Friday, 17 July 2015

Final afternoon quickie...

It's late when I check Grindr, and I see the Engineer is nearby.  I know his sister lives in my area, so I say hi and ask why he's around.  He can't get his UK visa sorted, thus his travel plans are delayed, so we agree to meet the next afternoon.

He arrives right on time, drenched in sweat.  It's literally 120 degrees outside, and car a/c doesn't really cut it, so we share juice but he's short on time so we're quickly upstairs.  It's nice to see his body in daylight, and we begin to kiss and stroke one another 'till I drag him sideways across the bed.  He asks why, and I tell him it's so he can suck my dick as I dive down onto his.  Hands roaming, we indulge in a leisurely 69, occasionally rolling over and about, and a popper hit every now and then.  I am stretched out, holding his feet as I suck him, him stroking my ass as he sucks me.

He breaks and says he wants to fuck me, standing by the bed and reaching for the lube and poppers.  "Doggy style" he commands, drawing my hips back and up as he remains standing.  In he goes, sliding his length into me as I fall forward, but it damn well hurts.  He repositions slightly, and slows his movements, but it's seriously uncomfortable until he shifts again and then it's good.  With one hand holding my shoulder and the other on my hip, he's working my ass like a pro, me on my knees and leaning forward on my elbows.  He starts to increase his tempo, and even though we've not been at it long, I think he's close.  I bear down on him even more, and as I do I reach down to stroke my own dick, which is rock hard and bobbing up and down in line with the fucking I'm receiving.  I tell him I want poppers, and he reaches forward to position the bottle under my nose, then I tell him I want lube.  He obliges, and as he continues to pound me, I begin to jerk off, determined to finally bust my nut.  Damn it's satisfying, and as I begin to edge I decide to release my grip and let nature take it's course.

Leaning forward on my elbows, and with his cock sliding in and out of me, I feel my nuts tighten and my hole start to clench, and I begin to release as he literally fucks my load out of me.  Goddamn.  It's been a while, and I have quite a bit, which forms a foot-long stripe on the sheets and a most satisfying puddle at the end.

Gotta love the guy, his only concern is that I'm now tight and it's uncomfortable for me, but I tell him all is good and to keep going.  He shifts his weight and pushes me forward so I am on my stomach as he continues to pound me, muttering things to himself as he does.  Suddenly he speeds things up, then he cries out 'yallaaaa'*, and withdraws to coat my back with his cum.  He wipes me down, and as I sigh and stretch out he falls down beside me.  We cuddle for a while, but he has family obligations and must shower and leave.

With the holy month over, my own family return early tomorrow.  As it's the maids day off I load the sheets into the machine myself and air the room...

* Yalla = arabic for "let's go"

Thursday, 16 July 2015


After the debacle last night, I don't even bother with the apps.  I take myself for a very nice dinner, then plan a route through the recommended bars in the area.  Bloody hell....

First up, the twink and rent boy bar (more for the ego boost and the sport really - I don't particularly like to pay), but it's full of shrill and shrieking young guys who are literally swaying as they clutch their wineglasses with some very large silver bears lurking at tables - I actually do a lap of the block to make sure this is the place, and it is, so I keep walking.  Next is "The Firehouse", where some older and shall we say flamboyant guys are clogging the footpath outside an empty bar.  I wriggle through and go to order a beer, but the barman looks me over and returns to his glass washing - clearly this place is for regulars only.  On now to the 'biggest and best', which has pavement tables largely occupied by drag queens (Pride Day remember), who are catcalling passersby to the delight of their coterie, so again I keep walking, to a random place that has a friendly reputation.  It's me and 4 x stupidly drunk young guys, who surround me once I get my beer and start begging for drugs.  Then a group arrives, clearly some suburban women having a night out 'with their gay friends', and the noise is too much so I finish my beer and leave as the barman gives me the "sorry" shrug.

