneath him and wrap them around his waist.  I know it's not going to take me long to cum, but I want to get him inside me at least.  We break for protection, then resume, his mouth eagerly exploring mine as we thrash about together, then he drops down and starts to rim me.  He goes hard at it, sucking and nipping at my bud, and I start to edge.  Grabbing him by the hair, I pull him away and up to kiss more.

As he approaches my mouth, I put my legs around him again.  As we kiss, he begins to push his tongue into my mouth at the same time as his cock starts to enter me.  As he does, he directly connects with my prostate, as I feel a small and simple shiver up my spine, then realize that cum is pouring out my cock.  Literally pouring - no shoot, no spurt, no petit mort, nothing but a sensation not unlike at the end of a piss.  When I look down, I have produced a load of immense proportions, and it's still coming.  Finally it stops, and I notice I'm breathless and trembling...

He smiles and leans down to lick it up, then he spits the lot onto his own cock and jerks off as his balls bounce up and down on my fast deflating dick.  Soon enough he shoots his load over my chest, then slides his body up mine, our sweat and seed mingling.

A quick visit to his vast shower, and I dress and leave.  50 minutes - perfect!

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