Saturday, 13 June 2015

The climax to my weekend....

I'm slumped on the couch, watching vintage french porn (the '80s and '90s have a lot to answer for), and nursing my hangover, when my phone beeps.  As expected, Cat guy wants to catch up, so in the sporting spirit of 'the challenge', I climb into the car and make my way to his place.  We're sitting on his couch, when he stands and drops his shorts to reveal that amazing fat, fat, FAT cock of his, and without any words just grabs the back of my head and shoves it in my mouth.  Ok.

After sucking it for a bit, working my tongue up and down the shaft, and teasing the head before moving on to his sack and crack, he walks away and lies face down on the bed so I can continue the rim job, which I do, giving him a bonus back rub as well.  He's good with this, until he feels my cock start to stiffen in his ass crack, and accuses me of trying to fuck him by stealth.  As 'punishment' for this, I am flipped onto my stomach and my legs are spread.  Nudging my hole with his cock, he suits it and spits on it and starts to wriggle it in, but it's so fat (did I mention that?), I can barely wrap my hand around it, let alone take it unlubed.  He grabs some lube and begins to thrust and withdraw, gaining a little more depth each time, but I'm gasping and biting his hands as he continues his assault on my ass, finally driving it fully in before pausing and holding still.  I can feel something throbbing, but I'm not sure if it's him or my own muscles adjusting to this invasion.  With a thrust and a wriggle, he lifts my hips a little and begins to fuck me, quite smoothly at first, building in speed until he withdraws and turns me to my side.  This is the position The Engineer usually takes me in, and I know I can accommodate 'size' from this angle, but really, this guy has an outstandingly fat cock (did I mention that?), and it still hurts.  Onto my back and he leans in to kiss me as he bends me almost double, my legs over his shoulders, and that's better, but he is relentless in the pounding and I am flipped to my stomach again.  Holding me from behind, his chest is melded to my back, but his hips are working jackhammer style, and he is using his legs to scissor my own, either forcing them apart or pushing them together.  This is working for both of us, but he shows no sign of cumming, so I finally call time and tell him I'll jerk him off.  He falls to the side, cock standing upright, and I go in to blow him, but he guides my head lower and tells me to lick his balls as he begins to jerk off (Egyptians are partial to this it seems).  This takes somewhat longer than expected (my neck was stiff), and he finally, with much squirming and air thrusting, shoots a remarkably small load into his navel.  My ass is killing me, and I depart for the bathroom to clean up, avoiding his many pets along the way.  We end up going for a quick meal together, then I drop him back at his with promises to catch up again soon.  However, part of this weekend's frenzy is driven by the looming holy month, where a surprising number of observers adopt abstinence as part of their fast, so I'm not sure who I'll even see over the next four weeks.

So, 4 x partners and 6 x fucks in just under 36 hours.  I need a bath...

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  1. Dirty, dirty, boy! I love it! Btw, I too, love a big fat cock!!!