Damn it's getting tough, so next on the list is the leather bar - "The Ox", which is totally not my scene, although many are looking in my direction, but in an oddly disinterested fashion.  I finish my beer and go for a leak, and as I exit the bathroom I see that I've been sitting directly beneath a TV playing hardcore porn.  Aaaah.  I decide I clearly have nothing better to do than watch the porn too, so grab another beer, and although a post punk guy draws up a stool next to me I'm not that keen and he leaves, as do I soon after.

Last stop is the place from last night, and solely on the basis it has good internet, I return for a drink and to scout the apps.  I walk in, and the barman points behind me, where there is now a dedicated beer stand.

The guy in front of me is just finishing up paying, and he turns holding two beers.  He looks at me, smiles, and hands me one of the beers.  "This is for you - come chat".  The guy is amazing.  Imagine the actor Jeremy Piven, but 6' tall.  Same stocky build, same killer smile, same sparkly eyes, same damn bald patch even.  Totally not my type, but we've clicked immediately.  He tells me straight up he runs a nearby mountain resort, so let's call him the "Tyrolean".  I ask about the beer, and he replies that his friend can get his own, then taps the guy next to me and tells him so.  The friend smiles and shrugs, gets himself a beer and returns to engage me in conversation as the Tyrolean talks to someone else.  I think I've been handed over, but in fact this is the interview.  I apparently pass, as Tyrolean soon returns to press me against the wall to talk some more and to kiss me.  I've already told him I live in the sandlands and I'm not comfortable with this, but he replies that we're not there and this is Germany in 2015 so shut up, and he kisses me some more.  Ok.  After another beer and more chat, he wants to leave, and he's staying not 100m from my own hotel, so we head off.  Halfway there, he stops us in front of a church and he kisses me some more, 'just to piss them off'.  I'm laughing by now, and we continue our way to his hotel.

He's staying in a suite bigger than some apartments I've owned, and we leave a trail of clothes as we move to the bedroom.  Once naked, I can see he's a guy who is clearly extremely fit, but also not shy about drinking his fair share of beer.  Sturdy legs, bubble butt, solid shoulders, a hairy chest & a paunch that doesn't detract from him at all.  Turns out that running an alpine resort means you spend your life hiking, skiing and drinking.

We're soon onto the bed, and it's clear we both want the same thing - to be fucked.  I'm a bit drunk and quite hard, so as his incredibly wiry stubble tears at my face, he positions himself on top of me and with a handful of spit wets us both and slams himself onto me.  I gasp as his muscles contract around my cock, and I know I'm barebacking him, then he starts to thrust himself up and down on my pole like a madman, alternately leaning in to kiss and leaning back to get more in him, when he suddenly starts grunting and pops a load onto my stomach.  He comes in for another kiss, then cleans my cock up, but I'm drunk and I don't/can't cum.

We lie about chatting for a bit, and he's very clear he wants me to stay over, so I do.  I wake with a monster fucking hangover and a huge hard-on, and I want to shower.  I slap him on the rump and tell him to join me, and with the assistance of some hotel toiletries, I fuck him in the shower before he washes me, then fuck him again over the basin once we're (almost) dry.  But I cannot bust a nut to save my life.

We go back to bed, and he's desperate I should blow my load, but I'm buggered if I can, so I get my legs around his waist, his nicely sized and uncut dick poking at my hole, but he won't take the hint and we move to a 69 until he shoots again, this time on my chest, and has actually chafed my own dick with all his sucking.  Another shower, just washing and kissing this time, then we dress together.  He walks me back to my hotel, then, like a shy schoolboy, he passes me his number.  Almost a week later and we're still chatting...

