Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sin City fun

So I head down there, and of course nothing works.  Grindr is throwing up profiles but no visuals, Scruff won't even load and I've decided Growlr isn't really for me, but I open it then more-or-less close it immediately.

Short working day, and I'm by the pool idling flicking through Grindr (despite the lack of pics).  An offer of a 3sum in the hotel comes through, then it's a 4sum, but the guy is cagey on details so I pass.  One guy is persistent, and I politely tell him no thanks, then he asks me a very specific question about myself and it's clear we've hooked up before.  I tell him I have no visuals, but quickly work out it's the Italian, so I invite him over.  He's at my door in 30 minutes, the cheeky grin meeting me as I open the door.  He wants to chat for a bit, but eventually I get him down to his briefs and we fall to the bed kissing.  He's into frottage, so we slide and grind about on one another for a while, then I work my way down to kiss his cock and balls through the fabric, his underwear drenched in pre-cum, as he runs his hands through my hair, then he drags me up to kiss some more.  His turn to kiss my body, and he drags his razor sharp stubble over my dick, and I yelp so he stops.  He pushes me back into the pillows, all the time kissing and holding my head in his hands as he grinds his significant bulk against me, but as we roll about I get him onto his back and begin to bite and kiss his rock solid chest.  With one hand I slide his briefs off, and the other I pinch his nipples as I nip and bite my way down his body, paying attention to the area next to his groin.  Before he arrived I quickly reviewed my previous post about him, which was a handy primer in what he liked.  Yet another advantage of keeping a sex blog!

As I lick and suck his balls, he begins to jerk us both off, and I start to edge a little, so I reposition my body out of his reach, as he continues to stroke his own dick.  As before, he's fingering his hole, so I push his hands out of the way and substitute my own, getting a third digit into him before he grunts and squeezes me out.  The guy has enormous stamina, and he's leaking pre-cum everywhere - for someone so close, he can pull it for quite a while and is eagerly thrashing at himself as I lick and lick again, working a single finger in and out of him.

Finally he announces he wants to cum, and draws himself onto me as before, straddling my chest with his uncut cock bobbing just inches from my mouth - I begin to lick his shaft in and around his working hands, when he rolls onto his back and begins to airthrust as he jerks himself off, slumping back onto the bed as a torrent of creamy white cum begins to flow out of his cock, coating it, his hands and his balls as it just keeps coming.  He clutches and scratches my thigh as I begin to jerk off as well, quickly popping a quick spurt followed by a less torrid flow which left us both gasping.

He wants to chat some more, so we lie about naked - the cum slowing drying on us - then he showers and leaves as I have a dinner engagement.

When I do return to my hometown, I open Growlr and find a stream of messages from stupidly hot seeming guys who wanted to meet me while I was there....  Damn, some of the pics they sent....

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Evening quickie...

The Syrian wants me to pass by, "whenever I can after he breaks his fast", and as I'm pretty much a free agent we arrange a late evening meet.  Traffic is not as bad as expected, and I'm with him a little before scheduled but he's fine with that.

Tonight we have a rare treat - a bottle of wine to share.  I did think to check beforehand (I already know he drinks), and I arrive duly armed with said bottle and the all-important opener.  We pour into tumblers (as you might imagine, not a lot of people of his faith own corkscrews or wineglasses), and salut one another before settling on to the couch for idle chit-chat and bad TV (an utterly incomprehensible Egyptian slapstick comedy, "special for Ramadan").  For some reason he brings out his jewellery box, and begins to press various rings studded with large semi-precious stones upon me, but as a) I'm not able to explain this to my wife, and b) I'm not inclined to wear such things anyway, I decline with thanks.

Anyway.  The bottle is on the dining table, and I go to fetch it in order to refresh our glasses.  He's right behind me, and as I turn he's standing there, lips puckered and ready to kiss.  I oblige, and we're into it.  Standing in his living room, we're running our hands over one another, stroking our bodies and kissing.  And kissing.  He keeps telling me 'how good I taste', and leads me to the bedroom and removes my clothes.  We stand naked together kissing, our stiff cocks rubbing together against our stomachs, and he gently lowers me onto the bed as his hands stroke my ass and legs.  We fool around for a bit, him licking and kissing me all over before giving my cock a thorough sucking as he strokes my balls.  I reach through his legs and begin to lightly scratch at his sack, which makes him shudder and increase the ferocity with which he sucks me, but I drag him around to a 69 and take his cock in my own mouth, feeling his tight little butt flex and relax as I lick and suck his shaft.  He rolls over so that he's on his back, and I return the favour some more.  Working down his body I suck, bite and lick whatever I can, then run my tongue across his balls and up his dick, laughing as it twitches and starts to slap against my cheek.  He thrusts into my mouth for a while, then drags me up to kiss, and rolls us again so I am on my back, my legs wrapped around his waist.  He slides down and rims me, before coming back to kiss some more, his body between my legs and his cock pushing against my hole.  We break to find lotion and condoms, then, smiling down at me, he reaches back and somehow grabs both my ankles and draws me onto him, his thick cock sliding right in as I am impaled on it.  Ouft.  He bottoms out and holds position, then lets go of my ankles and falls onto his elbows as our mouths meet.  As we kiss, he begins to thrust, working his length in and out of me, and I start to feel myself going.  One of life's greatest sensations is to shoot while being fucked, and it doesn't happen nearly often enough, so I grab the moment and use some excess lotion to jerk off, but he slaps my hand away and starts to do it himself.  I am gasping and squirming on his pole, and suddenly I release and to his delight, cum floods my stomach.  As I shoot, I'm clenching my butt, and this sets him off as well - he withdraws, rips off the condom and lets a small but torrid load loose on me, then falls forward on me to kiss as our bodies continue twitching.  We lie together for a while, idly making out (I am thinking he wants to go for another round), but my ass is sore, so I call shower time.  As I wash, he stands naked and smoking, making approving comments on my physique.  That's twice in a week!

