Wednesday, 24 June 2015


The Engineer has gotten the majority of his family obligations out of the way (he has an incomprehensibly large number of siblings), and we are back on track to exploit the absence of my family and meet often.  He indicates the time he'll be with me, and rather than go through the charade of text and reply ("I'm here", "Then come in ffs"), I tell him to let himself into the house upon arrival.  So I'm sprawled on the couch - watching "Starship Troopers" for gods sake - when the door opens and he enters.  The genuine smiles exchanged and the warmth that I felt to see him really surprised me.  He's come straight from the gym, he's still covered in sweat and his clothes are stuck to him, but I want to kiss him and inhale that musk.  He won't have a bar of it.  "I must shower" he declares, taking himself off to the bathroom.

I'm waiting in the bedroom when he emerges, naked and drying his hair, when he throws the towel to the ground and grabs me - as we kiss and embrace, he's roughly undressing me, pushing and pulling at my clothes until we are naked together, the length and warmth of our cocks present between our stomachs.

We fall to the bed and just begin to make out.  It's simple and uncomplicated, driven more by affection than by any sort of animal instinct, and we are wanting only to enjoy ourselves and one another.  As always, he's got poppers, and they eventually come out and we partake.  The rush hits, and we become more active, biting and sucking one another, his rigid cock sliding up and down my stomach as he thrusts during our kiss.  I move my mouth down his body, kissing and sucking as I go, and start to lick his balls.  This has him shuddering, and I hear him undo the cap on the popper bottle again.  I start to lick his shaft, mentally counting the seconds until I figure the poppers kick in, then I spit on his cock and swallow it whole, working my tongue against the tip and underside while he squirms and gasps, copping the sensations internally and physically.  He grabs my head and drags me to his face, and we kiss at length, before he rolls me to my back and plants himself atop me.  I'm almost smothered by his bulk, but in a good way, and we continue to kiss as I make lazy figure 8's on his back with my fingernails.  He moves down to blow me, and I once more experience that amazing technique of his.  I'm watching what he does - it's as though he's making a birdcall the way he holds his thumb/forefinger around my shaft as his remaining fingers flutter around in line with the up down motion of his mouth.  Awesome.

Eventually, he rolls me to my stomach and straddles my thighs.  After last time, I purchased new lube, which he approvingly comments on, before he squirts it on my crack and leans down to kiss the back of my neck.  As he lies atop me, he shifts his hips a little, finds the spot and slowly but persistently enters me.  For whatever reason I am feeling no discomfort whatsoever, and am actually enjoying the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of me as I suck and bite his fingers.

Having come from the gym, he's pumped both mentally and physically, and he starts to increase his tempo, even somehow spreading my cheeks to get that little bit 'extra' in, which again, isn't bothering me - I even push back to assist him.  Although I can't work out how's he's positioned - with a hand resting lightly on each of my ass cheeks, and his cock pistoning in and out of me, is he planking back there?  Some sort of amazing 'core' that means he can support his own weight?

Before I can get too distracted however, he shouts out and flips me over (how I never kick him in the head is an ongoing miracle).  With a series of squeals and grunts he shoots his load all over my chest, then huffing and puffing he falls back on his haunches.

Smiling down at me, he says "C'mon baby" and scoops up his cum to jerk me off.  It works, and I spill myself on myself very soon.  I tell him we're going back to condoms - I want him to go longer and I also want to feel him pulsing inside me as he unloads.  He's happy with that thought...

After juice, tea, and more bad television, he must leave.  I'm traveling to Sin City for a few days, so possibly a week before we get to meet again....

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