Sunday, 16 August 2015

Bad angles, happy endings...

The Syrian has been messaging me regularly, hoping I can 'pass by'.  With his recent spate of gift-giving and whatnot, I'm cautious (I really don't want things to escalate beyond "fuck buddy"), but happily the Premier League has recommenced and watching the football is a cover story that seems to wash well with the wife, so I head over.

I'm greeted at the door with a broad smile, and quickly dragged into his arms as he slams the door behind me, and we stand together in his foyer making out.  It's stinking hot outside, and I ask for tea & water as we shuffle into the living room, his arms wrapped around me.  He returns with same, and we sit together talking for a bit, then I take his hand and lead him to the bedroom.  As we kiss he gradually removes our clothes, until I am naked and he in a pair of gym shorts, when he drops to his knees and starts to blow me.  I am content to shift my weight and widen my stance a little, which enables him to get his mouth in and under my balls, and to suck those as well as my cock, which is firmly standing to attention.  He's down there forever, dragging his hands over my chest, tweaking my nipples as he sucks, until I finally drag him to his feet, slide his shorts off and push him onto the bed.

I'd had a most satisfying solo session the morning before, thinking primarily of his fat and heavy cock in my mouth, and I'm keen to turn the fantasy back into reality, so I dive down and begin to lick his balls, slowly running my tongue up his shaft and abrading it against the underside of his cockhead, before flicking it over the tip of his cock, which is now twitching violently.  He's really spasming, so I'm forced to actually grab it and feed it into my mouth, but for some reason I can't get the whole thing in so I bob up and down on it as he thrusts from below.  For whatever reason, today it seems even larger, and I'm struggling to accommodate it.   I've also not showered that day, and I'm a little self conscious about my possible smell, so I ask for a towel to shower.  "Uh-uh" his reply as he returns his mouth to my dick, then he comes back to kiss me again and I can taste myself - it's not unpleasant at all, but clearly on the musky side, and he professes to love it, so hey...

We continue like this for a while, but he's mostly interested in eating out my ass, which he does at length.  I finally spin him around a little so I can access his own hole, but again the bad angle and I'm once more struggling.  As he sucks my shaft, I eventually bend his cock back and take it in my mouth on the reverse angle, but it quickly swells in my mouth and I have to let it go.  As it leaves me, it flicks up with a wet 'snap' to hit his stomach (which is awesome btw).

As he's eating me, he flips me onto my stomach and dives in to my ass once more, then pauses.  I turn my head and see him donning a condom, but I can't see any lube.  He grins at me and then spits on his cock, and begins to nudge into me lube free.  Fuck. It. Hurts.  He withdraws a little and spits some more, and starts to enter again.  Jesus H Christ....  I'm squirming and protesting, but his reply is to hook his arms beneath mine and force his fingers into my mouth as he continues to enter me, withdrawing a little to gain 'purchase' before resuming his entry.  When I think he's finally in, he wraps one arm under my chest to hold me still, then flicks his hips to get another cm or so in and he's finally done.  I'm taken back to our our first ever fuck, where his size was an issue, so I try to relax and go with it, but once in he starts to pump and I just can't do it.  It's too much, too big & too rough, so I push back until I am on my knees, doggy style, but then he's even keener, and starts to go harder but I'm literally shouting in pain, and push him off me.

We are on our knees facing one another on the bed, and he smiles at me and reaches over to start jerking me off, using one hand on my cock and the other to get a few fingers into my devastated ass, when I start to tremble.  Sensing this, he falls back on the bed and begins to jerk himself as he continues to stroke me, asking me to dump my cum on him.  I quickly oblige, and he scoops my load to use on himself, crying out as he shoots his own cum across his chest.

We remain quite still, panting and catching our breath, then he pulls me down to kiss him, and lay for so long we end up stuck together.  He giggles at this - clearly it's not HIS chest hair being pulled out - then goes to shower and make more tea.  After my own shower I join him back in the living room and we chat a while more.  Never got to watch the football...

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