Saturday, 27 June 2015

Evening quickie...

The Syrian wants me to pass by, "whenever I can after he breaks his fast", and as I'm pretty much a free agent we arrange a late evening meet.  Traffic is not as bad as expected, and I'm with him a little before scheduled but he's fine with that.

Tonight we have a rare treat - a bottle of wine to share.  I did think to check beforehand (I already know he drinks), and I arrive duly armed with said bottle and the all-important opener.  We pour into tumblers (as you might imagine, not a lot of people of his faith own corkscrews or wineglasses), and salut one another before settling on to the couch for idle chit-chat and bad TV (an utterly incomprehensible Egyptian slapstick comedy, "special for Ramadan").  For some reason he brings out his jewellery box, and begins to press various rings studded with large semi-precious stones upon me, but as a) I'm not able to explain this to my wife, and b) I'm not inclined to wear such things anyway, I decline with thanks.

Anyway.  The bottle is on the dining table, and I go to fetch it in order to refresh our glasses.  He's right behind me, and as I turn he's standing there, lips puckered and ready to kiss.  I oblige, and we're into it.  Standing in his living room, we're running our hands over one another, stroking our bodies and kissing.  And kissing.  He keeps telling me 'how good I taste', and leads me to the bedroom and removes my clothes.  We stand naked together kissing, our stiff cocks rubbing together against our stomachs, and he gently lowers me onto the bed as his hands stroke my ass and legs.  We fool around for a bit, him licking and kissing me all over before giving my cock a thorough sucking as he strokes my balls.  I reach through his legs and begin to lightly scratch at his sack, which makes him shudder and increase the ferocity with which he sucks me, but I drag him around to a 69 and take his cock in my own mouth, feeling his tight little butt flex and relax as I lick and suck his shaft.  He rolls over so that he's on his back, and I return the favour some more.  Working down his body I suck, bite and lick whatever I can, then run my tongue across his balls and up his dick, laughing as it twitches and starts to slap against my cheek.  He thrusts into my mouth for a while, then drags me up to kiss, and rolls us again so I am on my back, my legs wrapped around his waist.  He slides down and rims me, before coming back to kiss some more, his body between my legs and his cock pushing against my hole.  We break to find lotion and condoms, then, smiling down at me, he reaches back and somehow grabs both my ankles and draws me onto him, his thick cock sliding right in as I am impaled on it.  Ouft.  He bottoms out and holds position, then lets go of my ankles and falls onto his elbows as our mouths meet.  As we kiss, he begins to thrust, working his length in and out of me, and I start to feel myself going.  One of life's greatest sensations is to shoot while being fucked, and it doesn't happen nearly often enough, so I grab the moment and use some excess lotion to jerk off, but he slaps my hand away and starts to do it himself.  I am gasping and squirming on his pole, and suddenly I release and to his delight, cum floods my stomach.  As I shoot, I'm clenching my butt, and this sets him off as well - he withdraws, rips off the condom and lets a small but torrid load loose on me, then falls forward on me to kiss as our bodies continue twitching.  We lie together for a while, idly making out (I am thinking he wants to go for another round), but my ass is sore, so I call shower time.  As I wash, he stands naked and smoking, making approving comments on my physique.  That's twice in a week!

After, we finish our wine and I leave.  When I get home and re-open my phone, I see messages from both  Watch Guy and The Jordanian looking to 'catch up'.  I'm not sure I'm ready to be bent, bitten or slapped around again, so I reply with a local word that be taken as either  "Sure, hopefully soon", or "In your dreams", thus keeping my options open...

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