Friday, 12 June 2015

Random quickie

Again, the Syrian messages me.  Am I free to visit his new apartment?  Of course I am!  Directions provided, I head off.  It's far nicer than the old place, with a view of the sea and the accompanying breeze.  We sit on his new couches, strangely shy, and make small talk.  Finally, I stretch back and he moves across to hold my head in his hands as we kiss.  It's only a short while before we're in the bedroom, undressing each other as we kiss and nip at each other before falling onto the bed.

As always, he is keen to please & pleasure me, running his tongue up and down my body, comprehensively and thoroughly sucking my dick before moving in to rim me.  We're on a different angle today, and I find that I can reach his hole with my own tongue as his flicks and flutters over mine.  He's able to dart his in and out of me, spreading my pucker as he does so, but the best I can manage is to lick and lap at his taint and bud.

As we move about the bed, I find myself astride him as he lies on his back, and I move down so I can suck his cock before working up his body and leaning down to fill his mouth with cock flavoured spit, which he eagerly sucks out of my mouth.  Now that his cock is covered in my spit, and my hole with his, we're a natural fit and I lower myself onto his shaft as his wriggles and grimaces with pleasure.  I finally bottom out on him, and we just rest together, joined as one.  I can kind of feel him pulsing inside me, so I clench my muscles and drag myself upwards before sliding back down.  The clench is clearly working for him, but the downthrust for me is kinda painful, so I switch to a clench relax rhythm as I work my weight against his frame.

He's lying beneath me, twitching and groaning as I ride him, his eyes occasionally rolling backwards.  Then he reaches forward and grabs my cock.  As I relax downwards, a shudder runs through me & I know I'm close.  I flick his hands away so that I can prolong my fun, but greedy me soon grabs them back and I soon shoot my load all over him.  As I slump down, spent, he whips himself out of me and sprays his own load, and we slide together laughing and kissing.

As always, we share a shower, tea & a cigarette before I take my leave.

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