Thursday, 16 July 2015

Ego bitchslap

So, as mentioned, I head to Munich.  I get online, and the first few rows are full of hot guys apparently within 200m of me, so it's looking good.  But no pings after an hour, and only 3 viewers, so I swallow my pride and send out a few messages.  Ignored.  I'd had a few hours layover in Dubai, and got hit up by 12 guys (didn't proceed), so I'm a tad hurt and wondering what's going on.  Is it twink town?  No - plenty of bears, plenty looking for 'daddies', and even more looking for 'pigs', but I am failing to score.  So I walk down to the bar district, and sit nursing a beer without attracting even eye contact, and eventually retire alone.  The bar has a great internet connection, so I know I'm surrounded by guys, but clearly I'm not their type.  At a pinch, I would describe myself as 'older preppie' (no sweaters around my neck or pastel pants though), so I could make unkind remarks about german men and their preference for comfort over style (sandals AND socks is a truism, even in a gay bar), and the possibly malnourished men in muscle tee's, or the guys that are dressed for a suburban bbq, but that would smack of sour grapes, so I shan't.  But WTF?  I have comprehensively failed to attract the slightest bit of attention from anyone other than the barman?

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