Saturday, 5 September 2015


So I'm at home, bored and more than a bit horny.  Out of nowhere, Cat Guy hits me up.  I'm really not that into him - he's a selfish fuck, his place stinks of pets and, well... meh.

But another promising lead has flaked on me, so I consent.  I get to his place, and I can hear the TV roaring through the door, so I knock loudly, but no reply.  I knock again, and a voice calls, but whether it's "come in" or "coming", I'm not certain, so I wait a bit.  Then he calls me and tells me the door is unlocked, so I enter.  He's sprawled naked on his bed, thick, fat cock already semi-hard, so I walk over and stroke his foot as I peel off my shirt and drop my shorts.  I climb on top of him, and lean in to kiss, but he turns his head away telling me he has "a sore jaw", so I nuzzle his ear instead.  He giggles and turns some more, so I work my mouth down his body, but he pushes me away and guides my head straight to his cock.  As mentioned, it's an especially impressive piece of work, so I grab it with one hand and begin to lick to tip, gradually working it down my throat, when he places his hands on the back of my head and begins to face fuck me.  Ok...

We continue like this for a while, when he turns my body to the mattress and straddles me from behind - he suits up, lubes us both, and begins to slide his cock up and down my crack, the head nudging my hole and gradually he slips it in, then withdraws, then a little more, then withdrawal, then he slides his arm under my chest and draws me to him, sliding the whole length in as he clutches me tight.  I gasp at this, so he clamps his other hand over my mouth and begins to pump, using his feet to keep my ankles apart and get himself maximum entry.  He's really bucking into me, our sweaty skin making slapping noises as his chest connects then detaches from my back, and then he starts to bite my shoulders when something weird happens.

As he pumps, suddenly the "feel" inside me changes, and suddenly it's as though his cock is wrapped in silk, or cream, or I don't know, but it's nice, and as he drags my leg over his shoulder and flips me to my back, still inside me, I reach down and grab myself, barely connecting with my own cock before it erupts all over my stomach.

He nods approving, then withdraws from me - as he looks down, his expression changes and I look there as well.  The condom has ruptured, and is wrapped around the base of his cock.  The feel I had was him breeding me, then unknowingly fucking his load into me.  Dammit...  He shrugs and cleans us both up, then I go shower and use the small hose to try and wash as much as I can out of myself, but if any damage were done, it's done.

We have no support in my part of the world for STI's - sex between unmarried people is forbidden, and gay sex?  The lash & deportation.  So I have no resources to fall back on.   Even if I got tested, and it were +ve, I'd be deported (and divorced) as well, so I'll just have to run with the relatively low numbers of reported cases here, his assurances that he "usually" plays safe & hope for the best.

Not happy....

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