Ego bitchslap

So, as mentioned, I head to Munich.  I get online, and the first few rows are full of hot guys apparently within 200m of me, so it's looking good.  But no pings after an hour, and only 3 viewers, so I swallow my pride and send out a few messages.  Ignored.  I'd had a few hours layover in Dubai, and got hit up by 12 guys (didn't proceed), so I'm a tad hurt and wondering what's going on.  Is it twink town?  No - plenty of bears, plenty looking for 'daddies', and even more looking for 'pigs', but I am failing to score.  So I walk down to the bar district, and sit nursing a beer without attracting even eye contact, and eventually retire alone.  The bar has a great internet connection, so I know I'm surrounded by guys, but clearly I'm not their type.  At a pinch, I would describe myself as 'older preppie' (no sweaters around my neck or pastel pants though), so I could make unkind remarks about german men and their preference for comfort over style (sandals AND socks is a truism, even in a gay bar), and the possibly malnourished men in muscle tee's, or the guys that are dressed for a suburban bbq, but that would smack of sour grapes, so I shan't.  But WTF?  I have comprehensively failed to attract the slightest bit of attention from anyone other than the barman?

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Buttfucked. And how....

Suddenly my 'freedom' is cut short when I'm informed I must travel this weekend, returning the day before my family does.  On the upside, I'm being sent to Munich (never been before...), and they're having their Pride parade this weekend AND my assigned hotel is right on the fringe of the gay quarter.  Might be some tales to tell...

I inform the Engineer of this, and he grunts, then tells me he'll be "there in two hours", so I commence to prepare.  He arrives, unsurprisingly, straight from the gym, but wants to talk a little and drink some juice before raising his eyebrow and asks 'shall we'.  We of course do, and he's shouting at me about his ongoing renovation dramas over the noise of the shower as he bathes, then exits and dries.   Taking my hand, he leads me to the bedroom and falls onto the bed, drawing the covers up and asking to pretend as if we're actually in bed together (as opposed to just fucking I guess), but quickly rolls on top of me and begins to kiss.  It's nice, our bodies intertwined, limbs moving about as tongues and lips do the same, and we lose the bedlinen and he kisses his way down my body and starts to suck me off.  I stretch back and relax, then he turns his body around and drops his rock hard cock into my face and we 69 each other.  We're holding our bodies quite still, each focusing on the others pleasure rather than our own, then he breaks and we resume kissing, our hands working on the others cock as we do.  I remark on the size of his cock, and he laughs at me "you just noticed..."?

He breaks for poppers, then we kiss more, but he's all fired up after his exercise and wants to fuck.  Turning all business-like, he asks 'which way you want', but I defer to him, but he's adamant it's my choice.  I've really enjoyed being flat on my stomach for him lately, so I simply roll over and present my ass to him.  Liberally squirting us both with lube, he straddles my thighs and leans down to kiss the back of my neck before hooking his arms under me and driving himself straight in.  I feel as though I should react somehow, but there's no discomfort, merely this intensely pleasurable sensation of him being inside me, so I merely sigh contentedly as he begins to thrust and withdraw his entire length in and out of me time and again, kissing my neck and running his hands all over me.  Once more he somehow lifts my hips to get that little bit extra in, so I grab a pillow and place it under my pelvis, which pleases him.  He's used too much lube, and thus not getting a lot of feel, so he really starts to belt it into me, his hips slapping on my ass and his balls connecting with my thighs as he does so, when he suddenly grabs my hips and draws me up to all fours, a hand on each of my shoulder and my hip and he gives me the buttfucking of a lifetime.  He's thrusting like there's no tomorrow, grunting and panting as he does, yet somehow finding a third hand to shove poppers under my nose as his balls slap and slam into mine.  Tonight he has stamina I've not seen in a long time, but it's one of those fucks where the vibe, the angle and the partner just all mix together and you just don't want it to end.  He taps my ass and asks if I'm ok, and I smile back over my shoulder and tell him not to stop.  Damn it felt good!  He resumes his drilling of me, propping up his leg and starting to kind of wriggle his hips so I'm getting a kind of circular motion inside me, but he quickly reverts to standard pounding mode.  And I am lovin' it.

Soon enough, I am flipped to my back and he begins this keening wail as he starts to cum.  As usual, he's loud and productive, and my chest and stomach wear it all.  He's laughing and panting, then reaches over and scoops the load up, using it to jerk me off, which I eventually do, spurting just a small amount over his hand.

