Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sin City fun

So I head down there, and of course nothing works.  Grindr is throwing up profiles but no visuals, Scruff won't even load and I've decided Growlr isn't really for me, but I open it then more-or-less close it immediately.

Short working day, and I'm by the pool idling flicking through Grindr (despite the lack of pics).  An offer of a 3sum in the hotel comes through, then it's a 4sum, but the guy is cagey on details so I pass.  One guy is persistent, and I politely tell him no thanks, then he asks me a very specific question about myself and it's clear we've hooked up before.  I tell him I have no visuals, but quickly work out it's the Italian, so I invite him over.  He's at my door in 30 minutes, the cheeky grin meeting me as I open the door.  He wants to chat for a bit, but eventually I get him down to his briefs and we fall to the bed kissing.  He's into frottage, so we slide and grind about on one another for a while, then I work my way down to kiss his cock and balls through the fabric, his underwear drenched in pre-cum, as he runs his hands through my hair, then he drags me up to kiss some more.  His turn to kiss my body, and he drags his razor sharp stubble over my dick, and I yelp so he stops.  He pushes me back into the pillows, all the time kissing and holding my head in his hands as he grinds his significant bulk against me, but as we roll about I get him onto his back and begin to bite and kiss his rock solid chest.  With one hand I slide his briefs off, and the other I pinch his nipples as I nip and bite my way down his body, paying attention to the area next to his groin.  Before he arrived I quickly reviewed my previous post about him, which was a handy primer in what he liked.  Yet another advantage of keeping a sex blog!

As I lick and suck his balls, he begins to jerk us both off, and I start to edge a little, so I reposition my body out of his reach, as he continues to stroke his own dick.  As before, he's fingering his hole, so I push his hands out of the way and substitute my own, getting a third digit into him before he grunts and squeezes me out.  The guy has enormous stamina, and he's leaking pre-cum everywhere - for someone so close, he can pull it for quite a while and is eagerly thrashing at himself as I lick and lick again, working a single finger in and out of him.

Finally he announces he wants to cum, and draws himself onto me as before, straddling my chest with his uncut cock bobbing just inches from my mouth - I begin to lick his shaft in and around his working hands, when he rolls onto his back and begins to airthrust as he jerks himself off, slumping back onto the bed as a torrent of creamy white cum begins to flow out of his cock, coating it, his hands and his balls as it just keeps coming.  He clutches and scratches my thigh as I begin to jerk off as well, quickly popping a quick spurt followed by a less torrid flow which left us both gasping.

He wants to chat some more, so we lie about naked - the cum slowing drying on us - then he showers and leaves as I have a dinner engagement.

When I do return to my hometown, I open Growlr and find a stream of messages from stupidly hot seeming guys who wanted to meet me while I was there....  Damn, some of the pics they sent....

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