Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Quickie with Fast

I'm horny as fuck, and hook-up after hook-up falls through.  The Syrian is still trapped in his homeland, the Engineer has travelled and everyone else flakes.

So I check Fast.  Bingo.  He's turned massage into a form of extended foreplay, which works for me just fine.  Today, however, I'm on the clock and tell him so.  "Too easy.." his reply, so I head on over.

A warm kiss greets me, and he asks how long we've got. I tell him an hour max, and he smiles and nods his head in the direction of the bedroom, so off we go.  He tells me he's going to 'relax' me, and starts to rub my back, alternating his touch with his lips and kissing me gently up and down my spine, then he moves on to a more physical approach, straddling my butt as he rubs my shoulders, his balls resting nicely in my crack, and his hard cock tickling my sacrum as he leans in and out, running his hands up my sides, then stretching my arms over my head and continuing his work up to my forearms, then back again.  Blissful.  Slowly he manages to work his way down my back, and climbs off me and turns his attention to my legs, using only his mouth to suck, bite and knead my muscles, which is amazingly erotic, and an occasional nip to my butt cheeks just 'to keep me awake'...

He flips me to my back, and with our cocks together, he massages my chest and shoulders, leaning down to kiss me repeatedly.  He intertwines our fingers, then stretches our arms outward, bringing his full weight to rest on me as we kiss, and begins to smoothly work his body over mine, my cock now at full attention as it feels the light scratch of his recently shaved pubes.  He leans in to lick and suck my armpits, and as he does this, I run my hands up and down his own body, cupping his tiny little bubble butt in my hands and using my grip on those globes to pull him back for more kisses.  I don't know what massage product he uses, but it doesn't taste like 'oil', so it's all good.

As we kiss, I draw my legs out from beneath him and wrap them around his waist.  I know it's not going to take me long to cum, but I want to get him inside me at least.  We break for protection, then resume, his mouth eagerly exploring mine as we thrash about together, then he drops down and starts to rim me.  He goes hard at it, sucking and nipping at my bud, and I start to edge.  Grabbing him by the hair, I pull him away and up to kiss more.

As he approaches my mouth, I put my legs around him again.  As we kiss, he begins to push his tongue into my mouth at the same time as his cock starts to enter me.  As he does, he directly connects with my prostate, as I feel a small and simple shiver up my spine, then realize that cum is pouring out my cock.  Literally pouring - no shoot, no spurt, no petit mort, nothing but a sensation not unlike at the end of a piss.  When I look down, I have produced a load of immense proportions, and it's still coming.  Finally it stops, and I notice I'm breathless and trembling...

He smiles and leans down to lick it up, then he spits the lot onto his own cock and jerks off as his balls bounce up and down on my fast deflating dick.  Soon enough he shoots his load over my chest, then slides his body up mine, our sweat and seed mingling.

A quick visit to his vast shower, and I dress and leave.  50 minutes - perfect!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Cub

So I've been chatting on and off with a guy who can't host (nor can I usually).  He's a solid guy, claiming to be 30y.o., 5'10", & maybe 90kgs.  Out of nowhere he hits me up and tells me he has got a place, am I free.  For sure.  Details are exchanged and I head off.

He opens the door, and he's a perhaps little beefier than his pics suggest, but otherwise exactly as claimed and with ridiculously soft dreamy eyes that didn't carry across in the face pics.  Here's one of his Growlr shots...

Closing the door behind me, he draws me in for a welcome kiss, then gestures to the couch, where we sit and drink tea whilst exchanging pleasantries.  He stands and stretches, then motions towards the bedroom - I also stand and we walk together.  Once in, he peels off his shirt and comes in to kiss me again, working his hands into my shorts and squeezing my butt before we finally disrobe and fall onto the bed together.  He's a good kisser, and active, his hands roaming my body as we embrace, and he suddenly falls down to my midsection and swallows my cock in one go.  He's also a good sucker, but wants to slap my ass as he does so, then comes up to kiss again before swinging his whole body around and squatting on my face as he sucks my cock some more.  I'm happy to tongue fuck the guy, occasionally breaking away to lick his monstrous balls, when he leaps off the bed and leaves the room.  I'm thinking he's gone to get condoms, but he returns with a lit cigarette, and wants to blow smoke between our mouths as we kiss and lick one another, but happily that doesn't last too long and he stubs the damn thing out and returns to my dick, eventually working his mouth up my body and positioning his hole on my tip as we kiss again.  I'd previously told him I'd bottom and might top, and now it seems we're to do both.  He asks me for condoms - but I don't have any.  Now here's a bit of gay protocol I'm never sure about.  Who provides?  In his view, as I'd told him I'd bottom I was responsible for bringing them.  My view was if you wanted to shove your cock up my ass then you're responsible for covering it.  Anyway, we don't have, so no fucking tonight.  We continue with 69, ass licking, kissing, biting and general sucking, when he suddenly drags my face off his and pushes me down to his fat and now dripping cock.  I go for it, then start to lick his balls.  He arches his back and tells me to lick his hole again, so I slowly drag my tongue over his ring, then tentatively jab at it, when he suddenly opens and I can drive it in a lot further.  He's gasping and moaning, then he suddenly clenches my head between his thighs and begins to tremble.  I pull myself away just in time to hear him start whimpering and then see him, back still arched, start to jet cum everywhere.  Each shot went a bit further, until by the fourth and subsequent shots it was landing on his face, when he slumped back down on the bed laughing, telling me his friend calls him "the fountain".  Smiling at this, I drag my hand down his torso, collect his cum and use it to jerk off as I grind my balls against his.  Didn't take long and I produced a large but dribbling load which ran down my hands and my balls onto his.