He climbs off the bed and reaches down to take my hand "come my sexy man, let's shower", so we do.  Soap, rinse, kiss, repeat...

Later, at the door, he turns with the realisation it may be some time before we meet again, so we exchange lengthy farewell kisses before he climbs into his car and departs...

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Just a nice fuck. Nothing more, nothing less...

Things here are pretty quiet - a surprising number of guys have 'withdrawn' for the month, or traveled to escape the heat.  And it's barely July - wait until August!

I can, however, depend on the Syrian.  After my unsatisfactory hook-up with Watch guy, I drop him a line and we arrange to meet.  I get to his, and he's ready and waiting, eager to kiss as soon as the door has closed behind me.  He tastes deliciously of rosewater.  It's only early and I have no other plans, so I'm keen to take it easy, and I lead him to the couch.  He grabs the last of our wine (from a week back!), but it still tastes kind of ok, so we sip and smoke as we chat.  He leans in to kiss, and our mouths meet as one.  Like teenagers, we make out on the couch for a while, but eventually I take his hand and lead him to his bedroom.

We're not in a hurry to get naked, and spend some time continuing our make-out session, when he slips his hand into my pants and works them down my legs.  As he does so, he drops to his knees and starts to suck my dick, hands working under my shirt until I remove that as well.  His hands work my chest, pinching and squeezing my nipples as he alternates between sucking and licking my dick and balls.  I am enjoying this, so I take the moment to widen my stance and stretch my hands above my head as I stand looking down as his head bobbing up and down on my member.  Heaven.

I draw him up to kiss, and turn him around.  With my cock wedged between his legs, I am slowly grinding behind him as I kiss his neck and ears, gradually bending him over as I work my mouth down his spine.  Dropping to my own knees, I dart my tongue into his crack and as he shifts his weight I drive my tongue into his hole, bringing a cry of delight from his lips.

I work him for a little while, then he straightens and turns, lifting me and taking my head in his hands as we kiss and fall backwards on to the bed, frenziedly kissing and stroking one another.  He's on top of me, when he breaks and smiles at me.  "I want..." he starts, then shakes his head and says "...nothing", resuming our kiss.  My turn to pull away, and ask him what, but he shakes his head then tells me "for you never to leave...".  Ouch.

We continue kissing, but he breaks and begins to work his mouth down my body, once more swallowing my dick and sucking it for all it's worth, only occasionally moving his focus to my balls.  As he repositions, his own dick swings about into my orbit, so I grab it and draw it towards me.  Having observed (possibly too much) porn recently, I try something new, kissing and slurping on the head only, my thumb around his base and my fingers gently playing with his balls.  I can feel him twitch and stiffen, his cock swelling in my hand, so I figure I'm onto a good thing and continue.  Like the Engineer the other night, he's also uncharacteristically leaking some pre-cum, but he changes angle again to dive down into my ass, and thus moves out of my reach.  The best I can do from this angle is bite his inner thigh, so I do that instead.  He keeps repositioning, diving deeper and deeper into my ass, and I'm squirming about and running my fingers through his hair, which is about all I'm capable of at this point, until I realise I can spit up at his hole and work my fingers in.  This gets a noise out of him that's halfway between a moan and a roar, and as he rocks back onto my fingers I know he's enjoying himself.

He moves his mouth from my hole to my balls and shaft, then up my chest, returning to my mouth, and as we kiss he positions his own hole onto my tip, wriggling slightly to get the head in.  Holding me there, we continue kissing and biting, when he lifts off to grab lube and protection.  I'm hoping he'll slip it on to me and I'll get myself inside him, but not tonight it seems.  He suits up, then squirts me with baby lotion and works my chest, stomach & crack, then, as he wriggles forward on his knees, he lifts my ass and lowers me onto his dick.  I'm still a bit sore from last night, and I gasp involuntarily.  He's horrified, and withdraws quickly, showering me with kisses and apologies.  I laugh and assure him I'm fine, so he resumes, nudging himself into me so carefully & gently I am forced to reach forward and pull him into me, if for no other reason than to enjoy the sensation of his big fat cock sliding inside me.  We rock gently together, a short bouncy fuck, then he flips me to my stomach.  Parting my legs with his knees, he lies atop me and wriggles about to find my hole again and enters in a single smooth stroke.  It's pretty uncomfortable for some reason, so I wriggle about myself and flop onto my back.  He climbs between my legs and re-enters me, his stomach drawn and his head thrown back as he thrusts his pelvis against me, his cock sliding in and out of me, and I begin to arch my back.

