Saturday, 2 May 2015

Nice and quick....

After an incredibly early start to the day (think 3am), we're all back home and hanging on the couch.  It comes to lunch time, and the family individually and collectively announce they're going back to bed, leaving me alone for the afternoon.

I drop a quick line to the Syrian, who tells me he's 'waiting for me', so I jump in the car & head down to his.  Arriving, he's got his usual tight shirt & trunk-style underwear on, his fat cock filling the pouch nicely.  A quick exchange of saliva as the kettle boils, and we take our tea into the living room, where he begins his usual series of comments about how much he's missed me and so on.  I really can't get his earlier remarks about my taste and my smell out of my head (I wasn't aware I had either...), and again I start to wonder about chemical attractions, but decide instead just to pat the seat on the divan next to me.  He's over in a flash, pushing me down and climbing atop me, and we begin to kiss and kiss as he gradually removes my clothes.  We're in our shorts, grinding and straining against one another, until we remove both and we lie in each others arms, our cocks pulsing against each other, his balls resting on mine.

We resume kissing for a time, rolling around with our lips locked together, until he decides he wants to suck my pole, but I drag him around so I can eat his ass as well, but he gets the shivers and won't let my tongue into him today.  He turns back to face me, grinding his hole against my cock, and slowly but surely nudging the tip inside him - I hold still so he can get comfortable, and he begins to work himself down my shaft, but after only an inch or two he straightens up and shakes his head ruefully.   Then he decides to try again, but with no more luck...  I was really looking forward to sliding into him, and holding him tight as I replayed some of his own moves on me, but not today.

He draws my legs up, and begins to nuzzle his cock against my own, hole, but I remind him of our 'scissor' position in the prior week, but he doesn't recall.  After a few half-assed attempts, we're back to standard fucking mode (me on my back, him between my legs), when he pulls away suddenly.  "I know what you mean!" he says, quickly repositioning to what I was asking for, then sliding his entire length into me with one smooth sure stroke.  He's got me gasping with pleasure, and feeling his shaft work in and out of me is intense and incredible, when he suddenly pauses and withdraws.  Suddenly his cock erupts all over me, the side table and the tea things, and his eyes literally roll back in his head.  He gasps for breath then smiles, smearing his load over my torso then reaching down with his slicked hand to jerk me off.  I don't have a massive load today, but he satisfyingly wipes it over my stomach then takes me by the hand to the shower.

He washes me gently, soaping my dick & ass as he kisses me, then working my legs and chest as well.  We return to the divan and find our tea is still warm, so we share a cigarette as we sit together in silence,. then I leave....

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