Sunday, 21 June 2015

what was I thinking....

I wake with a start on the first morning of the weekend, alarmed to find the Syrian sleeping gently beside me.  After a night of far too many drinks, it appears I've made a booty call...  My head throbbing, I slip out of bed and downstairs to check my phone.  Yep.  I've told him at 02:10 that I'd hosted a party (true) and that my wife had now left with some of the guests for their chalet (a beach-house, but untrue as she's in NYC with the children), and he should thus hurry over and bring his toothbrush.  My ass feels ok, and my nipples don't hurt (he's a biter), so it seems he's been the gentleman and not taken advantage of my drunken state.

So I creep back upstairs, take some aspirin, brush my teeth, clean out my ass and go back to bed.  Not long before he stirs, sleepily smiling at me and drawing me into his arms before breaking away and heading to the bathroom.  He comes back all minty fresh and wants to kiss, so I wriggle into his arms and we start to make out.  I have no idea how far this will go - we're into the holy month, and I know he's fasting, so sex is technically out of the question.  But he keeps going, giving me what amounts to a tongue bath, interspersed with many kisses on my mouth and my cockhead, and on occasion a bite to my nipples to make sure I'm awake.  Paralysed as I am with a hangover, I can barely do more than lie there and enjoy, occasionally reciprocating, but to be honest not with too much enthusiasm.  Notwithstanding this, my dick was rock hard, and I managed to spit fuck him not once, but twice, kissing him hard as his wriggled on me from above, cowboy style.  He's getting used to this, so I won't have to always bottom for him I hope.  I didn't touch his dick other than to reposition it, but soon enough he has me on my back, and draws my legs around his waist.

He tilts me back so my hole aims high, then spits on it before attempting to work his dick into me, but I tell him not without lube, so he returns to the bathroom and finds some lotion and condoms.  Yes, the same ring-burning lotion from earlier in the week, but I have nothing else so we proceed.  He smiles at me from above, and glides his cock straight into me without pause, but there's no discomfort at all, even when the tempo increases as he starts to pump.  It's actually a nice fuck - we're slotted together well physically, the rhythm is good, the pace sufficiently variable to keep us both interested, and the sun is coming through the window, casting a nice warmth on the bed.

We go like this for a while, when his eyes literally roll back in his head and he pulls out, spurting his load onto my stomach as he grunts repeatedly.   As his focus returns, he looks down at my still fairly hard dick and smiles.  As he does so, he scoops up his cum and uses it as lube to jerk me off.  I still have my legs draped around him, and he can clearly feel them trembling as I start to orgasm - he begins a savage downstroke and light upstroke method on me, and I shoot.  Not much, but far, the first few shots landing on my upper chest then points below until I'm done.

He stretches out on top of me, and we cuddle for a bit, then he heads to the shower.  After this he takes juice and coffee (not sure how this sits with the fasting either), and I tell him my wife will home 'shortly'.  God love the guy - he wanted to clean up the bedroom, as he was concerned she would find his black hair in the  sheets, but I told him I would blame the maid, so he left with a smile and I went back to sleep, dreaming of how many more 'chalet visits' my wife might make in the coming weeks...

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