He sees this, and grabs my rock hard cock to start jerking me off, which truly has me squirming.  He starts to pant, and as his cock slides out once more he removes the condom and slaps his meat into the hand holding mine so that he's jerking us both simultaneously.  This is too much for me, and with his balls slapping against my own and his cock slipping and sliding against mine, I lose my load.  He begins to laugh, then more panting, then his cock erupts over my stomach.

He collapses on to me, running his lube and cum loaded hand though my hair.  After some silent cuddling, this is his excuse to take me to the bathroom and wash & shampoo me.  From here we sprawl on the couch in our underwear, chatting idly until I dress and take my leave.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Hmmm - some guys just can't, can they...

So Watch Guy has been in more-or-less constant contact, and I'm bored, so I succumb and agree to meet him.  He opens the door in his underwear and quickly beckons me in, giving me a peck on the cheek as I pass through.  He's all very official, host mode and so on, then tells me he's got 90 minutes before he has to head to work and "would I like to shower".  I exit the bathroom, and he's waiting with a glass of rosewater, which I drink and lean forward to kiss him.  He actually turns his head, and my nose makes an awkward connection with his ear as I attempt to wrap my arm around his torso, but since we last met he's acquired quite a pot belly, and I don't quite make that either.  Onto the bed and he's a little more affectionate, pecking at my cheek and rubbing his hands over my body.  I'm confused at the lack of kissing, wondering if perhaps I have dragon's breath or something, when he suddenly grabs my hair and begins to work his tongue into my mouth, ferociously biting my bottom lip and tongue along the way.  That sorted, we continue for a bit until he breaks off and works his back up the headboard and jams his cock into my mouth.  As I suck, he's reaching over my body and quite roughly finger fucking me, only stopping to slap my ass before jabbing his fingers into my hole again.  It damn well hurts, so I push his hands away and he slides back down onto the bed and holding my head he face fucks me repeatedly, but he's not that big so I go with it.  He alternates between thrusting into my mouth or bobbing my head back and forth as he lies still, then he pushes me to my side and dives down to rim me.  This lasts all of 30 seconds before he's back in my face for another kiss, then he rolls himself over so I can rim him, all the time saying porn things like "give it to me baby", and "fuck yeah", as I use my spit to work a finger or two of my own into him as I lick his balls from behind.  Now I'm not quite sure how we did it, but he manages to get onto his back, and his cock back into my mouth, but I've still got two fingers up his ass, and he announces he's going to fuck me.  He spends an inordinate amount of time finding condoms and lube, but I feel the squirt on my crack and he begins again with the fingers, still super rough, then begins to work his cock into my hole.

