Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The things you see....

As it is forbidden to smoke in public, one has to creep about like a thief to find a discreet places to do so.  I've found a quiet stairwell nearby that is shielded and ventilated, and also favoured by other infidels at this time of year.  But not just for smoking it seems...

As an aside, I've developed a nodding acquaintance with one of the security guys, and my gaydar is up, but that's about it.  He's muscular, north Asian (Nepal maybe?), kinda handsome, and with the legs and butt of a centaur, but nothing else really registered.

Yesterday I got to witness the following;

Immediately inside the door, a guy squatting as he chatted on the phone.  Nothing unusual there, but he appears to be in a puddle.  As I look again, I see that he's got the phone in one hand, his dick in the other and he's taking a piss out of his skirt as he chats.  He's unfazed by my approach, so I avoid the wet patch and keep going.  The place doesn't stink, so this must be unusual.

Later I walk across again, and as I enter the stairway I hear a soft noise.  Closing the door quietly behind me, I step carefully around the corner, and there's the security guard getting a blowjob from a cleaner.  Trousers around his knees, his legs are even more massive than I thought, and with his head tilted back and his eyes closed, the other guys head is cradled in his hands as he slowly face-fucks him.  In a comedic touch, the cleaner has one hand on the wall, and the other still clutching his broom for balance.  I quietly retire and leave them to their fun.

Interested to see what awaits today!


  1. Honestly, I think I'd be more shocked by the guy taking a piss than the guy getting a BJ. Life can be so entertaining.

  2. Entertaining? Indeed! It was the bj that surprised me - one doesn't get the lash and/or deported for pissing in public!

  3. Things like this doesn't happen as nearly as I hope. And I always keep my eye out for secret places to play! =)

  4. I rarely see places like this. I need to get out more often.