Saturday, 13 June 2015

Plan executed... (part 2)

So I've lined the Syrian up for 10pm, and go to this tiresome event near his home beforehand.  By 9:30pm I'm bored to tears and a little bit drunk, so I message and ask if I can come over now.  All good, so I exit the party and tell the driver where to head.  As we travel, I begin to hatch another plan, and at the Syrian's place I detach my housekeys from the car keys & tell the driver to wait.  Once upstairs I tell the Syrian my wife is away 'for the night', and I'd like to sleep over if he can run me home in the morning.  His sheer delight when I mention this is touching, so I dismiss the driver (telling him I have another ride), and we get down to it.

Initially, he only wants to stand and kiss, but after a few minutes we're naked and horizontal.  I'm drunker than I thought, and my dick is rock hard, so I insist it's 'my turn' to fuck.  He's not happy about this, but he lubes us both up, and with me on my back and him astride me, he gently and slowly lowers himself onto my pole, grunting and grimacing as he does, when he hits bottom and rests there smiling at me and shaking his head "too much" he says, "too, too much".  I smile back and gently flick my hips, and he cries out and climbs off  me.  I tell him that's ok, as there are plenty of other guys who like to be fucked and I was happy to use them from time to time, but he shakes his head in horror and says I am "his", then promptly climbs back onto me, grinding away as his face contorts in pain.  Seeing this, I feel like a bastard, so I tell him it's ok and pull my cock out, before dragging him down to kiss.  From here, we revert to our usual tongue thrusting, dry humping, roll around on the bed frenzy, when he smiles and lifts my legs over his shoulders before lubing up and entering me.  He takes it slowly, and I feel every cm of his cock slide into me, then I arch my back to get the last bit as he leans down to bite my nipples.  It's good.  He fucks me for while in this position, then gradually rotates my body - from my back to my side, then onto my stomach, all the while timing his thrusts and my turns perfectly, then full circle onto my back again before he withdraws and pops his load all over me.  Other than to clean my hole, I haven't bathed since breakfast, and I smile to myself as I realise his cum has joined both the Engineers, the Falcons and my own on my body, and momentarily wonder what I must look like under one of those CSI lights.  Nasty I suspect, and it's only 11pm.

He's out of cigarettes, and won't touch mine, so he runs out to the shop.  As he leaves, I stretch out on his bed and fall asleep.  I am rudely awakened some time later as he is actually chewing on my hole (teeth!!!), and pinching my nipples hard - I feel as though I've somehow been violated, but soon get over that and begin to respond.  After fucking me some more, he leans down to give me a blowjob, but in my sleepy state, and after three fucks in a little over twelve hours, my hole is loose and I let rip with a massive fart.  I'm horrified, but he smiles and says "is ok" before resuming his work.  He then slides himself down the bed, and with our balls and butts touching but our bodies at 180 degrees, he begins to work his cock back into me.  I hadn't been fucked in that position since the Professional, and it feels good.  Suddenly he withdraws and starts to furiously jerk himself off, my toes tickling his sack, when he blows a surprisingly large load and starts to laugh.  I climb onto him, squishing his juice between us, and we fall asleep entwined in each others arms.

The next morning, I wake as the little spoon (and with a monster hangover), his morning wood wedged between my legs.  Conscious of dragon breath, I am reluctant to return his kisses, but he reaches past me and hands me a glass of rosewater to drink.  We're good after this, but I also notice my hole has been pre-lubed (!!!), and we're on again for a morning glory.  It's quick, and I don't cum, but soon we've showered and I find myself naked with a semi in his kitchen as we drink coffee together, and totally not self-conscious about it.  The Syrian has a great body, and I find myself drinking in the view of that (and his own semi-hard cock) along with my coffee as we chat and nuzzle one another in the sunlight that streams though his balcony door.

All too soon it is time for him to run me home, and we part company until next time.

So - the plan was executed pretty much flawlessly.  3 x partners, two bonus fucks, and possibly the Cat guy this afternoon!

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