Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Workplace practices...

Actually, "practises" could be apt as well.

Most of my employees are men - some older, but mostly younger.  Some eyecandy (a former military guy in particular), some not so much.

For the past three mornings, when entering the bathroom (stall #3 to be precise), it seems someone has been rubbing one out - the smell of cum is overwhelming.

The thought of someone jerking off in there brings mixed feelings - but I hope at least it's one of the cute ones.....

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  1. God, that brings back memories.
    Back in college I was at a library bathroom when I had the odd sense that the guy in the stall next to me was oddly quiet. I peeked over and noticed two pairs of feet in the stall next to me. So I finished up and watch the door at a distance. Turns out a guy and a girl were in there. They hastily went their separate ways like 10 minutes later. I went back in and there was cum all over the toilet seat and floor of the stall they were in. And like a perv, I stuck my fingers in the mess and smelled it before adding my own load to the floor. Ha! And yes, they were both really hot from what I recall.