Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Chinese Guy

Before heading to Munich, I'd been chatting with a guy.  Tall and heavyset, he was interested to meet and see if we 'had chemistry'.  He appears to have 'favourited' me (per our chat Bruce Chang!!!), for as soon as I return to town he messages "you're back!", and sends through some raunchy pics.  He wants to meet, so we set up for the following afternoon.

He's from Beijing, probably 188cm, early 30's, beefy and with a relatively small cut dick (I'd guess around 4.5").  He mentions 'the Asian cock' a few times, but I tell him it ain't everything and that the chemistry and so on is indeed more important than the mere endowment.  Nice flat, and he's keen to talk about his fiancée back home, so I've pegged him as a straight boy who just wants to bust a nut.  We chat for a bit, then hit the sack - he's a good kisser, roaming his hands over my body and gradually working me onto the bed.  As I lie there, we make out some more, when he drops down and takes my cock in his mouth.  This boy sucks like a pro, working my shaft, my balls, and my hole with the easy skill and confidence of one who has done it many times before.  So much for the straight boy!

I get him into a 69, but with the combo of his build and endowment make access difficult, so he just pushes me onto my back and keeps sucking me, then rolling me to my stomach so he can rim me some more.  Condom time, and once he's suited he spits on both my hole and his cock, then wriggles it in.  Despite the size, it's rock hard, and with a miss, and a jab and a slide, suddenly he's right inside me with an almost audible pop.

He saws away at my ass for a bit, but it's difficult - almost any thrust/withdraw and he's outside me, then scrambling to get back in, so I roll him to his back and climb aboard.  Lowering my self onto him, again I find that any action on my part causes him to slip out as well, so I grind my hips down as far as I can and simply rock back and forth, hoping this gives him the 'feel' that he wants (I personally am getting nothing.  Nothing!).

His breathing starts to jag, but I want to try another position, so I roll off him to my own back and he takes the hint.  Holding my legs up, he enters me again, but the angle is wrong and he's struggling.  I wrap my legs around his waist, and that's a little better for us, until he leans in to kiss me and he's outside again.

I tell him enough, and to just jerk off onto me as I spit on my own dick and start to lightly scratch his balls as he huffs and puffs his way to a remarkably productive load.  He falls forward onto me, and we lie still together for a time before bathing together and afterwards sharing tea and cigarettes.

Speaking of this familiar ritual, the Syrian is still away, although in semi-regular contact.  Deep in the heart of all that scares us, he sends me a message to say that 4 guys had recently been thrown off buildings in his town for being gay.  The idiot sends it via Scruff...


  1. You know, I'm kinda thankful at times for the stereotype... It make guys call my package huge and such even though I think it's quite modest just shy of 7" when I'm rock hard. I mean, I've seen and played with plenty that are bigger so I'm around average, right? But then, I've also gotten the opposite where guys are expecting something smaller and then get apprehensive about bottoming for me (but I usually sweet talk them into it and they're fine)...

  2. At 7" my friend, you are very much upper quartile!