After, we finish our wine and I leave.  When I get home and re-open my phone, I see messages from both  Watch Guy and The Jordanian looking to 'catch up'.  I'm not sure I'm ready to be bent, bitten or slapped around again, so I reply with a local word that be taken as either  "Sure, hopefully soon", or "In your dreams", thus keeping my options open...

Body image, self loathing and a form of redemption...

I've always disliked my body.  Not that I'm hung-up about it, but I'm very reluctant to 'expose' myself in any way, silently fearing I am being sniggered at for any number of transgressions against whatever normal might be.  I was painfully thin as a youngster, to the point I was often referred to (by my own family), as a "Belsen horror", and to this day get jibes about my skinny legs and pale(ish) complexion.  I'm 6' tall and weigh 165lbs, slip into a 32" levi or a 42" jacket, so it's not like I'm a stick man, but still (and always), some form of self-consciousness.  Rare compliments I might receive are dismissed, and I didn't actually own a pair of shorts or a t-shirt until I moved to the Sandlands in my late 30's, preferring to wear jeans and baggy shirts in all weather.  Watching porn doesn't help matters either...

But.  The point of this is not to complain or self-analyze.  It's to tell you I was in bed with the Engineer the other night, and I instinctively went to cover my legs after we were done.  He stopped me mid-track and stroked my thighs, telling me how much he liked them.  I laughed and said "too thin", and resumed covering, but he was insistent.  "Not thin, slim.  And so long, so pale.  Like a model".

To receive a genuine compliment, after a lifetime of having my body adversely commented on?  Wow.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


The Engineer has gotten the majority of his family obligations out of the way (he has an incomprehensibly large number of siblings), and we are back on track to exploit the absence of my family and meet often.  He indicates the time he'll be with me, and rather than go through the charade of text and reply ("I'm here", "Then come in ffs"), I tell him to let himself into the house upon arrival.  So I'm sprawled on the couch - watching "Starship Troopers" for gods sake - when the door opens and he enters.  The genuine smiles exchanged and the warmth that I felt to see him really surprised me.  He's come straight from the gym, he's still covered in sweat and his clothes are stuck to him, but I want to kiss him and inhale that musk.  He won't have a bar of it.  "I must shower" he declares, taking himself off to the bathroom.

I'm waiting in the bedroom when he emerges, naked and drying his hair, when he throws the towel to the ground and grabs me - as we kiss and embrace, he's roughly undressing me, pushing and pulling at my clothes until we are naked together, the length and warmth of our cocks present between our stomachs.

We fall to the bed and just begin to make out.  It's simple and uncomplicated, driven more by affection than by any sort of animal instinct, and we are wanting only to enjoy ourselves and one another.  As always, he's got poppers, and they eventually come out and we partake.  The rush hits, and we become more active, biting and sucking one another, his rigid cock sliding up and down my stomach as he thrusts during our kiss.  I move my mouth down his body, kissing and sucking as I go, and start to lick his balls.  This has him shuddering, and I hear him undo the cap on the popper bottle again.  I start to lick his shaft, mentally counting the seconds until I figure the poppers kick in, then I spit on his cock and swallow it whole, working my tongue against the tip and underside while he squirms and gasps, copping the sensations internally and physically.  He grabs my head and drags me to his face, and we kiss at length, before he rolls me to my back and plants himself atop me.  I'm almost smothered by his bulk, but in a good way, and we continue to kiss as I make lazy figure 8's on his back with my fingernails.  He moves down to blow me, and I once more experience that amazing technique of his.  I'm watching what he does - it's as though he's making a birdcall the way he holds his thumb/forefinger around my shaft as his remaining fingers flutter around in line with the up down motion of his mouth.  Awesome.

