Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Muscleman

I have long been curious to know what it would be like to interact with a muscle guy.  I've been curious about the 'mass', and the rock hard nature of those arms and pecs...  Last night I got to find out....

I get a hit on Grindr, with the tagline "I like it thick".  I assume from this that the guy is a bottom, and reply informing we are on the same side of the fence as it were.  He replies all indignant that he's a top, so I laugh and apologise.  We get to chatting, and he sends his pics through.  OMFG.  He's quite good looking in the Arab way, early 30's, built like I don't know what, and 6' tall.  I hesitantly send pics of myself, expecting this demi-god to reject me, but he's even keener and wants to meet for coffee.  Ok.

We meet outside a chain store, and the guy is amazing - killer smile, much better looking than his pic, and with a chest and arms Paul Bunyan would be proud of.  He's also my height, which is unusual in this part of the world.  He tells me he has much better coffee 'at home', so we jump into his car and head off.  I ask what someone like him wants with someone like me, and he shrugs "we all have our tastes" his reply.

Nice flat, and he's quite proud to show me around, then we come to the bedroom and he playfully pushes me towards the bed.  As I regain my balance, he peels off his shirt, revealing an incredible physique.  The arms are perfectly proportioned and massive, the chest expansive and with pecs that are both broad and prominent, but with perfectly centred nipples.  Perfect little ass and big strong legs too.  Most guys that pump end up with overworked muscles, showing veins and pushing their nips southward, but not this guy.  Despite the variety of protein powders I'd seen in the kitchen, there's no evidence of bacne or the like, so I ask about his regime.  "A little" he replies, "I am blessed with this naturally".

I quickly disrobe, and he leans in to suck my nipples and fondle my ass, at the same time wriggling out of his pants.  He has a nice dick, a normal 6", standing upright and concealing his balls.  I reach down to fondle them, and I am surprised - they're barely grape sized, so I re-wonder about the regime.  Like most locals, he's not into foreplay at all - the inherent affection is inconsistent with their denial of 'gayess', and he quickly has me on the bed and pushes my legs over my shoulders to the point where my knees are pretty much in contact with my ears, and begins to slide his cock up and down my ass.

I'm not ready to take it just yet, so I move down to blow him, easily taking his length and, on the right angle, managing to lick his balls with his cock in my mouth.  He's leaking pre-cum massively, and as I suck he starts to work a finger or two into my ass.  I also try to lick his chest and pits as well as kiss him again, but after I've had his cock in there he won't reciprocate, which I always find annoying - it's his own dick ffs.

He climbs out from under me and goes to the dresser, producing lube and condoms, then, unusually, lubes his cock before donning the condom, then lubes that as well.  He climbs back between my legs and with one hand moves my legs back over my shoulders and enters me smoothly.  It feels ok, he's not too big to give me discomfort, and he begins to fuck me slowly, sliding his entire length in and out of me before withdrawing completely & re-entering, long-dicking me.  Jab, slide, enter and withdraw.  Repeat.  This goes on for a while, his hands on my ankles, and the occasional kiss finally coming my way as he leans in, but really this is just about the fuck.  I'm rock hard and edging, and I tell him so, and he smiles then moves his arms to pin my own on the mattress.  "Enjoy" he says, and starts to lick my face instead of kissing as he pounds my ass quite roughly.  I'm trying to reach up and squeeze his nipples and caress that massive chest, but his arms are in the way and he's seemingly indifferent anyway.

I'm done by now - the edge has gone, my ass hurts and my legs are cramping, so I squeeze him out of me and roll to my stomach.  He's not happy, but starts again, his feet pushing against mine momentarily, then he rolls off and returns me to my back as if I were a rag doll.  By now I've deflated, but I want him to shoot his load, so I lift my legs again.  He's kneeling between my legs, upright dick in hand, and tells me "it's gone".  He means his own edge has evaporated, and he ain't gonna cum.  Forlornly he says "I should have shooted when I wanted to", meaning the guy was trying to show me a good time as well I figure, so points for effort.

Basically we're done, so after clean-up he makes me a coffee then drives me back to my own car.  He suggests we keep in touch, but meh...

So, I got the tactile sensation of a muscle guy, and little else - it really wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.  Box ticked.


  1. You know, I've had contradictory experiences where the more a guy approximates an idealized archtype, the worse the sex is. I can't help but wonder if it's just expectations leading to asymmetrical observation or just the reality. Like, I've been with some really built body builders and the sex is kinda meh. But I can't tell if it's because I'm wanting the sex to be just as incredible as their bodies and I'm so wrapped up in the fantasy I have in my head that I don't enjoy how it naturally unfolds (setting myself up to fail with unrealistic expectations and anticipation) or if it really is the case where these guys just aren't that good in bed. Or perhaps it's just so rare, I just don't get enough in the sample set, to make a good judgement either way. Hm...

  2. I know where you're coming from. I don't actually find bodybuilders 'idealised' in any sense - with all respect to their efforts, there is an inherent narcissism and vanity (which would fit with your own experiences), that I find a little off-putting. Give me a rugby player any day!

    Mine was more of an intellectual curiosity about their bodies, and outside of the bedroom I can't think of any other way to explore it/them. It's not like you can walk up to a guy and ask to feel his pecs!

    However, as I am running on a sample of exactly one, what do I know?