Friday, 3 July 2015

Drenched (again!)

Taking further advantage of my 'freedom', last night I message the Engineer.  He can't, but promises for tonight.  Grabbing a last drink and cigarette before his arrival, I then clean myself out, brush my teeth and so on, and I hear him enter, calling my name.

I practically skip down the stairs to see him, and once more he has come directly from the gym.  We embrace, but he wants to bathe, so we go upstairs and chat as he washes.  While he's drying off, I get to admire his body, so he laughs and flexes, then gives me a quizzical look.  "Shouldn't you be waiting in the bedroom?" he says, before taking my hand and leading me hence.  He kisses me, his hands roaming my body and tugging at the few clothes I'm wearing, then we're standing and naked, his cock jabbing at my balls as he cups my ass and nuzzles my neck.

He leads me to the bed, and we stretch out together, both exhausted from a very long week, and we begin to kiss, again our hands pushing, pulling and probing as we do so.  Poppers as always, and I work my mouth down his body, licking and kissing as I go, before I begin to bite at his groin and lick his balls.  I slurp my way up his bouncing cock, teasing and licking the tip before taking it in my mouth and working it with an up down motion.  One advantage of the recent porn fest is the variety of techniques one witnesses, so I can now watch them under the pretense of 'study' (as long as I remember to apply what I've learnt of course).

We continue for a while, and, unusually for him, he starts to leak so pre-cum, so I slow down a bit.  But he won't have any of it, and asks me "which way I want it".  I reply by rolling to my stomach and parting my legs.

He positions himself above me, his thighs straddling mine, he lubes us both up and takes another hit of poppers, then holds the bottle under my nose as well.  Knowing what is coming, I inhale deeply.  He is sitting atop me, gently massaging my shoulders, and with a wriggle and a thrust he has entered me, perfectly timed with the rush of the drug.  Holding himself still inside me, he lowers his body onto mine and begins to gently work his hips.  This is great.  I can feel his length sliding in and out of me, with the brief 'buckle' as his cock bends against my hole before finding its way back inside me adding to the pleasure.  Awesome.  He pulls his knee up a little to raise my hip, then starts to piston in and out of me, eliciting moans of pleasure from us both as he thumps and pumps at my ass, all the while kissing my neck as I suck his fingers.

He starts that slightly unfocussed thrusting that tells me he's on the edge, so I tell him to slow down a little but he grunts "I'm fine habibi" through clenched teeth, when he suddenly withdraws with a cry and dumps his load all over my back.  And what a load.  I feel the first rope between my shoulder blades, then the second hits the back of my neck, then more across my lower back as he relentlessly bounces himself up and down on his haunches, his balls hitting my ass.  I can feel the cum beginning to drip down my sides, but he's still going and only when I am covered in his juice does he fall to my side panting.  He grabs tissues and wipes me up, marveling himself at how much he shot before lying back beside me and asking what colour marble I think he should get for the floor of his new house.  An odd change of tempo, but not a problem.  He showers again and we go downstairs, where he hand feeds me snacks before heading off into the night

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