Eventually, he rolls me to my stomach and straddles my thighs.  After last time, I purchased new lube, which he approvingly comments on, before he squirts it on my crack and leans down to kiss the back of my neck.  As he lies atop me, he shifts his hips a little, finds the spot and slowly but persistently enters me.  For whatever reason I am feeling no discomfort whatsoever, and am actually enjoying the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of me as I suck and bite his fingers.

Having come from the gym, he's pumped both mentally and physically, and he starts to increase his tempo, even somehow spreading my cheeks to get that little bit 'extra' in, which again, isn't bothering me - I even push back to assist him.  Although I can't work out how's he's positioned - with a hand resting lightly on each of my ass cheeks, and his cock pistoning in and out of me, is he planking back there?  Some sort of amazing 'core' that means he can support his own weight?

Before I can get too distracted however, he shouts out and flips me over (how I never kick him in the head is an ongoing miracle).  With a series of squeals and grunts he shoots his load all over my chest, then huffing and puffing he falls back on his haunches.

Smiling down at me, he says "C'mon baby" and scoops up his cum to jerk me off.  It works, and I spill myself on myself very soon.  I tell him we're going back to condoms - I want him to go longer and I also want to feel him pulsing inside me as he unloads.  He's happy with that thought...

After juice, tea, and more bad television, he must leave.  I'm traveling to Sin City for a few days, so possibly a week before we get to meet again....

The things you see....

As it is forbidden to smoke in public, one has to creep about like a thief to find a discreet places to do so.  I've found a quiet stairwell nearby that is shielded and ventilated, and also favoured by other infidels at this time of year.  But not just for smoking it seems...

As an aside, I've developed a nodding acquaintance with one of the security guys, and my gaydar is up, but that's about it.  He's muscular, north Asian (Nepal maybe?), kinda handsome, and with the legs and butt of a centaur, but nothing else really registered.

Yesterday I got to witness the following;

Immediately inside the door, a guy squatting as he chatted on the phone.  Nothing unusual there, but he appears to be in a puddle.  As I look again, I see that he's got the phone in one hand, his dick in the other and he's taking a piss out of his skirt as he chats.  He's unfazed by my approach, so I avoid the wet patch and keep going.  The place doesn't stink, so this must be unusual.

Later I walk across again, and as I enter the stairway I hear a soft noise.  Closing the door quietly behind me, I step carefully around the corner, and there's the security guard getting a blowjob from a cleaner.  Trousers around his knees, his legs are even more massive than I thought, and with his head tilted back and his eyes closed, the other guys head is cradled in his hands as he slowly face-fucks him.  In a comedic touch, the cleaner has one hand on the wall, and the other still clutching his broom for balance.  I quietly retire and leave them to their fun.

Interested to see what awaits today!


I am at a company function last night, and take a break from the kahuna table to grab a cigarette outside.  Cute young(ish) guy bounces up and starts to chat.  I'm a senior guy at work, so it isn't unusual to have ambitious young people try to engage with me, so all is fine.  He's giving me a lot of 'something', but I know it would be waaaay out of line for him to hit on me, so I'm not sure what's going on.  Then he smiles, and asks if I still lie in the same place, and it dawns on me.

The Civil Servant has entered the private sector, and is now deputy to one of my reports. 


Sunday, 21 June 2015

what was I thinking....

I wake with a start on the first morning of the weekend, alarmed to find the Syrian sleeping gently beside me.  After a night of far too many drinks, it appears I've made a booty call...  My head throbbing, I slip out of bed and downstairs to check my phone.  Yep.  I've told him at 02:10 that I'd hosted a party (true) and that my wife had now left with some of the guests for their chalet (a beach-house, but untrue as she's in NYC with the children), and he should thus hurry over and bring his toothbrush.  My ass feels ok, and my nipples don't hurt (he's a biter), so it seems he's been the gentleman and not taken advantage of my drunken state.

So I creep back upstairs, take some aspirin, brush my teeth, clean out my ass and go back to bed.  Not long before he stirs, sleepily smiling at me and drawing me into his arms before breaking away and heading to the bathroom.  He comes back all minty fresh and wants to kiss, so I wriggle into his arms and we start to make out.  I have no idea how far this will go - we're into the holy month, and I know he's fasting, so sex is technically out of the question.  But he keeps going, giving me what amounts to a tongue bath, interspersed with many kisses on my mouth and my cockhead, and on occasion a bite to my nipples to make sure I'm awake.  Paralysed as I am with a hangover, I can barely do more than lie there and enjoy, occasionally reciprocating, but to be honest not with too much enthusiasm.  Notwithstanding this, my dick was rock hard, and I managed to spit fuck him not once, but twice, kissing him hard as his wriggled on me from above, cowboy style.  He's getting used to this, so I won't have to always bottom for him I hope.  I didn't touch his dick other than to reposition it, but soon enough he has me on my back, and draws my legs around his waist.

