Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mid-week fun...

So in the lead up to the month of fasting, the Engineer is desperate to squeeze in a another meet or so before 'obligations' consume his life.  This must be a nightmare for observers - no eating, drinking, smoking, fucking or even wanking during daylight hours, which run for around 15 hours at this time of year.  So he pings me and wants to come over.  I'm clearly happy with this, but peeved that I had jerked off this morning (thinking of the Harus actually).

He arrives, late as always, complaining of traffic and family drama, so I give him juice and tell him to sit down.  "We're not here to watch TV" his reply, so we move upstairs. Once again, we just stand looking at one another before moving in to kiss, our hands roaming and gradually removing one anothers clothes.  Soon we are naked, and I step back to admire his body, which makes him giggle and blush before he takes my hand and leads me to the bed.  We kiss and kiss for a long time, exploring our bodies and gently licking, biting and sucking each other, when I move my tongue down his torso and begin to lick and kiss his balls, swirling my tongue about before taking his shaft in my mouth.  He's murmuring softly, and running his hands through my hair, then he draws me up his body to resume kissing.  As before, it's comfortable, relaxed and slow.  He actually says that he wishes he could make love to his wife like this, which was exactly what I was thinking as well.  He leans back and grabs his poppers, holding the bottle under my nose before drawing deeply himself, and as the rush hits so too we become more active, tongues intertwined and hands everywhere.  I get him into the little spoon position, nipping at his shoulders and caressing his stomach as I grind my cock between his legs, when he turns his head and asks if "I want", so I roll to my side.  "No no" he says, drawing me back, and reaching out for the lube, he greases my cock up and guides it into his hole.  I haven't fucked him for a while, and damn it feels good.

He's wriggling in front of me, his butt pushing against me, and I can barely get half my length in owing to his globes, so I withdraw and pull/push him to his stomach, then resume my entry.  He's making quite a noise, both of encouragement and protest, but I persist, reveling in the sensation of my cock in his ass, and this large and powerful man almost, but not quite, at my mercy.  I start to edge, so I pull out, but quickly resume as he squirms and moans with pleasure.  The edging begins again, so I withdraw, but he protests so I go back in for a few more thrusts, however the moment has passed and I'm annoyingly done.  The whole time I'm fucking him, he's complaining that the lotion 'burns', which I dismiss as nonsense.  This is the stuff I put on my face after shaving, so it can't be that bad!

More poppers, and he has me on my side and begins a full-on assault on my ass, entering me quickly and in one stroke, then basically fucking the hell out of me.  As he works his length in and out of me, I feel a slow burn start to build, just as he had said.  How can this be?  Then it dawns on me - there must be menthol or similar in the lotion (although it's unscented), and goddamn it hurts.

As I ride the wave of both the poppers and the moment, I have a dissociative second or two, where I see myself - curled in a foetal position as he holds me from behind, his hips pounding at me, my face no doubt flushed and my free hand holding the back of his knee to help, and I roar with a combination of pain and excitement.  What with the burning and all, I'm begging him to withdraw and finish 'by his hand', but he's panting "so close, so close" like a mantra, so when I am pushed on to my back as he withdraws and his load covers my torso I'm happy it's over.  We lie together laughing and catching our breath, when he leans in and says "you kill me" before heading to the shower.

We do end up watching TV for a bit as we share a meal, and he's most curious about my art collection, so we wander through some rooms and discuss.  He then tells me he's tired, but will see me next week.  I hope!

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