Friday, 17 July 2015

Final afternoon quickie...

It's late when I check Grindr, and I see the Engineer is nearby.  I know his sister lives in my area, so I say hi and ask why he's around.  He can't get his UK visa sorted, thus his travel plans are delayed, so we agree to meet the next afternoon.

He arrives right on time, drenched in sweat.  It's literally 120 degrees outside, and car a/c doesn't really cut it, so we share juice but he's short on time so we're quickly upstairs.  It's nice to see his body in daylight, and we begin to kiss and stroke one another 'till I drag him sideways across the bed.  He asks why, and I tell him it's so he can suck my dick as I dive down onto his.  Hands roaming, we indulge in a leisurely 69, occasionally rolling over and about, and a popper hit every now and then.  I am stretched out, holding his feet as I suck him, him stroking my ass as he sucks me.

He breaks and says he wants to fuck me, standing by the bed and reaching for the lube and poppers.  "Doggy style" he commands, drawing my hips back and up as he remains standing.  In he goes, sliding his length into me as I fall forward, but it damn well hurts.  He repositions slightly, and slows his movements, but it's seriously uncomfortable until he shifts again and then it's good.  With one hand holding my shoulder and the other on my hip, he's working my ass like a pro, me on my knees and leaning forward on my elbows.  He starts to increase his tempo, and even though we've not been at it long, I think he's close.  I bear down on him even more, and as I do I reach down to stroke my own dick, which is rock hard and bobbing up and down in line with the fucking I'm receiving.  I tell him I want poppers, and he reaches forward to position the bottle under my nose, then I tell him I want lube.  He obliges, and as he continues to pound me, I begin to jerk off, determined to finally bust my nut.  Damn it's satisfying, and as I begin to edge I decide to release my grip and let nature take it's course.

Leaning forward on my elbows, and with his cock sliding in and out of me, I feel my nuts tighten and my hole start to clench, and I begin to release as he literally fucks my load out of me.  Goddamn.  It's been a while, and I have quite a bit, which forms a foot-long stripe on the sheets and a most satisfying puddle at the end.

Gotta love the guy, his only concern is that I'm now tight and it's uncomfortable for me, but I tell him all is good and to keep going.  He shifts his weight and pushes me forward so I am on my stomach as he continues to pound me, muttering things to himself as he does.  Suddenly he speeds things up, then he cries out 'yallaaaa'*, and withdraws to coat my back with his cum.  He wipes me down, and as I sigh and stretch out he falls down beside me.  We cuddle for a while, but he has family obligations and must shower and leave.

With the holy month over, my own family return early tomorrow.  As it's the maids day off I load the sheets into the machine myself and air the room...

* Yalla = arabic for "let's go"

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