He tilts me back so my hole aims high, then spits on it before attempting to work his dick into me, but I tell him not without lube, so he returns to the bathroom and finds some lotion and condoms.  Yes, the same ring-burning lotion from earlier in the week, but I have nothing else so we proceed.  He smiles at me from above, and glides his cock straight into me without pause, but there's no discomfort at all, even when the tempo increases as he starts to pump.  It's actually a nice fuck - we're slotted together well physically, the rhythm is good, the pace sufficiently variable to keep us both interested, and the sun is coming through the window, casting a nice warmth on the bed.

We go like this for a while, when his eyes literally roll back in his head and he pulls out, spurting his load onto my stomach as he grunts repeatedly.   As his focus returns, he looks down at my still fairly hard dick and smiles.  As he does so, he scoops up his cum and uses it as lube to jerk me off.  I still have my legs draped around him, and he can clearly feel them trembling as I start to orgasm - he begins a savage downstroke and light upstroke method on me, and I shoot.  Not much, but far, the first few shots landing on my upper chest then points below until I'm done.

He stretches out on top of me, and we cuddle for a bit, then he heads to the shower.  After this he takes juice and coffee (not sure how this sits with the fasting either), and I tell him my wife will home 'shortly'.  God love the guy - he wanted to clean up the bedroom, as he was concerned she would find his black hair in the  sheets, but I told him I would blame the maid, so he left with a smile and I went back to sleep, dreaming of how many more 'chalet visits' my wife might make in the coming weeks...

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mid-week fun...

So in the lead up to the month of fasting, the Engineer is desperate to squeeze in a another meet or so before 'obligations' consume his life.  This must be a nightmare for observers - no eating, drinking, smoking, fucking or even wanking during daylight hours, which run for around 15 hours at this time of year.  So he pings me and wants to come over.  I'm clearly happy with this, but peeved that I had jerked off this morning (thinking of the Harus actually).

He arrives, late as always, complaining of traffic and family drama, so I give him juice and tell him to sit down.  "We're not here to watch TV" his reply, so we move upstairs. Once again, we just stand looking at one another before moving in to kiss, our hands roaming and gradually removing one anothers clothes.  Soon we are naked, and I step back to admire his body, which makes him giggle and blush before he takes my hand and leads me to the bed.  We kiss and kiss for a long time, exploring our bodies and gently licking, biting and sucking each other, when I move my tongue down his torso and begin to lick and kiss his balls, swirling my tongue about before taking his shaft in my mouth.  He's murmuring softly, and running his hands through my hair, then he draws me up his body to resume kissing.  As before, it's comfortable, relaxed and slow.  He actually says that he wishes he could make love to his wife like this, which was exactly what I was thinking as well.  He leans back and grabs his poppers, holding the bottle under my nose before drawing deeply himself, and as the rush hits so too we become more active, tongues intertwined and hands everywhere.  I get him into the little spoon position, nipping at his shoulders and caressing his stomach as I grind my cock between his legs, when he turns his head and asks if "I want", so I roll to my side.  "No no" he says, drawing me back, and reaching out for the lube, he greases my cock up and guides it into his hole.  I haven't fucked him for a while, and damn it feels good.

He's wriggling in front of me, his butt pushing against me, and I can barely get half my length in owing to his globes, so I withdraw and pull/push him to his stomach, then resume my entry.  He's making quite a noise, both of encouragement and protest, but I persist, reveling in the sensation of my cock in his ass, and this large and powerful man almost, but not quite, at my mercy.  I start to edge, so I pull out, but quickly resume as he squirms and moans with pleasure.  The edging begins again, so I withdraw, but he protests so I go back in for a few more thrusts, however the moment has passed and I'm annoyingly done.  The whole time I'm fucking him, he's complaining that the lotion 'burns', which I dismiss as nonsense.  This is the stuff I put on my face after shaving, so it can't be that bad!

More poppers, and he has me on my side and begins a full-on assault on my ass, entering me quickly and in one stroke, then basically fucking the hell out of me.  As he works his length in and out of me, I feel a slow burn start to build, just as he had said.  How can this be?  Then it dawns on me - there must be menthol or similar in the lotion (although it's unscented), and goddamn it hurts.

As I ride the wave of both the poppers and the moment, I have a dissociative second or two, where I see myself - curled in a foetal position as he holds me from behind, his hips pounding at me, my face no doubt flushed and my free hand holding the back of his knee to help, and I roar with a combination of pain and excitement.  What with the burning and all, I'm begging him to withdraw and finish 'by his hand', but he's panting "so close, so close" like a mantra, so when I am pushed on to my back as he withdraws and his load covers my torso I'm happy it's over.  We lie together laughing and catching our breath, when he leans in and says "you kill me" before heading to the shower.

We do end up watching TV for a bit as we share a meal, and he's most curious about my art collection, so we wander through some rooms and discuss.  He then tells me he's tired, but will see me next week.  I hope!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

thoughts on French porn...

