Saturday, 13 June 2015

Plan executed... (part 1)

Well, that was surprisingly easy.  So much so that I contemplated a fourth partner (purely in the sporting spirit), but that seems a bit Slutty McSlutSlut even by my quickly falling standards.

So - the Engineer was here at 10am, and gone by 11:15 (covered here).  After lunch, I send Cat guy a message, and he's a bit slow to respond, but when he does it's in the negative as he has plans for today, but wants to meet tomorrow.  I'm a bit annoyed - I've fully embraced 'the plan', and this is a roadblock.  Then I decide at 4pm to give The Falcon a try - it's been waaaay too long since I've seen him (although we chat and flirt online regularly), and to my surprise and delight, he's both free and nearby.

Within 15 minutes he's at my door, that killer smile lighting up his face as he enters.  He breaks into an enthusiastic rant about how happy he is that I've called, so happy to see me after so long, and how hot it is outside.  I offer him juice, water, whatever, and he replies "we fuck, then whisky".  I'm good with that, so we head upstairs.   I've mentioned previously Falcon's old-fashioned taste in underwear, and now we are one-on-one I get to watch him remove his clothes - the guy actually wears double everything - 2 x undershirts, bloomers with trunks beneath, as well as jeans, a chambray shirt, shoes & socks.  No wonder he's feeling the heat.  I'm in a tee, & commando beneath my shorts, so when he orders me to remove my own clothes 'so he can watch', it doesn't take me long, and he smiles and reaches forward to stroke my chest as the bulge in his trunks grows.  He whips them off, and pushes me backwards onto the bed, squirming and writhing atop me as we kiss.  I'd forgotten how totally hairless he is, and how smooth his skin, so I'm happy to run and rub my hands over his body as we embrace.  He's quite an aggressive kisser (and biter), but it's fun.  Recalling a meet where he wouldn't kiss me after his cock had been in my mouth, I'm hesitant to blow him, but needs must, and I'm soon choking on his member as he face fucks me, but to my surprise he then drags me upward to kiss again and again.  He won't suck my dick, but he's happy to lick my balls and jerk me off, so again, more than expected.

He flips me to my stomach, and straddles me, spitting on my hole and using saliva to wet himself, but he's simply too big for that, and mindful I want to meet the Syrian tonight, I grab the lube (handily nearby from my encounter with the Engineer that morning), and tell him to use it.  He obliges, and after some lube assisted humping, soon his fat cock penetrates me as he bites my back and drags his fingers in and out of my mouth.  Damn it feels good - he's using a short stroke method, more-or-less bouncing himself in and out of me, when he uses his knees to force my legs apart then begins to seriously pound me.  As earlier, I'm clutching the edge of the mattress, and he's going for it, withdrawing his cock time and again, then stabbing my hole and lunging the full length in.  Every now and then he reverts to short stroke mode, then pauses when he's balls deep before resuming, but it's getting uncomfortable, so I wriggle out & turn over, wrapping my legs around his waist so we can kiss as he fucks me from above.  He's got remarkable stamina, and he's now covered in sweat, so we're sliding about on one another and he announces he wants to cum.  I tell him to shoot on my chest, but he climbs atop me a forces his balls into my face with the instruction 'lick'.  I do so as he jerks off, then he forces his cock into my mouth and I can feel the pre-cum coursing out.  As he's jerking off, I notice he's using his other hand to rub his belly (something I do as well), when he reaches up to tweak his nipples and his load suddenly floods my mouth.  He's gasping as he shoots (and I'm gulping), then we are suddenly done and he slides himself down to lie beside me.  With a mouth full of his cum, I don't expect any further oral contact, but he's happy to kiss and even licks a little overspill off my chin as we lie there in blissful peace.

I watch him (and his gorgeous bubble butt) bathe, then move downstairs for cigarettes and whisky before I have to boot him out as my driver arrives shortly to take me to my function (and afterwards the Syrian).  It's 6:15pm

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