Friday, 29 May 2015

The sights (and touts) of Cairo

So I have travel unexpectedly to the land of the Pharaohs - and I'm not disappointed!  Despite what you might expect from recent press, the internet is remarkably unfiltered, and I even get to post a comment on a favourite blog that's recently been blocked in my hometown (how do I tag you Bruce Chang?).

I spend a few days with my colleagues on business, in a particularly lavish hotel near to the pyramids, then once that is complete I depart to a hotel in the city itself, which is also rather nice.

Some bloggers had commented on the 'interest' they received from touts in the bazaar, well beyond the usual offers of tourist fare.  My experience was no different - walking through, a skinny but handsome young man (mid 20's?), jumps into my path, offering the usual tea and 'best quality' souvenirs.  I've been here before, so shake my head after making eye contact and continue to walk.  Some banging behind me doesn't turn my head, but suddenly the guy is beside me, bouncing about like the ex-leper in ''Life of Brian''.  "Where I take you, where you like to go" is his mantra, until I ask about his shop - "I pulled the shutters down to join you" his reply.  That, I guess, would be the banging noise.  If you've never been to Khan Khalili, it's a maze, with few streets running in a straight line and even fewer leading where you would intuitively expect them to.  But that's the fun isn't it?  I do want to revisit a venerable coffee shop, and I figure I have little to lose (other than a few bucks for his time), so I tell him so.  He immediately steers me left, left, right and so on, and after just a few minutes we are there, and he is clearly known to the proprietor, which gives me some comfort.  In order to establish my own credentials as a not-so-naive tourist, I ask for a particular and specifically Egyptian beverage in Arabic, to their collective shock and delight.  We sit and talk for a while, where I'm from, where I'm staying, where he's from and so on.  What brings me to Cairo yada yada.  All the while people are passing by and greeting him.  He then sizes me up, and comments on my apparent social status.  I deny his assumption (who wants to be a target?), but he taps my (unbranded) shoe with his own and nominates the correct maker and price, then simultaneously taps my watch and says 'this is not fake', but I remain silent on the subject.  We spend an enjoyable hour or so together, then part company.

My hotel, it appears, is a magnet for gay men.  There is a broad terrace overlooking the pool and gardens, arabic pop music is being played somewhere and everywhere there are fit and handsome young arabic men and suspiciously few women.  It's a voyeurs heaven!  I'm sitting by myself on the crowded terrace, enjoying a quiet drink after a staff dinner (who since have left), and Grindr beeps.  It's not a friendly town for 'the gays', so everyone has deactivated their distance filter, but a guy on my 4th row tells me he's on the same terrace as me, so there's plenty of us about it seems.  I keep my head down, and he sends through a face pic and he's most definitely not my type, so I ignore him, and the various other offers I receive.  One is of interest - he claims to be in residence at a very nearby embassy, but the external security situation, stories of entrapment are common, etc etc and I decide not to play tonight.

Suddenly, however, I have company - my young man from this afternoon has ''passed by to see if I need anything''.  Hmmm.....  I ask the waiter to bring a glass for 'the young man from my office', and we sit for a while chatting and smoking, when the waiter tells us they are about to close.   My new friend orders 2 x beers each 'to go', which has me raising my eyebrow, but he shrugs and says "all the rooms here have balconies don't they?", and I quickly catalogue the contents of my room before agreeing.   Up we go, and as he kicks off his shoes I discreetly relocate certain items out of harms way before joining him on the balcony.

We sit for a while, talking and drinking, when he leans over - "you want massage?  Maybe more?" , and I know it's on and I'm going to have to pay.  We strike a price and go inside.

Shirtless, he's slim bordering on scrawny, and not that hairy.  Pantless, he's got a monster bouncing about in his briefs, and slim but clearly strong legs.  He pulls back the covers and instructs me to lie down naked, and I do.

Still in his briefs, he climbs atop me, and begins what could only be described as a desultory massage, and I'm not in the mood for this so I reach back and tug at his briefs.  He gets the message, and slides them off before resuming his position, sitting on my ass and rubbing my shoulders.  I can feel his cock against me, and as he works his way up and down my torso his balls are dragging on my flesh as well.   Very nice.

He taps me to turn, and I've got his cock bobbing about in my face briefly, when he leans forward and forces it into my mouth.  I'm eager to please him now, and swallow and suck what feels like a slim 9" as I run my hands over his chest.  He withdraws and climbs off me, and picks up his pants, and I think I've misread the situation, when he pulls out a condom and grabs the lotion bottle.  "Back" he instructs, indicating I should be on my stomach, then he climbs back on and gently but firmly slides his cock into me.  It's not really comfortable (the length), but he's young and eager and wants to keep going.  After a few minutes of being pounded, I tell him to get off, but he spreads my legs even further and says 'better' while still going at me like a rabbit.  It's not, so I buck him off and he lands on his feet beside the bed.  With me sitting on the bed, and him standing beside it, I take his cock into my mouth and suck him 'till he blows, then tell him to get out.  I give him the agreed amount + cab fare, then my sore and sorry ass and I fell asleep!

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