So I'm a fan of Cadinot.  And Citibeur.   And GayArabClub.  Judge me if you will...  I download some of their earlier stuff (there's very little on Pirate Bay btw), and settle in to see what happens.

First up, "Vicious Twinks", 1984 (Les Minets Sauvages in French).  Despite its John Waters sounding name, it's a tale(?) of basically payback and rape, set in a juvenile prison.  6-8 moderately handsome, but well hung young lads are incarcerated for a variety of crimes (my French isn't great), under the control of the usual sadistic guards.  Set in a decrepit old chateau (gorgeous btw....), they take turns raping the new boy and each other for a variety of real and perceived transgressions.  No guard on boy action, but a few group scenes.  There was not a single act of consensual sex in it, although the download dropped out after 70 minutes or so.  I doubt the remaining time would have transformed the storyline...

Next "Safari City", 1999.  Bizarre.  Set alternatively between a town centre on market day, and a nearby construction site, The cast was too large to count, and I'm sure there was more than one duplicate hook-up.  It starts with a guy shopping for those tiny fluro running shorts, then going to the change tent to try them on.  Surprise, someone's already there, and they quickly get down to it, with a soundtrack of arguing shoppers in the background.  The guy with the shorts appears to be the hero of the tale, and spends a lot of time standing on top of concrete pipes with his schlong dangling out of the shorts.  The guy he fucked in the tent goes to a small supermarket, and is quickly cruised by the strapping black guy, who directs him to the storeroom where they fuck.  A lot.  The guy is hung like a donkey, and the fuckee spends a lot of time grimacing at the camera as we hear the supermarket cash registers operating in the background.  Some guy in a coverall is walking along when Mr Shorts chats him up and they repair to the construction site barracks, where we hear earthmoving equipment operating in the background as they bang away at each other.  Back to the fairground, and, fresh from the supermarket, our other mate begins to eye off the bumper car operator, who admittedly is rather cute.  They walk to a nearby RV, and as enticement, bumper car guy whips out his cock and auto fellates without breaking a sweat.  Some gymnastics in the RV follow, but the guy has very lightly tanned skin and a cock and balls that are the darkest purple black you can imagine.  Never seen that before, so bonus points maybe?  In between all of this, various hook-ups occur, but they all started to blur, and at almost 2 hours it was rather long for a porn.  It ends with a gang bang in the barracks, and shorts guy walking off into the proverbial sunset with someone similarly attired for a final scene.

So it was all barely enough to even get my dick hard, let alone jerk off.  Is a function of the time, and in their contemporary days this would have perhaps been titillating?  I saw "Boys in the Sand" as a teenager and it didn't interest me at all, despite the scandalous gossip at the time and my lust for surfer guys.  Hmmm.  I think I'll go back to Citibeur....

Saturday, 13 June 2015

The climax to my weekend....

I'm slumped on the couch, watching vintage french porn (the '80s and '90s have a lot to answer for), and nursing my hangover, when my phone beeps.  As expected, Cat guy wants to catch up, so in the sporting spirit of 'the challenge', I climb into the car and make my way to his place.  We're sitting on his couch, when he stands and drops his shorts to reveal that amazing fat, fat, FAT cock of his, and without any words just grabs the back of my head and shoves it in my mouth.  Ok.

After sucking it for a bit, working my tongue up and down the shaft, and teasing the head before moving on to his sack and crack, he walks away and lies face down on the bed so I can continue the rim job, which I do, giving him a bonus back rub as well.  He's good with this, until he feels my cock start to stiffen in his ass crack, and accuses me of trying to fuck him by stealth.  As 'punishment' for this, I am flipped onto my stomach and my legs are spread.  Nudging my hole with his cock, he suits it and spits on it and starts to wriggle it in, but it's so fat (did I mention that?), I can barely wrap my hand around it, let alone take it unlubed.  He grabs some lube and begins to thrust and withdraw, gaining a little more depth each time, but I'm gasping and biting his hands as he continues his assault on my ass, finally driving it fully in before pausing and holding still.  I can feel something throbbing, but I'm not sure if it's him or my own muscles adjusting to this invasion.  With a thrust and a wriggle, he lifts my hips a little and begins to fuck me, quite smoothly at first, building in speed until he withdraws and turns me to my side.  This is the position The Engineer usually takes me in, and I know I can accommodate 'size' from this angle, but really, this guy has an outstandingly fat cock (did I mention that?), and it still hurts.  Onto my back and he leans in to kiss me as he bends me almost double, my legs over his shoulders, and that's better, but he is relentless in the pounding and I am flipped to my stomach again.  Holding me from behind, his chest is melded to my back, but his hips are working jackhammer style, and he is using his legs to scissor my own, either forcing them apart or pushing them together.  This is working for both of us, but he shows no sign of cumming, so I finally call time and tell him I'll jerk him off.  He falls to the side, cock standing upright, and I go in to blow him, but he guides my head lower and tells me to lick his balls as he begins to jerk off (Egyptians are partial to this it seems).  This takes somewhat longer than expected (my neck was stiff), and he finally, with much squirming and air thrusting, shoots a remarkably small load into his navel.  My ass is killing me, and I depart for the bathroom to clean up, avoiding his many pets along the way.  We end up going for a quick meal together, then I drop him back at his with promises to catch up again soon.  However, part of this weekend's frenzy is driven by the looming holy month, where a surprising number of observers adopt abstinence as part of their fast, so I'm not sure who I'll even see over the next four weeks.

