Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Chinese Guy

Before heading to Munich, I'd been chatting with a guy.  Tall and heavyset, he was interested to meet and see if we 'had chemistry'.  He appears to have 'favourited' me (per our chat Bruce Chang!!!), for as soon as I return to town he messages "you're back!", and sends through some raunchy pics.  He wants to meet, so we set up for the following afternoon.

He's from Beijing, probably 188cm, early 30's, beefy and with a relatively small cut dick (I'd guess around 4.5").  He mentions 'the Asian cock' a few times, but I tell him it ain't everything and that the chemistry and so on is indeed more important than the mere endowment.  Nice flat, and he's keen to talk about his fiancée back home, so I've pegged him as a straight boy who just wants to bust a nut.  We chat for a bit, then hit the sack - he's a good kisser, roaming his hands over my body and gradually working me onto the bed.  As I lie there, we make out some more, when he drops down and takes my cock in his mouth.  This boy sucks like a pro, working my shaft, my balls, and my hole with the easy skill and confidence of one who has done it many times before.  So much for the straight boy!

I get him into a 69, but with the combo of his build and endowment make access difficult, so he just pushes me onto my back and keeps sucking me, then rolling me to my stomach so he can rim me some more.  Condom time, and once he's suited he spits on both my hole and his cock, then wriggles it in.  Despite the size, it's rock hard, and with a miss, and a jab and a slide, suddenly he's right inside me with an almost audible pop.

He saws away at my ass for a bit, but it's difficult - almost any thrust/withdraw and he's outside me, then scrambling to get back in, so I roll him to his back and climb aboard.  Lowering my self onto him, again I find that any action on my part causes him to slip out as well, so I grind my hips down as far as I can and simply rock back and forth, hoping this gives him the 'feel' that he wants (I personally am getting nothing.  Nothing!).

His breathing starts to jag, but I want to try another position, so I roll off him to my own back and he takes the hint.  Holding my legs up, he enters me again, but the angle is wrong and he's struggling.  I wrap my legs around his waist, and that's a little better for us, until he leans in to kiss me and he's outside again.

I tell him enough, and to just jerk off onto me as I spit on my own dick and start to lightly scratch his balls as he huffs and puffs his way to a remarkably productive load.  He falls forward onto me, and we lie still together for a time before bathing together and afterwards sharing tea and cigarettes.

Speaking of this familiar ritual, the Syrian is still away, although in semi-regular contact.  Deep in the heart of all that scares us, he sends me a message to say that 4 guys had recently been thrown off buildings in his town for being gay.  The idiot sends it via Scruff...

Unexpected (bad)....

Sorry - it's been a bit weird.

As mentioned, the Tyrolean has sent me airtickets etc. to join him at Oktoberfest.  Not my scene, but fuck, why not.  Plus, yeah, the fuck.

We banter a bit online, him checking I got the email, me procrastinating about going and so on, him telling  me how much fun we'll have, and I finally pull the pin and confirm everything.  And everything changes.

He backs off at 100mph - suddenly very polite, and a formality in his style that hadn't been evident previously.  I'm puzzled, but I go anyway, thinking what the hell could go wrong.

On arriving, he's waiting in the lobby of the hotel.  No enquiry about my journey, merely a nod and point in the direction of the elevator.  We get to the room, and he suddenly grabs me and begins to kiss, but I protest that I'm dirty & smoky and want to bathe.  "I don't care" his reply as he removes our clothes while we kiss.  We roll around for a bit, but he really just wants me to fuck him, so I grab a condom and some toiletries (Hermes - nice!), and slide myself into him.  He's groaning and wriggling, so I place a hand on his chest & throw his legs over my shoulders as I pound him while he lies on his back, his ass dropping just off the side of the bed as I stand and lean into him.

He drags me down to kiss and also squeezes me out.  He reaches down to remove the condom and slides his hole back over my bare cock - "Breed me" he hisses as he stares into my eyes.  Meh.  I jab away at him for a bit, and actually fake it as he furiously jerks off and sprays his load everywhere, then I pull out and head to the shower.  He's like a puppy, and follows to wash me, where he jerks me off and I do shoot a decent load onto him.  Almost immediately he exits the shower, and when I emerge he tells me I look like shit and should take a nap.

