Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The quotidian reality of having a 'lover'...

After so much frustration and fucking around on the apps, I've kinda given up.  The Syrian is usually free, has his own place and is a sensational fuck, so why bother with the carry-on on Grindr?

Hence my relative quiet over the past weeks - I've been getting plenty, but only with the Syrian.  It's been fun, make no mistake, but there hasn't been a lot of variety to report in either partner or tale.

I get to his, we kiss and embrace, we have tea and cigarettes, then we go to his bed and fuck.  Simple, uncomplicated fun.  He's been getting a bit more adventurous lately, drilling me from different angles, and he always makes sure I shoot my load, then we lounge about in our underwear and watch TV whilst drinking more tea.  It's all a bit "Wednesday afternoon in the hotel room" in it's predictability of both form and location.

But there's also another element creeping in.  After declining some jewelry from him, he's begun to present me with other gifts.  To wit, a set of luggage "for when my dream of our traveling together comes true", a rather expensive wristwatch "so you can keep track of our time apart", and my own bottle of his preferred cologne "so I can smell it and think of him".  Suffice to say the luggage went straight to the maid, the watch lurks in my bottom drawer, and the cologne is in a dumpster.  HTF do I explain any of this to my wife?

In a similar vein, the Tyrolean has been down the line every other day, sending me photos of the spectacular scenery he works in (and a fair sprinkling of dick pics as well).  He also wants to come to the Sandlands to visit me "and we stay in bed to have sex for 2-3 days".  Again, how do I sell that to the family?

So, dear reader, I'm afraid I've been a little dull of late.  However both Fast & Andre have been in touch, so perhaps things will return to 'normal' soon & I'll have more tales to tell....

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