So, 4 x partners and 6 x fucks in just under 36 hours.  I need a bath...

Plan executed... (part 2)

So I've lined the Syrian up for 10pm, and go to this tiresome event near his home beforehand.  By 9:30pm I'm bored to tears and a little bit drunk, so I message and ask if I can come over now.  All good, so I exit the party and tell the driver where to head.  As we travel, I begin to hatch another plan, and at the Syrian's place I detach my housekeys from the car keys & tell the driver to wait.  Once upstairs I tell the Syrian my wife is away 'for the night', and I'd like to sleep over if he can run me home in the morning.  His sheer delight when I mention this is touching, so I dismiss the driver (telling him I have another ride), and we get down to it.

Initially, he only wants to stand and kiss, but after a few minutes we're naked and horizontal.  I'm drunker than I thought, and my dick is rock hard, so I insist it's 'my turn' to fuck.  He's not happy about this, but he lubes us both up, and with me on my back and him astride me, he gently and slowly lowers himself onto my pole, grunting and grimacing as he does, when he hits bottom and rests there smiling at me and shaking his head "too much" he says, "too, too much".  I smile back and gently flick my hips, and he cries out and climbs off  me.  I tell him that's ok, as there are plenty of other guys who like to be fucked and I was happy to use them from time to time, but he shakes his head in horror and says I am "his", then promptly climbs back onto me, grinding away as his face contorts in pain.  Seeing this, I feel like a bastard, so I tell him it's ok and pull my cock out, before dragging him down to kiss.  From here, we revert to our usual tongue thrusting, dry humping, roll around on the bed frenzy, when he smiles and lifts my legs over his shoulders before lubing up and entering me.  He takes it slowly, and I feel every inch of his cock slide into me, then I arch my back to get the last bit as he leans down to bite my nipples.  It's good.  He fucks me for while in this position, then gradually rotates my body - from my back to my side, then onto my stomach, all the while timing his thrusts and my turns perfectly, then full circle onto my back again before he withdraws and pops his load all over me.  Other than to clean my hole, I haven't bathed since breakfast, and I smile to myself as I realise his cum has joined both the Engineers, the Falcons and my own on my body, and momentarily wonder what I must look like under one of those CSI lights.  Nasty I suspect, and it's only 11pm.

He's out of cigarettes, and won't touch mine, so he runs out to the shop.  As he leaves, I stretch out on his bed and fall asleep.  I am rudely awakened some time later as he is actually chewing on my hole (teeth!!!), and pinching my nipples hard - I feel as though I've somehow been violated, but soon get over that and begin to respond.  After fucking me some more, he leans down to give me a blowjob, but in my sleepy state, and after three fucks in a little over twelve hours, my hole is loose and I let rip with a massive fart.  I'm horrified, but he smiles and says "is ok" before resuming his work.  He then slides himself down the bed, and with our balls and butts touching but our bodies at 180 degrees, he begins to work his cock back into me.  I hadn't been fucked in that position since the Professional, and it feels good.  Suddenly he withdraws and starts to furiously jerk himself off, my toes tickling his sack, when he blows a surprisingly large load and starts to laugh.  I climb onto him, squishing his juice between us, and we fall asleep entwined in each others arms.

The next morning, I wake as the little spoon (and with a monster hangover), his morning wood wedged between my legs.  Conscious of dragon breath, I am reluctant to return his kisses, but he reaches past me and hands me a glass of rosewater to drink.  We're good after this, but I also notice my hole has been pre-lubed (!!!), and we're on again for a morning glory.  It's quick, and I don't cum, but soon we've showered and I find myself naked with a semi in his kitchen as we drink coffee together, and totally not self-conscious about it.  The Syrian has a great body, and I find myself drinking in the view of that (and his own semi-hard cock) along with my coffee as we chat and nuzzle one another in the sunlight that streams though his balcony door.

All too soon it is time for him to run me home, and we part company until next time.

So - the plan was executed pretty much flawlessly.  3 x partners, two bonus fucks, and possibly the Cat guy this afternoon!

Plan executed... (part 1)

Well, that was surprisingly easy.  So much so that I contemplated a fourth partner (purely in the sporting spirit), but that seems a bit Slutty McSlutSlut even by my quickly falling standards.