I awake some hours later and he's gone, and I can't raise him on the phone.  On a hunch I walk back to the bar where we first met, and he's there, surrounded by guys he clearly knows well, and who he has clearly told about me.  I seem to have walked into a gay German version of Mean Girls, and I'm the target - my attire, my build and even my fucking haircut.  I was referred to by either my country  ("Zo, Englander..."), or a slang word that kind of translates to 'rentboy'.  And all delivered with a sneer.  He tells me it's 'ok', but after a few beers I tell him I'm done with this shit & it's time to leave.  We're holding hands as we walk back, but once in the room I get a kiss on the cheek and "g'night".

Next morning I wake up and he's in the shower, so I join after discreetly brushing my teeth.  I'm kissed, and we make out for a bit, but he's really not interested.  We have some breakfast, but he's pre-occupied, and when I drag him to a museum nearby enroute to the beerfest, he won't enter.

We get to the Wiesn, and he tracks his friends down.  The vibe is awesome, and, generally speaking, the Lederhosen is quite a flattering garment (who knew!).  Inside the tent, and the crew are there from last night, alternating between sneering at me and ignoring me, and when I turn to talk to my guy, he's making out with one of his mates.  To say I'm a tad confused would be an understatement, but when he makes direct eye contact with me as he's kissing the guy, I know I'm done.

Holding his stare, I smile, blow him a kiss and leave.  As I walk, I use an app to find another hotel room, and within 45 minutes I've packed my bags and relocated.  I see him around town here and there over the coming days, but we don't speak again.


Friday, 18 September 2015

Unexpected (good)....

Since our hook-up in Munich, the Tyrolean and I have been in regular contact.  He sends me pics of the amazing scenery he works in (as well as the occasional dick pic), and regular comments on how much he misses me, all via Whatsapp.  Truth be known, I kinda miss him too.

This morning I open my email, and I see his name in my inbox.  Hmmm.  I open the message, which only says "please", and 2 x attachments.

One is an open plane ticket to Munich, and the other the equivalent of a VIP pass to Oktoberfest this weekend.

So I guess I'll be seeing him soon!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Muscleman

I have long been curious to know what it would be like to interact with a muscle guy.  I've been curious about the 'mass', and the rock hard nature of those arms and pecs...  Last night I got to find out....

I get a hit on Grindr, with the tagline "I like it thick".  I assume from this that the guy is a bottom, and reply informing we are on the same side of the fence as it were.  He replies all indignant that he's a top, so I laugh and apologise.  We get to chatting, and he sends his pics through.  OMFG.  He's quite good looking in the Arab way, early 30's, built like I don't know what, and 6' tall.  I hesitantly send pics of myself, expecting this demi-god to reject me, but he's even keener and wants to meet for coffee.  Ok.

We meet outside a chain store, and the guy is amazing - killer smile, much better looking than his pic, and with a chest and arms Paul Bunyan would be proud of.  He's also my height, which is unusual in this part of the world.  He tells me he has much better coffee 'at home', so we jump into his car and head off.  I ask what someone like him wants with someone like me, and he shrugs "we all have our tastes" his reply.

Nice flat, and he's quite proud to show me around, then we come to the bedroom and he playfully pushes me towards the bed.  As I regain my balance, he peels off his shirt, revealing an incredible physique.  The arms are perfectly proportioned and massive, the chest expansive and with pecs that are both broad and prominent, but with perfectly centred nipples.  Perfect little ass and big strong legs too.  Most guys that pump end up with overworked muscles, showing veins and pushing their nips southward, but not this guy.  Despite the variety of protein powders I'd seen in the kitchen, there's no evidence of bacne or the like, so I ask about his regime.  "A little" he replies, "I am blessed with this naturally".

I quickly disrobe, and he leans in to suck my nipples and fondle my ass, at the same time wriggling out of his pants.  He has a nice dick, a normal 6", standing upright and concealing his balls.  I reach down to fondle them, and I am surprised - they're barely grape sized, so I re-wonder about the regime.  Like most locals, he's not into foreplay at all - the inherent affection is inconsistent with their denial of 'gayess', and he quickly has me on the bed and pushes my legs over my shoulders to the point where my knees are pretty much in contact with my ears, and begins to slide his cock up and down my ass.

I'm not ready to take it just yet, so I move down to blow him, easily taking his length and, on the right angle, managing to lick his balls with his cock in my mouth.  He's leaking pre-cum massively, and as I suck he starts to work a finger or two into my ass.  I also try to lick his chest and pits as well as kiss him again, but after I've had his cock in there he won't reciprocate, which I always find annoying - it's his own dick ffs.

