Sunday, 30 August 2015

Again with the farewells...

So the Syrian messages me, and wants me to pass by 'today'.  As it happens, I can, so I do.

It's only been a week or so since I saw him last, but he's stopped shaving and he looks completely different.  Damn the facial hair grows fast around here...

It seems he has a problem in his hometown that must be attended to, and a pretty scary part of town that is too.  He's not going to fight, but the beard is, well, a beard for the neighborhoods he must visit.  He leaves tomorrow morning, and wants to say farewell.  I am a little stunned by this - the headlines we all get to read and experience via the nightly news are simply a fact of life in my part of the world, and when it does intrude on a such a personal level it's always a jolt to be reminded just what a "hot" part of the world I live in (no pun intended).  Our little bubble of luxury cars, expansive villas & numerous servants is a fragile one indeed.

True to his form, he wants to disrobe me and suck my dick.  He's doing well as I run my fingers through his hair, but I want a little more so I drag him to his feet and push him onto the bed.  From here we commence our usual rolling and thrashing kiss/lick/suck fest, pausing in our efforts to remove stray hairs from my mouth (that damn beard), and to also indulge in a leisurely 69 and concurrent ass play.  Great fun, and he can't get enough of it.

Gradually though, he uses his knees to flip me onto my stomach, and begins to lick, bite and kiss my back, working his mouth up my spine until his tongue is in my ear and his fingers in my mouth.  I can feel his cock nudging against my hole, but wriggle him off to get a condom and lube.  Once done, he returns to his position, and with a gentle, almost inquisitive approach, starts to work himself into me.

Once in he pauses, then smoothly withdraws before slamming back in.  It's good, but for some reason I'm feeling like a bitch just lying there and taking it, so after a few minutes I roll out from below him and wrap my legs around his waist.  I'm quick enough that I see the surprise on his face, but when he locks eyes with me he smiles and dives down to kiss me, sliding his cock right back inside me and starting to fuck me hard as our hands and mouths roam, my hips resting in his lap.

It doesn't take long before he withdraws, and rips off his condom.  Grabbing both our cocks in one hand, the other on the mattress for balance, he begins to pant and moan as he jerks us off together.  I'm silent but panting, and I feel my legs start to drum on his back as he begins to cry "yes, yes, YES" and his load shoots over my chest.  With my own climax well advanced, I can't do anything other than twitch in his grip until my own cock explodes over his hand and my stomach.  At this he roars 'good, good', and keeps jerking us both until we're milked dry, then he falls onto me laughing.

After some kissing, he slaps my rump and tells me to rest as he goes to shower and make tea.  Returning with this we lie about in our mess together and enjoy our time before I too must shower.  He claims not to be bothered by his upcoming journey, but I sense something in his eyes as we part company and I find myself genuinely concerned for him.

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  1. An achingly beautiful post. It's interesting when the fun bleeds into the personal and human.