At this he leapt off the bed and grabbed some tissues, then cleaned us both up.  After a quick wash up, he wants to return to bed and cuddle.  I gotta say, having this bigger young guy curled up in my arms, every now and then nuzzling in to kiss me, felt kind of nice!

Eventually we dress, and after a final cigarette and a little more tea, I depart.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Afternoon quickie

This guy hits me up on Grindr of few weeks back - interesting profile (6', Arab, well built, hung & 32), but I reply with "thanks, but too tired tonight".  I don't recall this, but there it is on the chat when he hits me up again yesterday.  "Still tired?" he asks.  I laugh, and a lengthy chat ensues, including pic exchange.  He's all that was described, including what appears to be an impossibly large cock.  I know we have guests tonight, and I've told him so, but after a while he says "If you come now, you won't be late back".  He's maybe 10 minutes away, so fuck it why not.  Precise location is sent and so I invent yet another 'coffee meeting', promising the wife I'll be home in time to fire up the grill.

I get there, and he's waiting - all that his description and pics implied and after brief formalities I'm ushered into his tiny apartment.  He's a good host, and, it seems, a nice guy too.  Curious about me, eager to share about himself and so on.  He works as a secretary in one of the government departments, so let's call him that.  Also married, but his family are in the home country and he's happy to fuck around while alone.

'Torpedo' bulge not obvious....

He reaches over to kiss me, and I run my hands over his rock solid chest.  Amazing.  He peels off his tee and, like the muscle guy the other week, a broad, solid chest, thick solid gut and powerful arms appear before me.  He lies back on the bed as I remove my own clothes, and once I'm in my briefs I climb on top of him and we start to kiss some more.  He 's tentative, but soon warms up, constantly squeezing and massaging my nipples as I alternate between kissing, biting his lip and sucking his nipples.  He stands in order to drop his pants, and I'm surprised.  The monster I'd seen in the pics simply isn't there.  A very fat and very short dick is resting on top of a pair of massive balls, but he smiles and stretches back out on the bed, beckoning me to him.  I'm still in my briefs, and decide to go with it anyway, and we return to making out.  He works his hands into my shorts and starts to squeeze my ass, working his hands around and gradually removing the shorts, and once I'm naked he smiles and says "better", pushing me upright 'till I'm on my knees leaning back, with my dick standing proud.  His eyes light up - "so big" he whispers as he fondles it, then dives in to suck me, doing, I might add, a damn good job.  He works his mouth up and down my shaft, pausing on occasion to lick and suck my balls, then returning to the blowjob like a champ.  He's so good I start to edge, so I tell him to slow down and offer to return the favour.  From what I'd seen earlier, I wasn't expecting much, but as the guy unfolds himself from between my legs, goddamn if a tentpole doesn't appear between his own.  The guy redefines 'grower', and the short fat dick of earlier is now fatter still and probably 8-9" long with an alarming bulge in the middle.  Down I go, and it's ok.  I work my tongue around the tip, then down the shaft and onto the balls.  Now he's hard they don't seem so big, but I can manage to get only one at a time in my mouth, and I start to stroke his hole as I suck.  He gasps with pleasure, and drags my head off his balls and back to his shaft, notably ignoring the finger working his hole.  I draw back and dribble some saliva onto his taint, using that to slide my finger further in, and he bears down to take more so as I suck him I am also giving him a sort of prostate massage as well.  It's good, and I can taste his pre-cum, so I slow down a bit.  He takes this badly, cupping the back of my head in his hands and beginning to face fuck me, but he's big enough I can't breathe, so that doesn't last long.  He's then turns quite considerate, dragging my head up and off so I can get a breath before wriggling his cock back into my mouth for 'the thrust', and so on - I'm surprised at one point when I bottom out on the thing, mentally speculating how much of it must be down my actual throat as opposed to in my mouth, when he withdraws with a flourish.

