Saturday, 26 September 2015

Unexpected (bad)....

Sorry - it's been a bit weird.

As mentioned, the Tyrolean has sent me airtickets etc. to join him at Oktoberfest.  Not my scene, but fuck, why not.  Plus, yeah, the fuck.

We banter a bit online, him checking I got the email, me procrastinating about going and so on, him telling  me how much fun we'll have, and I finally pull the pin and confirm everything.  And everything changes.

He backs off at 100mph - suddenly very polite, and a formality in his style that hadn't been evident previously.  I'm puzzled, but I go anyway, thinking what the hell could go wrong.

On arriving, he's waiting in the lobby of the hotel.  No enquiry about my journey, merely a nod and point in the direction of the elevator.  We get to the room, and he suddenly grabs me and begins to kiss, but I protest that I'm dirty & smoky and want to bathe.  "I don't care" his reply as he removes our clothes while we kiss.  We roll around for a bit, but he really just wants me to fuck him, so I grab a condom and some toiletries (Hermes - nice!), and slide myself into him.  He's groaning and wriggling, so I place a hand on his chest & throw his legs over my shoulders as I pound him while he lies on his back, his ass dropping just off the side of the bed as I stand and lean into him.

He drags me down to kiss and also squeezes me out.  He reaches down to remove the condom and slides his hole back over my bare cock - "Breed me" he hisses as he stares into my eyes.  Meh.  I jab away at him for a bit, and actually fake it as he furiously jerks off and sprays his load everywhere, then I pull out and head to the shower.  He's like a puppy, and follows to wash me, where he jerks me off and I do shoot a decent load onto him.  Almost immediately he exits the shower, and when I emerge he tells me I look like shit and should take a nap.

I awake some hours later and he's gone, and I can't raise him on the phone.  On a hunch I walk back to the bar where we first met, and he's there, surrounded by guys he clearly knows well, and who he has clearly told about me.  I seem to have walked into a gay German version of Mean Girls, and I'm the target - my attire, my build and even my fucking haircut.  I was referred to by either my country  ("Zo, Englander..."), or a slang word that kind of translates to 'rentboy'.  And all delivered with a sneer.  He tells me it's 'ok', but after a few beers I tell him I'm done with this shit & it's time to leave.  We're holding hands as we walk back, but once in the room I get a kiss on the cheek and "g'night".

Next morning I wake up and he's in the shower, so I join after discreetly brushing my teeth.  I'm kissed, and we make out for a bit, but he's really not interested.  We have some breakfast, but he's pre-occupied, and when I drag him to a museum nearby enroute to the beerfest, he won't enter.

We get to the Wiesn, and he tracks his friends down.  The vibe is awesome, and, generally speaking, the Lederhosen is quite a flattering garment (who knew!).  Inside the tent, and the crew are there from last night, alternating between sneering at me and ignoring me, and when I turn to talk to my guy, he's making out with one of his mates.  To say I'm a tad confused would be an understatement, but when he makes direct eye contact with me as he's kissing the guy, I know I'm done.

Holding his stare, I smile, blow him a kiss and leave.  As I walk, I use an app to find another hotel room, and within 45 minutes I've packed my bags and relocated.  I see him around town here and there over the coming days, but we don't speak again.


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