Thursday, 13 August 2015

A rebours

I've got the itch, and no-one's around.  I ping Fast, and he's about, so over I head.  I've mentioned before his massage talents, and he wants to give me the full treatment today.  I happily oblige!

He starts with my feet, gently working the reflexology points, working his way up and down one leg, then the other.  Special attention is paid to my broader groin area (the tease), then my lower stomach, then back to my groin, passing his hands lightly over my balls and up my rapidly stirring shaft, before resuming work on my inner thighs and lower butt cheeks.  It's good, and I'm giving him (via my hard-on), the happy signals.  He moves his hands up my sides, fluttering his fingers as he goes, then on to my shoulders from behind.  As he massages me, he lifts my arm and begins to lick and kiss my armpits, dragging his tongue across my throat as he moves my other arm out of the way to gain access on that side.  It's all pretty blissful, and I'm content to lie back and be spoiled.  It's pretty warm in the room, and we're sweating, the occasional droplets falling from him onto me quickly licked off.

He moves back down the bed and places himself between my legs, resuming the massage on my stomach, then works his hands down my legs and lifts them over his shoulders.  He leans down to lick and kiss my dick, then shuffles himself down so he can lick my balls, his tongue moving down to flick my hole as well.  He starts to get right into this, his tongue darting over me and occasionally driving inside, and I wriggle and shift with pleasure.  Running his tongue from the hole, over the balls, along the shaft then continuing up my torso, he begins to kiss me on the mouth as our bodies slide together, the sweat acting as a lubricant.  His own dick is now rock hard, and he's nudging me with it as we grind together, then we pause for him to grab condoms and lube.

Duly suited, we resume, his cock eagerly pushing against my butt.  Again I wriggle and wrap my legs around his waist, and he's in.  Sliding his length into me, he pauses and smiles at me before kissing me again as he begins to thrust.

It's good - he's not so big that it's uncomfortable, and his muscular body is a treat as my hands roam over him, resting on his tight little cheeks to pull him further in as he continues to fuck me.

He raises himself off me, then hooks one of his legs under mine and gets more-or-less upright, still sawing his cock in and out of me.  He's in kind of an 'archer' position (not the cartoon), on one knee and with the other leg drawn up, and this gives him the freedom to flick his hips and thus his cock in and out of me as he rests one hand on my own knee for balance.  This is good, and I start to squirm as I feel my nuts tighten and my breathing increases.  He smiles at me and then clamps his hand over my dick so I can't touch it, his thumb pressuring and stroking my balls as they swell and contract.  I really want to cum, but the fucker won't let me, however his jagged thrusting and irregular breathing tells me he's close as well.  With an effort I squeeze my ring and bear down on him, and he suddenly withdraws.  Ripping off the condom, he releases his grip on me and with a cock in each hand quickly jerks us both to conclusion.  I spilt loads, as did he - his third spurt hitting my chin and leaving a rope down my body.

He falls forward onto me, and we kiss as he rests in my arms, then, as always, he leads me to the shower and washes me gently.

Didn't check the time, but I was rather late for dinner.  Against his nature indeed...

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