He climbs out from under me and goes to the dresser, producing lube and condoms, then, unusually, lubes his cock before donning the condom, then lubes that as well.  He climbs back between my legs and with one hand moves my legs back over my shoulders and enters me smoothly.  It feels ok, he's not too big to give me discomfort, and he begins to fuck me slowly, sliding his entire length in and out of me before withdrawing completely & re-entering, long-dicking me.  Jab, slide, enter and withdraw.  Repeat.  This goes on for a while, his hands on my ankles, and the occasional kiss finally coming my way as he leans in, but really this is just about the fuck.  I'm rock hard and edging, and I tell him so, and he smiles then moves his arms to pin my own on the mattress.  "Enjoy" he says, and starts to lick my face instead of kissing as he pounds my ass quite roughly.  I'm trying to reach up and squeeze his nipples and caress that massive chest, but his arms are in the way and he's seemingly indifferent anyway.

I'm done by now - the edge has gone, my ass hurts and my legs are cramping, so I squeeze him out of me and roll to my stomach.  He's not happy, but starts again, his feet pushing against mine momentarily, then he rolls off and returns me to my back as if I were a rag doll.  By now I've deflated, but I want him to shoot his load, so I lift my legs again.  He's kneeling between my legs, upright dick in hand, and tells me "it's gone".  He means his own edge has evaporated, and he ain't gonna cum.  Forlornly he says "I should have shooted when I wanted to", meaning the guy was trying to show me a good time as well I figure, so points for effort.

Basically we're done, so after clean-up he makes me a coffee then drives me back to my own car.  He suggests we keep in touch, but meh...

So, I got the tactile sensation of a muscle guy, and little else - it really wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.  Box ticked.

Saturday, 5 September 2015


So I'm at home, bored and more than a bit horny.  Out of nowhere, Cat Guy hits me up.  I'm really not that into him - he's a selfish fuck, his place stinks of pets and, well... meh.

But another promising lead has flaked on me, so I consent.  I get to his place, and I can hear the TV roaring through the door, so I knock loudly, but no reply.  I knock again, and a voice calls, but whether it's "come in" or "coming", I'm not certain, so I wait a bit.  Then he calls me and tells me the door is unlocked, so I enter.  He's sprawled naked on his bed, thick, fat cock already semi-hard, so I walk over and stroke his foot as I peel off my shirt and drop my shorts.  I climb on top of him, and lean in to kiss, but he turns his head away telling me he has "a sore jaw", so I nuzzle his ear instead.  He giggles and turns some more, so I work my mouth down his body, but he pushes me away and guides my head straight to his cock.  As mentioned, it's an especially impressive piece of work, so I grab it with one hand and begin to lick to tip, gradually working it down my throat, when he places his hands on the back of my head and begins to face fuck me.  Ok...

We continue like this for a while, when he turns my body to the mattress and straddles me from behind - he suits up, lubes us both, and begins to slide his cock up and down my crack, the head nudging my hole and gradually he slips it in, then withdraws, then a little more, then withdrawal, then he slides his arm under my chest and draws me to him, sliding the whole length in as he clutches me tight.  I gasp at this, so he clamps his other hand over my mouth and begins to pump, using his feet to keep my ankles apart and get himself maximum entry.  He's really bucking into me, our sweaty skin making slapping noises as his chest connects then detaches from my back, and then he starts to bite my shoulders when something weird happens.

As he pumps, suddenly the "feel" inside me changes, and suddenly it's as though his cock is wrapped in silk, or cream, or I don't know, but it's nice, and as he drags my leg over his shoulder and flips me to my back, still inside me, I reach down and grab myself, barely connecting with my own cock before it erupts all over my stomach.

He nods approving, then withdraws from me - as he looks down, his expression changes and I look there as well.  The condom has ruptured, and is wrapped around the base of his cock.  The feel I had was him breeding me, then unknowingly fucking his load into me.  Dammit...  He shrugs and cleans us both up, then I go shower and use the small hose to try and wash as much as I can out of myself, but if any damage were done, it's done.

We have no support in my part of the world for STI's - sex between unmarried people is forbidden, and gay sex?  The lash & deportation.  So I have no resources to fall back on.   Even if I got tested, and it were +ve, I'd be deported (and divorced) as well, so I'll just have to run with the relatively low numbers of reported cases here, his assurances that he "usually" plays safe & hope for the best.

Not happy....