Sunday, 5 July 2015

Just a nice fuck. Nothing more, nothing less...

Things here are pretty quiet - a surprising number of guys have 'withdrawn' for the month, or traveled to escape the heat.  And it's barely July - wait until August!

I can, however, depend on the Syrian.  After my unsatisfactory hook-up with Watch guy, I drop him a line and we arrange to meet.  I get to his, and he's ready and waiting, eager to kiss as soon as the door has closed behind me.  He tastes deliciously of rosewater.  It's only early and I have no other plans, so I'm keen to take it easy, and I lead him to the couch.  He grabs the last of our wine (from a week back!), but it still tastes kind of ok, so we sip and smoke as we chat.  He leans in to kiss, and our mouths meet as one.  Like teenagers, we make out on the couch for a while, but eventually I take his hand and lead him to his bedroom.

We're not in a hurry to get naked, and spend some time continuing our make-out session, when he slips his hand into my pants and works them down my legs.  As he does so, he drops to his knees and starts to suck my dick, hands working under my shirt until I remove that as well.  His hands work my chest, pinching and squeezing my nipples as he alternates between sucking and licking my dick and balls.  I am enjoying this, so I take the moment to widen my stance and stretch my hands above my head as I stand looking down as his head bobbing up and down on my member.  Heaven.

I draw him up to kiss, and turn him around.  With my cock wedged between his legs, I am slowly grinding behind him as I kiss his neck and ears, gradually bending him over as I work my mouth down his spine.  Dropping to my own knees, I dart my tongue into his crack and as he shifts his weight I drive my tongue into his hole, bringing a cry of delight from his lips.

I work him for a little while, then he straightens and turns, lifting me and taking my head in his hands as we kiss and fall backwards on to the bed, frenziedly kissing and stroking one another.  He's on top of me, when he breaks and smiles at me.  "I want..." he starts, then shakes his head and says "...nothing", resuming our kiss.  My turn to pull away, and ask him what, but he shakes his head then tells me "for you never to leave...".  Ouch.

We continue kissing, but he breaks and begins to work his mouth down my body, once more swallowing my dick and sucking it for all it's worth, only occasionally moving his focus to my balls.  As he repositions, his own dick swings about into my orbit, so I grab it and draw it towards me.  Having observed (possibly too much) porn recently, I try something new, kissing and slurping on the head only, my thumb around his base and my fingers gently playing with his balls.  I can feel him twitch and stiffen, his cock swelling in my hand, so I figure I'm onto a good thing and continue.  Like the Engineer the other night, he's also uncharacteristically leaking some pre-cum, but he changes angle again to dive down into my ass, and thus moves out of my reach.  The best I can do from this angle is bite his inner thigh, so I do that instead.  He keeps repositioning, diving deeper and deeper into my ass, and I'm squirming about and running my fingers through his hair, which is about all I'm capable of at this point, until I realise I can spit up at his hole and work my fingers in.  This gets a noise out of him that's halfway between a moan and a roar, and as he rocks back onto my fingers I know he's enjoying himself.

He moves his mouth from my hole to my balls and shaft, then up my chest, returning to my mouth, and as we kiss he positions his own hole onto my tip, wriggling slightly to get the head in.  Holding me there, we continue kissing and biting, when he lifts off to grab lube and protection.  I'm hoping he'll slip it on to me and I'll get myself inside him, but not tonight it seems.  He suits up, then squirts me with baby lotion and works my chest, stomach & crack, then, as he wriggles forward on his knees, he lifts my ass and lowers me onto his dick.  I'm still a bit sore from last night, and I gasp involuntarily.  He's horrified, and withdraws quickly, showering me with kisses and apologies.  I laugh and assure him I'm fine, so he resumes, nudging himself into me so carefully & gently I am forced to reach forward and pull him into me, if for no other reason than to enjoy the sensation of his big fat cock sliding inside me.  We rock gently together, a short bouncy fuck, then he flips me to my stomach.  Parting my legs with his knees, he lies atop me and wriggles about to find my hole again and enters in a single smooth stroke.  It's pretty uncomfortable for some reason, so I wriggle about myself and flop onto my back.  He climbs between my legs and re-enters me, his stomach drawn and his head thrown back as he thrusts his pelvis against me, his cock sliding in and out of me, and I begin to arch my back.

He sees this, and grabs my rock hard cock to start jerking me off, which truly has me squirming.  He starts to pant, and as his cock slides out once more he removes the condom and slaps his meat into the hand holding mine so that he's jerking us both simultaneously.  This is too much for me, and with his balls slapping against my own and his cock slipping and sliding against mine, I lose my load.  He begins to laugh, then more panting, then his cock erupts over my stomach.

He collapses on to me, running his lube and cum loaded hand though my hair.  After some silent cuddling, this is his excuse to take me to the bathroom and wash & shampoo me.  From here we sprawl on the couch in our underwear, chatting idly until I dress and take my leave.

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