So - the Engineer was here at 10am, and gone by 11:15 (covered here).  After lunch, I send Cat guy a message, and he's a bit slow to respond, but when he does it's in the negative as he has plans for today, but wants to meet tomorrow.  I'm a bit annoyed - I've fully embraced 'the plan', and this is a roadblock.  Then I decide at 4pm to give The Falcon a try - it's been waaaay too long since I've seen him (although we chat and flirt online regularly), and to my surprise and delight, he's both free and nearby.

Within 15 minutes he's at my door, that killer smile lighting up his face as he enters.  He breaks into an enthusiastic rant about how happy he is that I've called, so happy to see me after so long, and how hot it is outside.  I offer him juice, water, whatever, and he replies "we fuck, then whisky".  I'm good with that, so we head upstairs.   I've mentioned previously Falcon's old-fashioned taste in underwear, and now we are one-on-one I get to watch him remove his clothes - the guy actually wears double everything - 2 x undershirts, bloomers with trunks beneath, as well as jeans, a chambray shirt, shoes & socks.  No wonder he's feeling the heat.  I'm in a tee, & commando beneath my shorts, so when he orders me to remove my own clothes 'so he can watch', it doesn't take me long, and he smiles and reaches forward to stroke my chest as the bulge in his trunks grows.  He whips them off, and pushes me backwards onto the bed, squirming and writhing atop me as we kiss.  I'd forgotten how totally hairless he is, and how smooth his skin, so I'm happy to run and rub my hands over his body as we embrace.  He's quite an aggressive kisser (and biter), but it's fun.  Recalling a meet where he wouldn't kiss me after his cock had been in my mouth, I'm hesitant to blow him, but needs must, and I'm soon choking on his member as he face fucks me, but to my surprise he then drags me upward to kiss again and again.  He won't suck my dick, but he's happy to lick my balls and jerk me off, so again, more than expected.

He flips me to my stomach, and straddles me, spitting on my hole and using saliva to wet himself, but he's simply too big for that, and mindful I want to meet the Syrian tonight, I grab the lube (handily nearby from my encounter with the Engineer that morning), and tell him to use it.  He obliges, and after some lube assisted humping, soon his fat cock penetrates me as he bites my back and drags his fingers in and out of my mouth.  Damn it feels good - he's using a short stroke method, more-or-less bouncing himself in and out of me, when he uses his knees to force my legs apart then begins to seriously pound me.  As earlier, I'm clutching the edge of the mattress, and he's going for it, withdrawing his cock time and again, then stabbing my hole and lunging the full length in.  Every now and then he reverts to short stroke mode, then pauses when he's balls deep before resuming, but it's getting uncomfortable, so I wriggle out & turn over, wrapping my legs around his waist so we can kiss as he fucks me from above.  He's got remarkable stamina, and he's now covered in sweat, so we're sliding about on one another and he announces he wants to cum.  I tell him to shoot on my chest, but he climbs atop me a forces his balls into my face with the instruction 'lick'.  I do so as he jerks off, then he forces his cock into my mouth and I can feel the pre-cum coursing out.  As he's jerking off, I notice he's using his other hand to rub his belly (something I do as well), when he reaches up to tweak his nipples and his load suddenly floods my mouth.  He's gasping as he shoots (and I'm gulping), then we are suddenly done and he slides himself down to lie beside me.  With a mouth full of his cum, I don't expect any further oral contact, but he's happy to kiss and even licks a little overspill off my chin as we lie there in blissful peace.

I watch him (and his gorgeous bubble butt) bathe, then move downstairs for cigarettes and whisky before I have to boot him out as my driver arrives shortly to take me to my function (and afterwards the Syrian).  It's 6:15pm

Friday, 12 June 2015

An evil plan....

Once the Engineer has left, I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do.  Summer means temps in the 40-55 range here (100-130 for my non-metric readers), so it's usually too hot to go out.  Today is at the lower end, and with a light breeze blowing it's actually quite pleasant, so I retire to my roof terrace for some naked sunbathing.  The heat and the sun on my cock gets me stirring, and I begin to hatch a plan.

The Cat guy has been in almost daily contact, asking me to pass by, as has the Syrian.  I realise that I bottom for both these guys, so shooting my load with the Engineer an hour back isn't material.  I have an event to attend tonight, which will take me past the Syrians door, and if I can squeeze in Cat guy as well, I'd have a triple header.  Not a bad effort for a Friday, and really, all I have to do is lie there.

As a sporting challenge, I'm inclined to pursue this.  I shall report back....

Summer fever...

Finally summer is here, and the family have left.  As always, I'm straight on to the Engineer, and he's at my house soon after the plane has taken off.  It's been forever since we were together, and our past few meets have been quickies in his home.  We are both keen to have some time to relax, make as much noise as we want, and to fuck like rabbits....

