Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pre-dinner fun

Having learned it was recently my birthday, the Chinese Guy is determined to celebrate.  I am to go to his apartment, where 'a surprise' waits for me.

I arrive, and he opens the door from behind, shielding himself from the corridor, I assume he's naked, but no, so unsure about the subterfuge.  Anyway, my 'surprise' is that he's downloaded some porn for us 'to watch and emulate'.  Like a yoga class but worse.  His preferred is bear porn (I far and away prefer Arab guys btw).  Now to each his own, but overweight middle aged men saying the usual porn crap and spitting on each other?  Meh.  I ask him why we're watching when we could be doing, so he drags me to the bedroom.

As he peels off his shirt, he drops to his knees, pulls down my jeans and briefs and embarks on a fantastic blowjob, really working his mouth around my rock hard dick and lapping at my balls, until I drag him back to his feet and push him onto the bed.  I strip and jump on top of him, and we begin to kiss.  He's pretty good at this, lots of tongue action, and he works his mouth across my throat, into my pits and down my body and starts to suck me again.  I'm just lyin' there, running my fingers through his hair and making lazy figure 8's on his back, when he stops and tells me I have the softest and slenderest hands he's ever seen.  News to me, although I've never actually done a hard day's work in my life, so perhaps.

He flips me over and starts to rim me, really, really working his tongue around my hole and jabbing and lapping at me.  Feels great.  I can also feel his little shaft poking about, and I take the chance to rub it with my finger, covertly getting its length (exactly my index finger).  Not 4.5", but 3.5".  Oh well.

We return to kissing, and he breaks away - "he's nervous tonight" he says to me.  I'm clearly confused, and he guides my hand down to where what erection he did have has evaporated.  I go at his balls with my tongue - they're massive btw - and try to suck him, but I can feel his tension and things only seem to be getting worse, so we go back to kissing and cuddling.

I tell him to turn, and I go in to rim him - it might get things stirring, it might not.  It does not, but I take advantage of his loosened hole and my own raging hard-on to slip on a condom and begin to gently probe him.  "Nooo, I've never been a woman before" he cries.  WTF?  I tell him it'll be fine and to let himself relax as I begin to enter him.  Damn he's tight, and fighting me, and I barely get half my length in before he literally begs me to withdraw.  If he's not enjoying, I'm not either, so I comply.

He lies there, sort of in shock I think, before telling me how much it hurt and now his back passage feels "tingly and spicy".  Which is actually quite an apt description.

As I'm now lying beside him, he rolls down and starts to suck me off again, telling me to cum in his mouth, but he'll have to run and spit when I do.  He does a good job, but I'm so close my balls are right up against me, and rather than massage them, all he can do is rub them, so I push him aside and finish myself off.  As a few days worth lands on my stomach, he nods approving and then leans back in to suck me dry.   This is somewhere between amazing and painful, and I'm vocal about it.

He stops and smiles at me, then goes in to lap the cum off my stomach like a hungry puppy, before snowballing it back to me.  After that it's a shower together, then he takes me to probably the nicest restaurant in town for dinner, after which I detour to a place where we can make out a little.  Today, I've been subjected to far too many 'miss you' messages, but hey...