Friday, 2 October 2015

Afternoon quickie

This guy hits me up on Grindr of few weeks back - interesting profile (6', Arab, well built, hung & 32), but I reply with "thanks, but too tired tonight".  I don't recall this, but there it is on the chat when he hits me up again yesterday.  "Still tired?" he asks.  I laugh, and a lengthy chat ensues, including pic exchange.  He's all that was described, including what appears to be an impossibly large cock.  I know we have guests tonight, and I've told him so, but after a while he says "If you come now, you won't be late back".  He's maybe 10 minutes away, so fuck it why not.  Precise location is sent and so I invent yet another 'coffee meeting', promising the wife I'll be home in time to fire up the grill.

I get there, and he's waiting - all that his description and pics implied and after brief formalities I'm ushered into his tiny apartment.  He's a good host, and, it seems, a nice guy too.  Curious about me, eager to share about himself and so on.  He works as a secretary in one of the government departments, so let's call him that.  Also married, but his family are in the home country and he's happy to fuck around while alone.

'Torpedo' bulge not obvious....

He reaches over to kiss me, and I run my hands over his rock solid chest.  Amazing.  He peels off his tee and, like the muscle guy the other week, a broad, solid chest, thick solid gut and powerful arms appear before me.  He lies back on the bed as I remove my own clothes, and once I'm in my briefs I climb on top of him and we start to kiss some more.  He 's tentative, but soon warms up, constantly squeezing and massaging my nipples as I alternate between kissing, biting his lip and sucking his nipples.  He stands in order to drop his pants, and I'm surprised.  The monster I'd seen in the pics simply isn't there.  A very fat and very short dick is resting on top of a pair of massive balls, but he smiles and stretches back out on the bed, beckoning me to him.  I'm still in my briefs, and decide to go with it anyway, and we return to making out.  He works his hands into my shorts and starts to squeeze my ass, working his hands around and gradually removing the shorts, and once I'm naked he smiles and says "better", pushing me upright 'till I'm on my knees leaning back, with my dick standing proud.  His eyes light up - "so big" he whispers as he fondles it, then dives in to suck me, doing, I might add, a damn good job.  He works his mouth up and down my shaft, pausing on occasion to lick and suck my balls, then returning to the blowjob like a champ.  He's so good I start to edge, so I tell him to slow down and offer to return the favour.  From what I'd seen earlier, I wasn't expecting much, but as the guy unfolds himself from between my legs, goddamn if a tentpole doesn't appear between his own.  The guy redefines 'grower', and the short fat dick of earlier is now fatter still and probably 8-9" long with an alarming bulge in the middle.  Down I go, and it's ok.  I work my tongue around the tip, then down the shaft and onto the balls.  Now he's hard they don't seem so big, but I can manage to get only one at a time in my mouth, and I start to stroke his hole as I suck.  He gasps with pleasure, and drags my head off his balls and back to his shaft, notably ignoring the finger working his hole.  I draw back and dribble some saliva onto his taint, using that to slide my finger further in, and he bears down to take more so as I suck him I am also giving him a sort of prostate massage as well.  It's good, and I can taste his pre-cum, so I slow down a bit.  He takes this badly, cupping the back of my head in his hands and beginning to face fuck me, but he's big enough I can't breathe, so that doesn't last long.  He's then turns quite considerate, dragging my head up and off so I can get a breath before wriggling his cock back into my mouth for 'the thrust', and so on - I'm surprised at one point when I bottom out on the thing, mentally speculating how much of it must be down my actual throat as opposed to in my mouth, when he withdraws with a flourish.

He stands and reaches for the condoms, suiting himself up and drawing my ass to the edge of the bed.  My least favourite (and most painful) position, and him with the monster cock.  Ok.  Much lube is applied, and he begins to work it into me.  Fuck damn it's painful, and the bulge in the centre means I get a double whammy, and as I grimace and doubt I can take much more, I feel his hips against my ass and I know he's fully in.  I'm catching my breath, but the pain isn't going away, when he leans down and kisses the back of my neck.  Then he withdraws and re-enters quickly, one hand spread-eagled under my chest, the other pulling my hip back into him, and I shout with pain.  He pats my ass and repeats, and I slump forward onto the pillows in discomfort.  My dick has completely deflated, and possibly even withdrawn, turtle like, at this point.  He's not deterred, or is perhaps simply accustomed to this reaction, as he just climbs on top of me and enters me again, giving a few quick thrusts and a shudder before falling still.  "I cum" he announces, getting up and walking across to dump the condom in a bin before returning to the bed.  He wraps one arm around my shoulders, and with his other hand he begins to fondle my cock as we kiss, getting me hard again and using his saliva to bring me to a conclusion.  We wash, share tea and cigarettes and chat some more.  He nods at the clock and reminds me of my guests, so I leave with a smile.  Once home I check my phone and he's messaged that I should return soon.


  1. Luckily, mine is kinda thin but it is kinda thicker in the middle. Had a guy call it torpedo shaped...
    And you know, you should have flipped on your back and then used your legs to pull him to you and into a kiss... The parts will line up. I'm always fond of a guy that makes his preference known without being pushy

  2. Torpedo? Spot on description! As to the flipping, yeah. But "a few quick thrusts and a shudder" didn't give me much of a chance!

  3. I have about 7+ with med thickness. A lot of guys say I have a big dick but I think it's average. Maybe I should send a pic?

  4. Btw, I love a big thick cock. Do you have any pics you can share of the Arab?

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