He's got me doggy-style, jabbing it at me in an attempt to force it in.  I don't know what the hell he's done, or what lube he's using, but it hurts.  A lot.  I'd taken The Engineer's much bigger cock last night with no problem, so clearly we're on a bad angle, but that doesn't deter him at all, even though he's struggling to get inside me.  He finally does so, and I'm yelping, so he pushes me over onto my back and, standing, he pulls my legs into the air and tries to fuck me from above, but it's no better.  I wriggle down and try to draw him onto me, but he won't have that, and refuses to let me wrap my legs around his waist.  On our sides and he's getting it in, but it keeps popping out, and he's moving my legs all over the place trying to find the right angle, but it just ain't happening.  Finally he falls onto his back and instructs me to climb on, but now he's only semi-hard and that doesn't work either, so he shoves me away.  Lying side-by-side on our back he starts to jerk off, and when hard again he climbs onto me, this time with more success.  I try to work his nipples as he fucks me for a bit, but I can't actually reach past his belly, then he announces he wants to cum in my mouth.  He removes the condom and wriggles his way up my body, dragging my head forward to meet him halfway - it takes only a minute or so, and his balls explode, forcing me to gulp repeatedly as I take his neutral tasting but massive load into me.  I am then sent to the bathroom for another shower, and when I exit he's pulling on a shisha pipe, turkish coffees at the ready.  We talk for a bit about other other hook-ups, and he's very keen to meet Cat Guy (who lives lives less than a block away), for a threesome.  I don't think so....

I finish my coffee, and on the pretext of letting him prepare for work I depart, my ass and balls aching.  You might notice I have made no reference to either my own hard-on or orgasm.  I had neither...

Drenched (again!)

Taking further advantage of my 'freedom', last night I message the Engineer.  He can't, but promises for tonight.  Grabbing a last drink and cigarette before his arrival, I then clean myself out, brush my teeth and so on, and I hear him enter, calling my name.

I practically skip down the stairs to see him, and once more he has come directly from the gym.  We embrace, but he wants to bathe, so we go upstairs and chat as he washes.  While he's drying off, I get to admire his body, so he laughs and flexes, then gives me a quizzical look.  "Shouldn't you be waiting in the bedroom?" he says, before taking my hand and leading me hence.  He kisses me, his hands roaming my body and tugging at the few clothes I'm wearing, then we're standing and naked, his cock jabbing at my balls as he cups my ass and nuzzles my neck.

He leads me to the bed, and we stretch out together, both exhausted from a very long week, and we begin to kiss, again our hands pushing, pulling and probing as we do so.  Poppers as always, and I work my mouth down his body, licking and kissing as I go, before I begin to bite at his groin and lick his balls.  I slurp my way up his bouncing cock, teasing and licking the tip before taking it in my mouth and working it with an up down motion.  One advantage of the recent porn fest is the variety of techniques one witnesses, so I can now watch them under the pretense of 'study' (as long as I remember to apply what I've learnt of course).

We continue for a while, and, unusually for him, he starts to leak so pre-cum, so I slow down a bit.  But he won't have any of it, and asks me "which way I want it".  I reply by rolling to my stomach and parting my legs.

He positions himself above me, his thighs straddling mine, he lubes us both up and takes another hit of poppers, then holds the bottle under my nose as well.  Knowing what is coming, I inhale deeply.  He is sitting atop me, gently massaging my shoulders, and with a wriggle and a thrust he has entered me, perfectly timed with the rush of the drug.  Holding himself still inside me, he lowers his body onto mine and begins to gently work his hips.  This is great.  I can feel his length sliding in and out of me, with the brief 'buckle' as his cock bends against my hole before finding its way back inside me adding to the pleasure.  Awesome.  He pulls his knee up a little to raise my hip, then starts to piston in and out of me, eliciting moans of pleasure from us both as he thumps and pumps at my ass, all the while kissing my neck as I suck his fingers.

He starts that slightly unfocussed thrusting that tells me he's on the edge, so I tell him to slow down a little but he grunts "I'm fine habibi" through clenched teeth, when he suddenly withdraws with a cry and dumps his load all over my back.  And what a load.  I feel the first rope between my shoulder blades, then the second hits the back of my neck, then more across my lower back as he relentlessly bounces himself up and down on his haunches, his balls hitting my ass.  I can feel the cum beginning to drip down my sides, but he's still going and only when I am covered in his juice does he fall to my side panting.  He grabs tissues and wipes me up, marveling himself at how much he shot before lying back beside me and asking what colour marble I think he should get for the floor of his new house.  An odd change of tempo, but not a problem.  He showers again and we go downstairs, where he hand feeds me snacks before heading off into the night