He actually messages me 2 hours earlier than we had planned, but happily I'm 'prepared', so tell him to come on over.  He arrives in full national dress, and now with an impressive sculpted beard, and he walks into my home and slams the door behind him with one hand and sweeps me to him with the other.  We soon are locked in a deep embrace, our tongues intertwined, and he smiles as he pulls away.  "Yalla habibi" he says as he leads me upstairs.  I swear, I'm like a fucking schoolgirl in his presence - his height, his physique, his looks and his outfit all combine into something that's truly swoon worthy.

We're soon naked and rolling about on the bed, until he pins me under him and kisses me.  I can feel his cock swelling against me, but all he wants is to lie still for a while as we keep our mouths locked.  It's both passionate and passionless - we're not 'making out' in the traditional sense, but we are naked together and connected at the mouth which, for the moment, is more than enough.  He slowly begins to move his tongue about as he slides his body against mine, reaching down to stroke my cock and tickle at my balls.  He breaks free, and reaches for a bottle of poppers I'd not noticed him place on the nightstand, and we both inhale deeply.  This sets us into a kissing frenzy, working our mouths over one another, nipping, biting and sucking at each others nipples, but as I work my mouth down his torso, he begins to move away, which has me slightly confused.  I realise he's positioning us for a 69, and as we suck each others cocks our fingers are working against our respective holes as well, heightening our pleasure as we lap, suck and slurp at each other.  Slowly he pushes me to my stomach, licking and kissing my sides as he does, then he runs his tongue down my spine and back again.  I shudder and let go at this, feeling my body slump into the mattress as he begins to lick and bite my ass cheeks and inner thighs, huffing and puffing as he does.  The wet skin, the hot breath and the beard have got me squirming with delight and in the absence of anyone about, I am vocal in my approval.

He sits up, still astride me, and squirt lube onto my ass.  Massaging it over my slot, and working my hole as well, we take another hit of poppers and he once more runs his tongue up my spine to my neck, and once there he stretches himself out atop me.  I'm not short, but he's probably 5" taller then me, and I can feel my feet around his lower calves, when he gently slides his cock into me, nuzzling me from behind as he does.

This feels incredible, and again, I'm happy to express myself quite loudly.  This sets him off, and he begins to fuck me.  Gently at first, then with increasing tempo, as I clutch the edge of the mattress and encourage him, I can feel his balls slapping at mine, and I begin to writhe with pleasure, moaning and groaning like a bad porno.

I try to lift myself to give him 'more', and he somehow spreads my ass cheeks apart and begins to really fuck me quite hard.  I'm not feeling any pain, so I buck back into him and clench my butt.  This sets him off on a roar, and he flips me onto my back as he withdraws, just in time to shoot his usual noisy and substantial load over my chest.  Falling back beside me, he wants me to cum as well, and gives me a handjob as he sucks and bites my nipples.  As he feels my legs start to tremble, he leans in to kiss me, and my load comes soon.  I didn't shoot far, but I shot a lot, and as it pumped itself out he smiled and called me a good boy...

He showers but must soon depart, so we share some food and he leaves, promising to return 'often' over the coming weeks...

Random quickie

Again, the Syrian messages me.  Am I free to visit his new apartment?  Of course I am!  Directions provided, I head off.  It's far nicer than the old place, with a view of the sea and the accompanying breeze.  We sit on his new couches, strangely shy, and make small talk.  Finally, I stretch back and he moves across to hold my head in his hands as we kiss.  It's only a short while before we're in the bedroom, undressing each other as we kiss and nip at each other before falling onto the bed.

As always, he is keen to please & pleasure me, running his tongue up and down my body, comprehensively and thoroughly sucking my dick before moving in to rim me.  We're on a different angle today, and I find that I can reach his hole with my own tongue as his flicks and flutters over mine.  He's able to dart his in and out of me, spreading my pucker as he does so, but the best I can manage is to lick and lap at his taint and bud.

As we move about the bed, I find myself astride him as he lies on his back, and I move down so I can suck his cock before working up his body and leaning down to fill his mouth with cock flavoured spit, which he eagerly sucks out of my mouth.  Now that his cock is covered in my spit, and my hole with his, we're a natural fit and I lower myself onto his shaft as his wriggles and grimaces with pleasure.  I finally bottom out on him, and we just rest together, joined as one.  I can kind of feel him pulsing inside me, so I clench my muscles and drag myself upwards before sliding back down.  The clench is clearly working for him, but the downthrust for me is kinda painful, so I switch to a clench relax rhythm as I work my weight against his frame.

He's lying beneath me, twitching and groaning as I ride him, his eyes occasionally rolling backwards.  Then he reaches forward and grabs my cock.  As I relax downwards, a shudder runs through me & I know I'm close.  I flick his hands away so that I can prolong my fun, but greedy me soon grabs them back and I soon shoot my load all over him.  As I slump down, spent, he whips himself out of me and sprays his own load, and we slide together laughing and kissing.

As always, we share a shower, tea & a cigarette before I take my leave.