He stands and reaches for the condoms, suiting himself up and drawing my ass to the edge of the bed.  My least favourite (and most painful) position, and him with the monster cock.  Ok.  Much lube is applied, and he begins to work it into me.  Fuck damn it's painful, and the bulge in the centre means I get a double whammy, and as I grimace and doubt I can take much more, I feel his hips against my ass and I know he's fully in.  I'm catching my breath, but the pain isn't going away, when he leans down and kisses the back of my neck.  Then he withdraws and re-enters quickly, one hand spread-eagled under my chest, the other pulling my hip back into him, and I shout with pain.  He pats my ass and repeats, and I slump forward onto the pillows in discomfort.  My dick has completely deflated, and possibly even withdrawn, turtle like, at this point.  He's not deterred, or is perhaps simply accustomed to this reaction, as he just climbs on top of me and enters me again, giving a few quick thrusts and a shudder before falling still.  "I cum" he announces, getting up and walking across to dump the condom in a bin before returning to the bed.  He wraps one arm around my shoulders, and with his other hand he begins to fondle my cock as we kiss, getting me hard again and using his saliva to bring me to a conclusion.  We wash, share tea and cigarettes and chat some more.  He nods at the clock and reminds me of my guests, so I leave with a smile.  Once home I check my phone and he's messaged that I should return soon.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pre-dinner fun

Having learned it was recently my birthday, the Chinese Guy is determined to celebrate.  I am to go to his apartment, where 'a surprise' waits for me.

I arrive, and he opens the door from behind, shielding himself from the corridor, I assume he's naked, but no, so unsure about the subterfuge.  Anyway, my 'surprise' is that he's downloaded some porn for us 'to watch and emulate'.  Like a yoga class but worse.  His preferred is bear porn (I far and away prefer Arab guys btw).  Now to each his own, but overweight middle aged men saying the usual porn crap and spitting on each other?  Meh.  I ask him why we're watching when we could be doing, so he drags me to the bedroom.

As he peels off his shirt, he drops to his knees, pulls down my jeans and briefs and embarks on a fantastic blowjob, really working his mouth around my rock hard dick and lapping at my balls, until I drag him back to his feet and push him onto the bed.  I strip and jump on top of him, and we begin to kiss.  He's pretty good at this, lots of tongue action, and he works his mouth across my throat, into my pits and down my body and starts to suck me again.  I'm just lyin' there, running my fingers through his hair and making lazy figure 8's on his back, when he stops and tells me I have the softest and slenderest hands he's ever seen.  News to me, although I've never actually done a hard day's work in my life, so perhaps.

He flips me over and starts to rim me, really, really working his tongue around my hole and jabbing and lapping at me.  Feels great.  I can also feel his little shaft poking about, and I take the chance to rub it with my finger, covertly getting its length (exactly my index finger).  Not 4.5", but 3.5".  Oh well.

We return to kissing, and he breaks away - "he's nervous tonight" he says to me.  I'm clearly confused, and he guides my hand down to where what erection he did have has evaporated.  I go at his balls with my tongue - they're massive btw - and try to suck him, but I can feel his tension and things only seem to be getting worse, so we go back to kissing and cuddling.

I tell him to turn, and I go in to rim him - it might get things stirring, it might not.  It does not, but I take advantage of his loosened hole and my own raging hard-on to slip on a condom and begin to gently probe him.  "Nooo, I've never been a woman before" he cries.  WTF?  I tell him it'll be fine and to let himself relax as I begin to enter him.  Damn he's tight, and fighting me, and I barely get half my length in before he literally begs me to withdraw.  If he's not enjoying, I'm not either, so I comply.

He lies there, sort of in shock I think, before telling me how much it hurt and now his back passage feels "tingly and spicy".  Which is actually quite an apt description.

As I'm now lying beside him, he rolls down and starts to suck me off again, telling me to cum in his mouth, but he'll have to run and spit when I do.  He does a good job, but I'm so close my balls are right up against me, and rather than massage them, all he can do is rub them, so I push him aside and finish myself off.  As a few days worth lands on my stomach, he nods approving and then leans back in to suck me dry.   This is somewhere between amazing and painful, and I'm vocal about it.

He stops and smiles at me, then goes in to lap the cum off my stomach like a hungry puppy, before snowballing it back to me.  After that it's a shower together, then he takes me to probably the nicest restaurant in town for dinner, after which I detour to a place where we can make out a little.  Today, I've been subjected to far too many 'miss you' messages, but hey...